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Stop Cyber Bullying Together

Bullying: Are schools doing enough? Hey Dummy, yeah you reading this…….. That wasn’t very nice of me was it? Well, that’s what a lot of kids in school today are hearing. That plus a lot worse. Not only are bullies verbally abusive, they have now turned to physical abusing their prey. Bullying in schools has […]

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Cyber Bullying has Increased

LITERATURE REVIEW Roland (1989) and Olweus (1991) states that “Bullying is a lord studying violence, physical or psychological, treated by an individual who cannot defend himself or herself “ also Olweus states that “ repeated negative action over time, including hitting kicking, threating, locking inside a room, saying nasty and unpleasant things and teasing” (Darmawan, […]

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Cyber Bullying System

  Cyberbullying can occur through SMS, Text, and apps, or online in social media, forums, or gaming where people can view, participate in, or share content. Cyberbullying includes sending, posting, or sharing negative, harmful, false, or mean content about someone else. Cyberbullying can harm the online reputations of everyone involved – not just the person […]

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Proselytizing Sites

Beyond the positive aspects that Internet has it is important to recognize that the use of it by children poses a whole series of difficult questions to master, or even real risks. One of the first issues is the difficulty for children to measure the validity of the information they find. In this perspective, it […]

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Digitalization Isolates Us from the Rest of the World

The growth of technology and digitalization has reached a peak. In the past few decades while as an Asian and as a global community, this growth has had several benefits on the global community and its people such as the use of machinery and access to methods of new communication. However, contrary to the aforementioned […]

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Prevention is Key

    From the readings, human purpose is to rule over all the fish in the sea, birds in the sky, over the livestock and the wild animals and all the creatures that move along the ground. They were also to “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.” (Gen 1:28, […]

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Negative Effects and Disadvantages of Social Media

Over the years, advancements in technology created an incredibly powerful social force and have significantly influenced modern culture. In today’s world, it is clear that social media plays an important role in impacting culture and economy. Many people turn to social media to share information, ideas, videos, connect with others, etc. One of the most […]

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Technology has Changed Face to Cace Reationships

Texting, a techonology adavancement most cant go a day without. Everyday 83% of americans send at least 5 texts. Although many may say texing has imporved communication and made it far easier. What about our teens? Teens are spending more than one-third of their days using media such as online video or music — nearly […]

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Using Apps in Cyber Crime

This paper aims to study new forms of cyber crime in the world and understand the cyber insurance protection from the various kind of cyber-attack. With the rapid technological developments, our life is becoming more digitalized. Be it business, education, shopping or banking transactions everything is on the cyber space. Cyber crimes can involve criminal […]

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Cyberbully and Suicide

Do you know that many people like to do cyberbullying and it can lead to suicide? Cyberbullying is using of electronic communication to bully or disturb a person, typically by sending messages of threatening people. There are most common places where cyberbullying, which are social media, SMS (short message service), instant message (via devices, email […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1417 Topics: Cyber Bullying, Suicide

The Effects of Cellphones on Society

Cellphones have had many positive effects on the world. They have made it possible to instantly communicate with someone thousands of miles away from you with the touch of a finger. They allow you to play games, post things on social media, listen to music, or even video chat with anyone you want. It can […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1714 Topics: Adolescence, Cell Phone, Cyber Bullying, Research, Sleep, Smartphone, Stress

An Issue of Cell Phones in School

When teenagers leave their phones at home they tend to freak out and they think they are missing out on a lot. But in reality they aren’t missing out on anything, teenagers want to be so wrapped up in what’s going on in. Using cellphones in class interferes with students education, teenagers tend to worry […]

Pages: 8 Words: 2428 Topics: Adolescence, Cell Phone, Cyber Bullying, Social Media

Cyber Bullying Regulation

The Internet has become ingrained into all of life’s processes. It has been our go-to – whether networking with others, storing files, emails, gaming, and so forth. This information highway has opened so many options, for better and for worse. The debate on the pros and cons of censoring and controlling the Internet will continue […]

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Algorithm Censorship against Cyber Bullying

Supreme Court Verdict and Class Action If the Supreme Court agrees to hear the case against social media corporations and the ongoing censorship policies, it will definitely outline the First Amendment Act on what can be defined as obscene content and the limits of free speech. The distinction between genuine protection and selfish interest has […]

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Positive and Negative Effects in Using Technology

While there is no denying the fact that technology has changed the modern life for better, at the same time few negative impacts are also well observed such as increased dependence has increased the usage of computers and smartphones that effect our eyesight and brain. To negate these effects strict measures must be observed such […]

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Shadow Banning on Twitter

Shadow Banning for Republicans and Conservatives Shadow banning is a social media phrase that can be used to describe the act of temporary blocking a user from viewing content posted. On Facebook, features such as “unfollow”, “snooze” and “block” are prime examples of shadow burning. Once a user is shadow banned, they cannot access posts […]

Pages: 2 Words: 479 Topics: Cyber Bullying, Impact of Technology, Internet Addiction

School Violence in the United States

School violence has largely become one of the greatest issues the United States is facing in the 21st century largely due to the underlying issues that are present when violence in schools occurs. When school violence is in the news, oftentimes it is associated with school shootings. There are questions that need to be asked […]

Pages: 7 Words: 2019 Topics: Bullying, Cyber Bullying, School Shooting, School Violence, Social Psychology, Violence

Social Media has Influenced Hip Hop Culture a Lot

Social Media is the key to make rapper famous, rich and also solved some racial problems. As people know, Social Media is almost controlled people’s life, people always put more time on their social media. For people who really know how to use the social media, it might make them succeed. The Main concept of […]

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About Social Media Censorship

In the last two centuries communication has drastically changed. The internet has opened many doors. Everyone is able to communicate with whoever they want to and whenever they want to whether near or far. Nobody has to pay for long distance calls anymore, everything can be done over the internet, which brings me to my […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1504 Topics: Censorship, Communication, Cyber Bullying, Cyberspace, Facebook, Mass Media, Social Media

Are Social Media Sites Keeping our Information Safe?

Introduction Technological advancements have greatly benefited our society. An example of a technological advancement that has benefited many people around the world was the creation of the Internet. The Internet makes it easier to search and look for information. It has also allowed for it become easier for people to become interconnected with one another […]

Pages: 15 Words: 4436 Topics: Bullying, Cyber Bullying, Cyber Crime, Malware, Mass Media, Phishing, Social Media

Technology has Become an Ultimate Need of Today’s World

Technology is a body of knowledge devoted to creating tools which has sole purpose of helping humanity by making various difficult tasks easy for us by processing actions and the extracting of materials. The term technology is vast and is beyond the limits of possibilities but in fact technology is a very scientific process. We […]

Pages: 3 Words: 983 Topics: Cyber Bullying, Impact of Technology, Internet Addiction

Impact of Social Media on Mental Health

Technology. Are we better off with it or without it? Can we keep up with the problems that it causes? These are the questions that are on everyone’s mind, especially those of us who deal with adolescents. Those of us who basically grew up last century (1950 1980) saw a lot of changes in technology. […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1569 Topics: Abnormal Psychology, Adolescence, Bullying, Clinical Psychology, Cyber Bullying, Mental Health, Social Media

Dark Side of Social Media

What is digital harassing and why is it most basic among youths. Harassing has showed in various routes in the course of recent years. Digital tormenting has turned into a greater risk to the victims, and the group on the loose. Digital harassing is accounted for to influence the victims’ passionate prosperity the most. The […]

Pages: 8 Words: 2403 Topics: Bullying, Cyber Bullying, Social Media

What Effects does Social Media have on an Individual

Sigmund Freud believed that the psyche, what we call our personality, has three structures: the Id, the ego and the superego. The Id is the structure of personality consisting of our base instincts. It is completely unconscious and has zero contact with reality. The ego is the structure that concerns with reality and is considered […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2571 Topics: Adolescence, Anxiety, Clinical Psychology, Cyber Bullying, Neuroscience, Social Media, Social Psychology

Imprisoned by Social Media

The great Albert Einstein once said The day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots. Social Media is handicapping our youth of letting us as humans beings not think for ourselves. A man should be defined by his hard work and his success: not by his amount […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1941 Topics: Bullying, Cyber Bullying, Mass Media, Social Media

The Impact of Media on Social Media

Many years ago I broke my foot. When the hospital sent me home, they provided me with a crutch that I had to use in order to get around. It was the most frustrating experience trying to hobble around everywhere navigating with this tool that was supposed to be helpful but really seemed more like […]

Pages: 7 Words: 2242 Topics: Bullying, Communication, Cyber Bullying, Empathy, Gratitude, Mental Health, Social Media

Rogerian Argument: Bullying and the Effects that it Causes

Bullying is a social justice issue that has been around for many decades. Bullying is an aggressive act that is intentionally done by harming someone verbally, physically, or psychologically. Normally, bullying is created through and imbalance of power and it is repeated over and over again. There’ something like a general acceptance or justification that […]

Pages: 7 Words: 1968 Topics: Bullying, Cyber Bullying, Interpersonal Relationships, Rogerian Argument, Social Issues, Social Psychology

Bullying: are Schools doing Enough?

That wasn’t very nice of me was it? Well, that’s what a lot of kids in school today are hearing. That plus a lot worse. Not only are bullies verbally abusive, they have now turned to physical abusing their prey. Bullying in schools has almost become a disease, and numerous children, as young as 7 […]

Pages: 8 Words: 2408 Topics: Bullying, Cyber Bullying, School Bullying, Social Issues

Snapchat’s “Discover” Feature Also Poses a Major Problem for Children

Social media has taken over the world seemingly overnight, but how does this affect children? Is social media safe, most especially for our children? The social media craze starts young these days, and it seems to keep getting younger. Although the terms of agreement state that a user must be at least thirteen to use […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1169 Topics: Cyber Bullying, Cyber Security, Internet Addiction

Too Much Gadget Use Introduces Depression

Like this happened in Canada with a 15 year old girl named Amanda Todd. She killed herself in 2012 after watching photos of her private parts on social networking sites. She was suffering from anxiety, major depression and panic attacks after seeing the photos. A Dutch man found guilty of cyberbullying the young girl. The […]

Pages: 2 Words: 706 Topics: Cyber Bullying, Impact of Technology, Internet Addiction
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Essay on The Impact of Social Media and The Effects of Cyberbullying
Society and the world are continuously making progress and change every day. As we know more and more about social media, it gradually changes the way people communicate as well as our human life. One of the biggest things people in the online community tend to overlook is communicating and saying things that hurt each other. Although these words are not spoken directly and are through social networking sites, the effects are harmful to the victim. Cyberbullying is more than just a traditional threat and it has unintended consequences. Why should we stop cyberbullying?
Cyberbullying is one of that topic that a lot of people condemn as well as society. Cyberbullying is the use of online communication to bully a person, usually by threatening messages. Cyberbullying is the latest way of bullying and it causes people depression, anxiety, harm to themselves, and can lead to thinking about suicide. According to the do about the facts of cyberbullying have 37% of a teenager between the age 12- 17 have been bullied online and 30% have had it happen more than once it shows that the growing number of teenagers using social media as well as being threatened online are adolescents and it happens so many times, not just once (11 facts about cyberbullying).
This is a new form of bullying that is becoming more popular than traditional bullying because teens can now hide behind technology screens and don’t need the courage to say words that will cause hurt to the person face-to-face. Papas Stephanie demonstrates cyberbullying happens and has very serious consequences as well as leads to depression and psychological complications as ‘ bullying shows these kids to be most at-risk for mental health problems'(Social media cyberbullying linked to teen depression).
Researching at Brandeis University, they researched that nearly 4,400 suicides were affected by cyberbullying. Last month, I saw a news video about a Korean singer who had committed suicide in her own home because of threatening words on social media. I was shocked and asked questions in my mind why does she choose such a sad ending for her. In the video I watched, she said that she went to the doctor for treatment because of cyberbullying but it couldn’t help, getting crueler and crueler to her psyche and she couldn’t get rid of it. Not only normal people suffer but also the celebrities themselves righteous are affected by cyberbullying ‘several celebrities and many students have died because cyberbullying’ is becoming terrible for us all, makes us think negatively and as a result, we must end ourselves. (the big story: Sulli’s death and cyberbullying).
The main problem is that the threat of social media will no longer limit age, including adults or children. Cyberbullying is not just as people think because it greatly affects the lives of victims. Some people are bullied until they think negatively and lead to suicide because they lose the ability to communicate and they are unable to say what they hold in their hearts. Social media affects single people in their life directly and indirectly. I think we should prevent this by using social media properly and instead of criticizing them we need to stop and care for them even a little bit. I hope in the future that we can find ways to address, improve and develop in a positive way to protect victims who are facing cyberbullying.

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