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Patrick Byrne Professor Saunders

When it comes to the income that people receive when working a minimum wage job there seems to be two different opinions people have about it. One would say that minimum wage is too low and it is not enough to live on. The other side would say it needs to stay ay the current […]

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The Minimum Wage has been Increased

Minimum Wage Imagine an ideal reality in which people no longer had to live with a handful of roommates in order to maintain an apartment or needed to work multiple jobs in order to support themselves or their families. Would that not be a wonderful reality? Maybe that reality could be brought a step closer […]

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Wage Gaps Equality

Equality is a concept familiar to most Americans; from slavery, and women’s suffrage to ongoing civil rights movements. The face of the topic changes and evolves with the passing of time, yet the theme remains the same: Egalitarianism. Equal rights, equal opportunity, and equal pay for all, regardless of race, ethnicity or gender. The gender […]

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Difference in Incomes between Men and Women

The gender wage gap is defined as the relative difference in incomes between men and women in the economy as a whole. For every dollar a man makes, women are making about eighty-two cents less than what men make (NY times). Even if men and women have the same educational background and work history the […]

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Are Women Making as Much Money as Men?

Wage gap is a common problem that occurs in many companies and it is the difference in pay between males and females. If you do feel different in how you are being treated, you should tell someone and/or report it as a court case against the companies that do this. Most men feel or think […]

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Wage Gap in Present Day

The wage gap in 2018 has lowered but not much in the past 15 years. There are many reasons for this. Many studies show that the wage gap is caused by occupational choices of women vs men. When you walk in to an engineering classroom you will almost 100% of the time see more men […]

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The Wage Gap: more than Just Gender

The wage gap in America is a term that means there is gender discrimination when it comes to equal and fair payment in the workplace. There is this myth that women get paid around .77 cents for every man’s dollar for doing the same job. This is not true when it is considered in context, […]

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Gender Wage Gap and Women’s Rights

The Wage gap took many years to eradicate, through the efforts of brave men and women who had a sense of justice and wanted it to be seen in their society, no matter the backlash that they were faced with. The wage gap seemed to go on forever until the President John F. Kennedy made […]

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Pay Gap Wage

Our world has changed in many different ways, with technologie and on going different generations, only one thing hasn’t changed and that is the gender pay gap. We changed everything around us but why not that?. It all starts with how the parents raise their children, I believe that no matter the gender they should […]

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Wage Gap in Nursing

Have you ever had to be admitted into a hospital? Did anyone there check your vitals, give you a shot, or ask you about your medical history? Chances are that every single one of those people were nurses. That is because nurses are so important to making hospitals run. They heavily assist the doctors and […]

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Why Women are Paid Less?

When many try to answer that question, many answers it by claiming it’s because discrimination still plays the main role within the pay gap. Meaning that women are paid less for doing the same amount of work compared to men, that’s why many fight for equal pay for equal work. But if you really consider […]

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The Issue of the Pay Gap between Genders

In 2014 full-time, year-round, working women only earned an average of 79% of what the average earnings of a man made(United States Department of Labor n.d.). Women who are just as qualified or more qualified for the same job a man occupies are only making roughly 78 cents for every dollar a man makes. This […]

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The Wage Gap doesn’t Exist

Due to the Equal Pay Act of 1963, it outlaws paying others less based on sex. This is a point many people spreading this myth forget about to make you target their complaining. It is paramount we establish the fact that these feminists, celebrities, etc. are establishing an argument on something that has already been […]

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The Gender Wage Gap is Real

Despite the fact that in the past several decades millions of women have entered the workforce, and have made huge gains in their academic attainment, women still earn less than men. According to studies, a woman makes around 80 cents for every dollar a man makes and the gap widens for women of color (Hegewisch). […]

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Closing the Wage Gap

Women are feeling cheated after being denied the same wage as men in the labor force. Even after the Equal Pay Act of 1963, an act prohibiting unequal wages between men and women in the same company who are in the same position that require equal skill, education and duties, women are still left with […]

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About Gender Wage Gap

Discrimination has existed in all forms since mankind existed. There are many inequalities people face these days because of their color, race, age, class, and other such differentiating factors. But one of the most important problem the working people, specifically the women, have to face is the Gender Wage Gap : unequal pay for equal […]

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Gender Wage Gap

It’s been a century of different cultural and social views on women. Now, women have voting rights , education, and freedom. The only thing a woman is most likely not able to achieve is; equality. Many people in today’s society turn a blind eye towards this issue. The wage gap between women and men is […]

Pages: 3 Words: 930 Topics: Wage Gap
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