Essays on Cyber Bullying

Essay on The Impact of Social Media and The Effects of Cyberbullying
Society and the world are continuously making progress and change every day. As we know more and more about social media, it gradually changes the way people communicate as well as our human life. One of the biggest things people in the online community tend to overlook is communicating and saying things that hurt each other. Although these words are not spoken directly and are through social networking sites, the effects are harmful to the victim. Cyberbullying is more than just a traditional threat and it has unintended consequences. Why should we stop cyberbullying?
Cyberbullying is one of that topic that a lot of people condemn as well as society. Cyberbullying is the use of online communication to bully a person, usually by threatening messages. Cyberbullying is the latest way of bullying and it causes people depression, anxiety, harm to themselves, and can lead to thinking about suicide. According to the do about the facts of cyberbullying have 37% of a teenager between the age 12- 17 have been bullied online and 30% have had it happen more than once it shows that the growing number of teenagers using social media as well as being threatened online are adolescents and it happens so many times, not just once (11 facts about cyberbullying).
This is a new form of bullying that is becoming more popular than traditional bullying because teens can now hide behind technology screens and don’t need the courage to say words that will cause hurt to the person face-to-face. Papas Stephanie demonstrates cyberbullying happens and has very serious consequences as well as leads to depression and psychological complications as ‘ bullying shows these kids to be most at-risk for mental health problems'(Social media cyberbullying linked to teen depression).
Researching at Brandeis University, they researched that nearly 4,400 suicides were affected by cyberbullying. Last month, I saw a news video about a Korean singer who had committed suicide in her own home because of threatening words on social media. I was shocked and asked questions in my mind why does she choose such a sad ending for her. In the video I watched, she said that she went to the doctor for treatment because of cyberbullying but it couldn’t help, getting crueler and crueler to her psyche and she couldn’t get rid of it. Not only normal people suffer but also the celebrities themselves righteous are affected by cyberbullying ‘several celebrities and many students have died because cyberbullying’ is becoming terrible for us all, makes us think negatively and as a result, we must end ourselves. (the big story: Sulli’s death and cyberbullying).
The main problem is that the threat of social media will no longer limit age, including adults or children. Cyberbullying is not just as people think because it greatly affects the lives of victims. Some people are bullied until they think negatively and lead to suicide because they lose the ability to communicate and they are unable to say what they hold in their hearts. Social media affects single people in their life directly and indirectly. I think we should prevent this by using social media properly and instead of criticizing them we need to stop and care for them even a little bit. I hope in the future that we can find ways to address, improve and develop in a positive way to protect victims who are facing cyberbullying.

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