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5% of the Population Yet we have Consumed 30% of the World’s Resources

I personally believe that animals deserve rights, they aren’t just objects to take for granted. We must be grateful for animals not only for their nutritional benefits but for helping fertilize plants and maintaining a healthy ecological balance on this earth. And yet we take this for granted because we want to satisfy our appetites. […]

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The Plague Called “Human Beings”

I want you to close your eye and imagine the world before humans. What’s the first thing you think about? Is it dinosaurs? is it a green planet with no buildings? Or does your attention go beyond the plants and animals? Maybe your mind went somewhere more technical like to the layers of the earth’s […]

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Support Brands that are Cruelty Free

    Testing on animal is now outdated and has become a habit of ours. Second main point: We rely too heavily on animals to help us find a cure to these diseases when there are alternative methods we can turn to. With new technology comes safer and more accurate methods. Subpoint: Harvard’s Wyss’ Institution […]

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Animal Testing Inhumane

Look around the room in which you are seated. More than likely, there is a woman, and maybe even a man, maybe not with a full face of makeup on, but definitely some fake lashes or mascara. And if that doesn’t apply, you could assume most in the room have on lotion, deodorant, or even […]

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Is Animal Testing Ethical

100,000 animals are abused each and every day. This issue occurs on a daily basis all around the world. According to the Humane Society “Unlike violent crimes against people, cases of animal abuse are not complied by state or federal agencies, making it difficult to see just how common they are” (Humane Society). Many states […]

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Pro Animal Testing

Animal experimentation is a worldwide controversial concern that leaves many people puzzled as to what this type of testing actually consist of. This topic is majorly looked at from the big picture, but what about behind the scenes? Most people look at experimentation from the scientific point of view, and not the underlying aspects of […]

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Millions of Animals are Mistreated

Every year, millions of animals are mistreated, experimented on, and abused. ASPCA defines animal cruelty as, “Acts of violence or neglect perpetrated against animals” (What Constitutes Animal Cruelty?). Animal cruelty also applies to an animals living conditions, and this applies to whether they are a pet or if they are used for food purposes. There […]

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Animals are Basically the Back Bone of the Human Race

With the use of the chimpanzees and orangutans in the medical field, doctors will be able to better test the effectiveness of the pharmaceutical drugs that they create. Because of the fact that these particular primates have a very close similar genetic makeup to humans, means that they are the best candidate. Rats are by […]

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Chimpanzees and Orangutans are Help Researchers

Primates are able to help scientist put two and two together to be able to fully understand how the human body and mind work. In the same article by UC Davis, it also proclaims that “95 percent of the lab animals in scientific and medical research are rats and mice [and that] just half of […]

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Animal Testing Must be Stopped

Each year, millions of animals are used to test how safe and effective products, such as cosmetics, cleaning products, and every day use products are. They are force-fed harmful chemicals, scalded, blinded, and maimed. Animal testing should be banned because it is cruel, unnecessary, inaccurate, and expensive. Approximately 17 million animals are used for testing […]

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Animals Able to Live a Life as Free as Human Beings

Animals dont have a voice and humans are their only chance at speaking up about the abuse and getting justice for what is right. But when it comes to cases of animal cruelty, the court does not protect and treat all animals the same as they do human beings. Animal cruelty, also known as animal […]

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Animal Testing in Cosmetics

Before a thorough analysis of the public policy can be done, it is important to understand why this topic is a social problem worthy of discussion. Animal testing is defined as, Use of animals in experiments and development projects usually to determine toxicity, dosing and efficacy of test drugs before proceeding to human clinical trials […]

Pages: 8 Words: 2446 Topics: Animal Testing, Cosmetics, Institution, Public Policy, Structural Functionalism

Individual Uses Certain Cosmetic

When an individual uses certain cosmetics, takes antibiotics, or even gets vaccines, they are supporting the practice of animal testing either knowingly or unknowingly. Animals are tested, mostly by companies, with the intent of verifying that products and other materials are safe for human use. Although this practice can be beneficial for humans, testing on […]

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Anti-Vivisection Society

According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Each year, more than 100 million animals”including mice, rats, frogs, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, monkeys, fish, and birds”are killed in U.S. laboratories for biology lessons, medical training, curiosity-driven experimentation, and chemical, drug, food, and cosmetics testing. In today’s world where there are alternative […]

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Animal Testing should Continue

Animal testing should continue you to be a legal and viable option to research. Animal testing has been used for centuries dating all the way back to 300 BC. Since its origin, animal testing has been an efficient way of making medical and biological breakthroughs. If it were not fro animal models who or what […]

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Medicine has been Dramatically Development

Medicine has been dramatically development, especially in the last century. Animal experimentation has been used since the very first day of medical science such as Aristotle, (384 “ 322 BC) and Erasistratus, (304 “ 258 BC) (Hajar). There are 108 Nobel Prizes which rewarded for medicine and physiology since 1901 and 96 of those are […]

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Primates Helped Scientists

With the understanding that chimpanzees and orangutans are very mentally and genetically similar to humans, scientists then were able to find the cures to the deadly diseases and viruses that affect the world. With the knowledge that these animals provide in terms that they are very similar with humans, they are able to provide humans […]

Pages: 2 Words: 565 Topics: Animal Rights, Animal Testing, Morality

History of how People Started Animal Testing

Planet Earth has been in a constant state of change for the length of its existence, which is close to five billion years. The first life that began to form was bacteria and that was 1.5 billion years after the Earth formed. Bacteria moved to fish, the fish sprouted legs and went onto land, then […]

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Animal Testing for Medical Purposes

Animal Testing For Medical Purposes Should Be Banned Animal testing for medical purposes, also known as animal experimentation, is conducted when inventing new medicine to cure people. In order to test the safety and the effectiveness of new drugs, animals that share similar genetic groups with humans are used as experimental objects to simulate the […]

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Animal Experimentation is Vital

What’s the Price Animal rights is based on the belief that non-human animals have rights similar and equal to humans. However testing is clearly split down the middle. Today animals are used in the development of all kinds of things, such as medical research by the use of animal experimentation. Animal testing provides some people […]

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Animal Testing is a Cruel and Useless

Nelly, a beagle puppy, had a very rough start since the day she was born. She was used for testing in a laboratory, she was sold for experimentation and was later abandoned. As time went by, she was shot and was left for dead with two other assassinated puppies in a locked cage with little […]

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Brands about Animal Testing

When it comes to the material practices of The Body Shop, they claim a commitment on their website to “enrich [their] products.” On their website they exclaim, “Our products nourish, enrich and uplift but never make false promises and are never tested on animals.” They make many claims and promises on their website – it […]

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Environmentally Friendly

Prediction for Success When organizations move from operating in a single country to operating in multiple countries, they face special challenges regarding the allocation of decision-making rights (Spector, 2013, p. 86). MB operates autonomously due to its corporate structure. Spector (2013) details how multinational organizations benefit by allowing autonomy from the general managers; he cites; […]

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This Kind of Testing is being Unjustified

Testing on animals has been around since 384-322BC (Rachel Hajar), meaning animals have been suffering for a very long time. Scientists have been using this method to try out new medicines or new surgical techniques to save lives. What they do not get is that animals and humans do not have the same body chemistry, […]

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Experiments are Done Using Testing

Experiments are done using testing of many different species. Scientists use humans to determine certain things about society and use animals to test products, medications, or diseases. Such experiments can be ineffective or unnecessary due to these animals not even being able to attract the same diseases or disorders as many humans. With that being […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1395 Topics: Animal Testing, Ethical Principles, Ignorance, John Stuart Mill, Morality, Rights, Utilitarianism

How Animal Testing Effect on Medicine

The use of animals can be helpful for activities like transportation and as pets, sports, recreation and companionship. In everyday life, we are all involved with animals in one way or another. Many of us have pets such as dogs and cats, others live on farms where they have cattle, horses and sheep. However, not […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1462 Topics: Animal Testing, Diabetes, Disease, Dog, Medication, Research

Huge Part of my Life

Animal Experimentation Did you know more than 100 million animals are killed in the US laboratories due to testing things like food, drugs, and other chemicals? (PETA). Animal testing is a huge problem in the US. Because of this, many animals are being treated under harsh conditions, suffering, and feedback can be unreliable due to […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1621 Topics: Animal Testing, Suffering

We are Qualified for our Social Liberties

As natives of America we are qualified for our social liberties. They comprise of our straightforward wants for living a happy and secure presence. Creatures yet are not qualified for any rights to guarantee them wellbeing, appropriately wellbeing, and right staying conditions. Creature looking at labs torment and kill innocuous creatures step by step. The […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1722 Topics: Animal Rights, Animal Testing, Cosmetics, Disease, Immunization, Medication, Reasoning

Innovation that are Needed to Save Animals

Transferring Innovation Across National Boundaries In today’s ever changing competitive global market organizational redesign is often necessary. No industry/company is exempt from this change, as Minnesota Biolabs (MB) experienced firsthand the need to redesign the way it conducted operations across the 20 countries it operates in. The change undergone by MB, involved introducing a breakthrough […]

Pages: 2 Words: 513 Topics: Animal Rights, Animal Testing, Morality

MDMA Tested on Animals

The history of MDMA all started in 1912. Although MDMA started in 1912 it was not patented until 1914 by Merck in Germany. There was however no human research done at the time the drug first got patent. By the 1930s the US government was hoping to use the drug in chemical warfare and possibly […]

Pages: 2 Words: 475 Topics: Animal Rights, Animal Testing, Morality
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Essay about Animal Testing

Animal testing is necessary for human survival as well as medical research. This essay will give background as well as the history of animal testing; explain some of the medical advancements achieved from animal testing. The background of animal testing is a fascinating aspect of what remains a contentious matter in the present day. The history of animal testing is filled with disagreement and discussions, though some of there are only reactions to increase understanding surrounding animal testing as a subject.

Background to Issues around Animal Testing

​Protests in opposition to animal testing have been there throughout history. Nevertheless, as more corporations materialized throughout the middle to late 19th century, the figure of tested animals augmented together with the tests. This speedy augment in animal testing generated the rise of several groups intended for putting a stop to animal testing even as at the same time giving sentiments to the community. Mistreatment of animals in the name of testing has been exposed thus generating communal anger and resentment towards the subject. The augmented awareness towards animal testing generated prohibition of animal testing for makeup in the year 1998 in Britain (Sepahban, 2015).

The UK traces animal testing back in the 17th century when Harvey’s research on a number of animals intended to reveal blood circulation was carried out (Newton, 2013). In Europe, animal testing started to augment over the 19th century partly in support of the expansion of sedatives which previously had seen animal research impractical. In the year 1896, legislation intended for adjusting animal tests was passed by the legislative body as the Cruelty to Animals Act.

The late 19th, as well as 20th centuries, witnessed extension in medical science which revealed that the animals used for testing extended progressively, speeded up by the Medicines Act Of 1968 which offered a more apparent channel to make use of animals in protection testing following the thalidomide catastrophe. This outsized development revealed an increasing medical field in which animals participated in most remedial advances of the 20th century consisting of insulin, the polio vaccine, penicillin as well as the abolition of smallpox. The Animals Act of 1968 was approved and resulted in higher animal wellbeing principles in the UK laboratories. In 2010, EU command was approved to complement European animal laboratory principles, enhancing animal well-being across the EU and is at the moment being transported into the ruling of other member states (Newton, 2013).

Attack On Researchers

The increase in groups not in favor of animal testing has caused a counterattack in opposition to researchers who carry out the experiments. There was a reduction in the confrontation in the former part of the 20th century but as the investigational tests using animals augmented, groups not in favor of animal testing started to emerge. Coercion has been made to researchers to an extent of leaving the most well-known researchers in need of bodyguards for protection (Sepahban, 2015).

Future Of Animal Testing

Most probably, animal testing will end as an alternative continues to grow and policies continue to be implemented holding responsible those who carry out animal testing. It is also expected that animal rights campaigners won’t renounce their pursuit for the end of animal testing or upgrading of substitute methods. In idyllic humanity, ideal substitutes for animals in investigational events are likely to be present although, at the moment, the methodical group of people tremendously encourages it and the arguments over animal testing appear to a certain extent to carry on for a couple of years.

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