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These days AI is one of the most impressive pieces of technology. Artificial Intelligence is basically development of machines or even software that has machine learning capabilities and can reason and think without our rules and control. Most of you will think of robots right now. You are right but there are so many different variations ... this intelligence. It may be based on human intelligence but differences are massive. Also, exclude emotions. This is also one of
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Divergent Thinking – AI Dystopia

Artificial intelligence put in simple words is the intelligence demonstrated by machines. There are various artificial intelligence algorithms running which can study the environment and make use of the study to maximize the chance of achieving the goals. These algorithms are used in the applications we use in our day-to-day life and to solve some […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1351 Topics: Advantages of Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Dystopia

Artificial Intelligence Help to Manage Clinical Trials

Hiring more manpower is not the answer to getting your clinical trials’ timelines back on track. If anything can help, that would be adoption of technology and more specifically, AI. The new way to cut the timelines of clinical trials short is to leverage artificial intelligence to drive the processes. Manage data to manage your […]

Pages: 2 Words: 454 Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Future, Robot
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Self-Service and Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) improves in the workplace environment. In its place, labor will not cost as much, and there will be more time to complete more important tasks. For instance, according to Zielinski (2019) AI, “allows employees to request time off, adjust schedules or swap shifts with co-workers, check pay information, complete […]

Pages: 2 Words: 467 Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Future, Robot

Technology and Social Change

Technology and social change are two concepts that are ever-present in our lives and in the modern era are seemingly placed in opposite corners of reality. Technology is being used to spread some of the knowledge and wisdom of Faith to all corners of the globe, while at the same time it is being used […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1804 Topics: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in the Financial Services Sector

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the competitive dynamics of the financial services sector in Africa, driving financial institutions to differentiate themselves by investing in technologies to build new capabilities, improve customer experience and drive growth. Although Artificial intelligence (AI) is at its nascent stage in Africa, it’s gradually making inroads into the business environment. According […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1212 Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Bank, Impact of Technology

Artificial Intelligence and Innovative Technologies

Introduction Air transportation is drastically changing due to the impact of artificial intelligence and innovative technologies. Innovative companies in the sector have a competitive advantage and increased turnover as compared to other companies. The leading players in the industry include Toyota, Nissan, General Motors, and Honda. The motor corporations are very creative in their operations […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1787 Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Brand, Competitive Advantage, Strategic Management

Gender Matters: “Socializing” Artificial Intelligence

Abstract “Why are virtual assistants always female by default?” Given the feminized empathetic machines such as Alexa, Siri, Erica, Sophie, or Google Home, substantiates the conventional belief that women are more suitable for the role of assistants or companions. One may have to understand that these machines are none other than the product of codified […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1430 Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Feminism, Gender, Socialization

“Artificial Intelligence” is more Like a Myth from Science Fiction Films

Despite the prominent usage of artificial intelligence in widespread technologies, such as Siri and Alexa, to perform daily tasks like adding events to the calendar, sending messages, etc. not many of us can provide the exact definition of the term ‘artificial intelligence. In fact, some people might not realize they are currently using AI-powered systems, […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1935 Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Cognition, Cognitive Development

Weak Artificial Intelligence is what we See in Modern Society

John Searle, a very well-respected philosopher from Berkeley University has constructed a controversial view on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what it means. He distinguishes between strong and weak Artificial Intelligence. His most recognized representation of this phenomenon is debuted in his “Chinese Room” argument. Searle explores the following propositions: “Intentionality in human beings (and animals) […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1719 Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Social Science

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Advancements in technology have influenced the way we live our lives. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are the future, as much as people are excited about this growth in science., they need to understand the dangers. The dangers of technology rely on the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is the “brain” of modern day machines […]

Pages: 2 Words: 556 Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Future, Robot

Artificial Intelligence for a Long Time Stands Still

Technical development. It is known that in everyday life, a person does not use 100% of the power of his brain – but can we say this about artificial intelligence? Far from a fact. Developments will continue, logic will improve, and, alas, no one knows what this may lead to. That’s what intelligence is for-to […]

Pages: 2 Words: 479 Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Future, Robot

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Advances in Computer Science

The issue is if we rely on AI to bring us into a new world of labor, security, and efficiency, we need to ensure that the machine performs as planned and that people cannot overpower it to use it for their own ends or the AI is programmed to do something beneficial, but it develops […]

Pages: 7 Words: 2113 Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Future, Intelligence, Robot


In the 70s and 80s, digital clocks were probably the most advanced-looking technology visible in doctor’s offices. But nowadays, when you look around in medical facilities and hospitals, digital clocks are now built into the anatomy of the many technical devices ticking and running rapid. In fact, you probably couldn’t look more than ten feet […]

Pages: 7 Words: 2021 Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, Intelligence, Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

When consumers are first exposed to AI in the medical realm, their first response is hesitation, and rightfully so. Humans’ natural tendency is to process and know the system potentially being performed on them before having it perform a task on them. Longoni, Bonezzi, and Morewedge discuss different studies that illustrate human tendencies and the […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1322 Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Cognition, Intelligence, Machine Learning

Role of Artificial Intelligence in our Life

Artificial Intelligence is the concept and improvement of laptop systems capable of acting responsibilities that commonly require human intelligence inclusive of visual notion speech popularity choice making and translation among languages. synthetic intelligence has its advantages and downsides. A number of those benefits will be the few errors they might make; a number of the […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1432 Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Employment, Intelligence, Robot

An Economy Simulated by Artificial Intelligence

  Salesforce engineers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) model to try to distinguish a tax policy that would offer a fairer world,reports the site The system they created is capable of identifying the consequences of different tax models in a simulated economy. Currently, governments around the world collect taxpayers’ money based on their […]

Pages: 1 Words: 423 Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Future, Robot

Mind, Brain and Behavior

I am aware that courses under the same title at Peking may represent entirely different content at Harvard due to different philosophical traditions and curriculums; thus I would outline my academic plans without considering credits at Peking at this moment. For General Education, Distribution requirements, and Quantitative Reasoning with Data, due to an abundance of […]

Pages: 2 Words: 473 Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Future, Robot

A New Industrial Revolution in Society

From prosthetics and biomechanics such as lifelike robots and moving artificial limbs, to new technologies such as special rockets that allow us to travel to mars, and to artificial intelligence which is completely changing the technology and medical industries, we are seeing a third industrial revolution that is advancing all of society. As the technology […]

Pages: 8 Words: 2281 Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Industrial Revolution, Innovation, Robot

Using Video Games in Developing AI

According to Henry Lowood, video games before the 1970s operated without a single program code or algorithm, but developed with a simple logic design and television technologies (5). The introduction of microprocessors and computer circuits in the early 1970s contributed enormously to the improvement of algorithms, computer software, artificial intelligence and video games. Moreover, early […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2552 Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Intelligence, Problem Solving, Video Games

The Role of Civil Society in Global Citizenship

Global citizenship or globalization is not a modern phenomenon nowadays. Actually, the term globalization was first appeared in the 1930s and widely used by economists and other social scientists by the 1960s. According to Dierks, globalization process includes technological, political, economic, and cultural dimensions that interconnect individual, governments, and firm across national borders (6). Globalization […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1353 Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Citizenship, Community, Earth, Economy, Immigration, Trade

Neural Networks and their Failures and Successes

It’s no secret at this point that there are some really smart AIs in today’s world. From everything to self-driving cars, to something so simple it only takes 9 lines of code. Many AI systems today use something called a Neural Network, which tries to mimic the human brains cognitive abilities. A human brain consists […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1419 Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Brain, Failure, Learning, Nervous System, Neuroscience, Phenomenology, Problem Solving

Stinging Nettle

 Stinging nettle In the hunt for new, ecologically friendly fabrics stinging nettle fiber has come up smelling of roses. Clothing made from the nettle is not a new idea; for the past 2,000 years people have worn fabrics made from these stinging plants. But nettle lose there popularity when cotton arrived at 16th century, because […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1774 Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Plant

Brain Controlled Car for Disabled Using Artificial Intelligence

A Paper Presentation on BRAIN CONTROLLED CAR FOR DISABLED USING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Submitted on the event of Zeitgeist’09 At UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING JNTU, KAKINADA Presented by: Y. H. H. S . AYYAPPA. S SREEKANTH. GELAM II MCA II MCA ayyappa1331@gmail. om sreekanthgelam@gmail. com ADITYA INSTITUTE OF P. G. STUDIES Kakinada, E. G. Dist, A. […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1563 Topics: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Will Take over the World

Artificial Intelligence was once Science Fiction Hollywood fantasizes that artificial intelligence will take over the world with evil robots or robots that are humanlike. Yet, today AI has a different configuration, like google home and Alexa. The modern comforts of turning on your household lights before you arrive home, vacuuming your floors while you relax […]

Pages: 2 Words: 592 Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Future, Robot

Future Will be Different

“I, Robot” was a movie about discovering the ones self through learning the truth of the issues at hand, as well as dealing with personal issues from the past. The movie questioned a lot of things about artificial intelligence and how our world has been affected by it in the future, but also takes on […]

Pages: 2 Words: 473 Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Future, Robot

Unique Plant Types

CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND STUDY There are a number of unique plant types in the world which are on the brink of extinction, or are so extremely limited in range. For example the beautiful palms such as the Talipot Palm (Corypha elata), Johannis teysmannia in Sarawak and Malaya, and also Livistona in West Sumatra. […]

Pages: 34 Words: 10216 Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Expert, Problem Solving

Artificial Intelligence Surpassing Human Intelligence Increases

“Don’t worry about Master Luke. I’m sure he’ll be all right. He’s quite clever, you know… for a human being.” As a droid programmed for etiquette and protocol, C-3PO from The Star Wars trilogy sure knew how to dole out rude but truthful remarks towards his friends. His droll remark here highlights the reality of […]

Pages: 2 Words: 529 Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Future, Robot

Artificial Intelligence Skills Solve the Huge Tasks

Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is often called as machine intelligence. Which is driving the world today, some of the main areas where AI is using in today’s world is in Google’s driverless cars as a guide, responding to the human words, collecting and tracking the responses to the google queries that you ran on google […]

Pages: 1 Words: 408 Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Future, Robot

Artificial Intelligence have the Potential to Take our Jobs

For many years people have been asking, “Is there going to be a huge advance in today’s technology that can potentially affect our future”? The answer is yes. Over the past ten years, there has been many technological advances that no one in the public society knows about (Smith). These advances are not just your […]

Pages: 2 Words: 560 Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Future, Robot

Machine Learning

I like solving real-world problems which involve a mix of conventional wisdom and out of the box thinking. I would like to place myself in a position of the Lead analyst, where I can hone my analytics skills to add some machine learning skills in my resume, solve the various type of analytics problems. I […]

Pages: 2 Words: 517 Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Future, Robot
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