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Magna Carta Vs Animal Bill of Rights

The Magna Carta is one of the most important legal documents of the world. The Magna Carta is also known as the Great Charter. It is a document in which the first version of was signed into place in 1215. The concepts in which the Magna Carta provided were new for the time, and it […]

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Animal Rights and Experimentation

Medicines, cosmetic products, and essentially everything involved in the life of an average person has to undergo a form of testing before they can be legally stocked on shelves for the public consumers due to the strict enforcements by the FDA. However, with strict ethical laws and religious beliefs surrounding human researching and experimenting, scientists […]

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Implementing of Bill of Rights for Animals

  Since the 1900s people have been fighting for animal rights, first with the Animal Welfare Act of 1966, and now with an animal Bill of Rights. An organization named Animal Legal Defense Fund is making a petition for animals so that they could be free from neglect, cruelty, abuse, and exploration. This bill of […]

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About the Animal Rights

As Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “the time is always right to do what is right”. Whether you know this or not, animals all over the world are being tested on, used for entertainment that could be harmful or detrimental to their well being, held in captivity, and are being abused and abandoned. People […]

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Animals Deserve their Bill of Rights

   When it comes to harm, animals are defenseless. That is why there has to be laws that gives them their protection and freedom. Animals have provided us benefits of life.  However, history has shown that humans have treated animals poorly and unfairly. Also, humans don’t give animals their freedom that they rightfully deserve. There […]

Pages: 2 Words: 599 Topics: Animal Rights, Bill Of Right, Human, Reasoning

Animal Rights are Violated

Take a close look at your shampoo bottle, or your favorite makeup products that you use on a daily basis. Do you see anything that stands out to you? No, not the sleek and pretty packaging, but the tiny little cruelty free label that many people look over. The use of animals in research and […]

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Should Animals be Kept in Zoos

Would animals be safe in zoos? Do animals have similar habitat and/or diet? Do people benefit from seeing animals in zoos? The answer to all of these questions is yes. Animals should be held in zoos because they would be safe, they would have similar habitat and/or diet, and people would benefit from seeing these […]

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Why should we Protect Animals?

 The english author Michael Morpurgo said Animals are sentient, intelligent, perceptive, funny and entertaining. We owe them a duty of care as we do to children. So why hesitate on protecting the animals from suffer, I believe we should pass the Animal Bill of Rights, because if animals are being punish by humans; beings who […]

Pages: 3 Words: 920 Topics: Animal Rights, Animal Welfare, Bill Of Right, Human, Rights, Welfare

How does Animal Cruelty Affect the Society

Harming animals hasbeen something that has been practiced for a long time, and is still being done in our modern day society. Violence or neglect perpetrated against animals is considered animal cruelty. It commonly takes place in both rural and urban areas intentionally by people who hoard, who make abusive actions, and who are in […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1285 Topics: Animal Rights, Animal Welfare, Cruelty To Animals, Justice, Social Institutions, Social Issues

Should Animals be Kept in Zoos

Would animals be safe in zoos? Do animals have similar habitat and/or diet? Do people benefit from seeing animals in zoos? The answer to all of these questions is yes. Animals should be held in zoos because they would be safe, they would have similar habitat and/or diet, and people would benefit from seeing these […]

Pages: 1 Words: 371 Topics: Animal Rights, Animals, Cruelty To Animals

Animal Experimentation is Vital

What’s the Price Animal rights is based on the belief that non-human animals have rights similar and equal to humans. However testing is clearly split down the middle. Today animals are used in the development of all kinds of things, such as medical research by the use of animal experimentation. Animal testing provides some people […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1512 Topics: Animal Rights, Animal Testing, Disease, Human, Public Health

We are Qualified for our Social Liberties

As natives of America we are qualified for our social liberties. They comprise of our straightforward wants for living a happy and secure presence. Creatures yet are not qualified for any rights to guarantee them wellbeing, appropriately wellbeing, and right staying conditions. Creature looking at labs torment and kill innocuous creatures step by step. The […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1722 Topics: Animal Rights, Animal Testing, Cosmetics, Disease, Immunization, Medication, Polio, Reasoning

Animals Able to Live a Life as Free as Human Beings

Animals dont have a voice and humans are their only chance at speaking up about the abuse and getting justice for what is right. But when it comes to cases of animal cruelty, the court does not protect and treat all animals the same as they do human beings. Animal cruelty, also known as animal […]

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Why should we Protect Endangered Species Essay

In the 17th century, people were not concerned about the extinction of species, because it didn’t affect them directly. Now, concern has risen and thus, almost 92 thousand species have been surveyed and over 25 thousand have been classified as vulnerable or endangered and threatened with extinction, according to the International Union for Conservation of […]

Pages: 3 Words: 801 Topics: Animal Rights, Animals, Endangered Species

It’s Time to Say no to Zoos

          It’s time for a change. It’s time to work together and say NO to zoo’s. Animals are just in to big of a pain already and I will show you the reasons why they are suffering in zoos around the world. Animals are in just to small of enclosures. There […]

Pages: 2 Words: 738 Topics: Animal Rights, Animals

Importance of Taking Care of Animals

Animals have been human’s dearest friends for seemingly forever. We have relied upon them for food work and security. Each animal should be taken acceptable consideration of, given food, safe house and veterinary consideration, this way people show responsibility towards animals. For animals to have regard for people we should likewise do likewise to them, […]

Pages: 2 Words: 538 Topics: Animal Rights, Animals, Environmental Impact, Friends

Keeping Wild Animals as Pets

Wild nature is home for countless species, a large number of which are extraordinary and additionally near termination. All through ongoing many years, mankind has put forth a strong attempt to forestall the eradication of these animals, secure the territory of these species, and some way or another limit the unfortunate results of the presence […]

Pages: 2 Words: 610 Topics: Animal Rights, Animals, Nature, Pet

For Animal Rights In this essay I will be discussing the cruel acts of animal torture and testing. Animals have been tortured to death by substances such as drugs, cosmetics, diseases, tobacco, alcohol, detergent and other poisons. Do people have the right to do whatever they like to perfectly healthy animals? Should scientists do tests on animals if no new information is going to be gained? Cosmetic companies use animal tests to protect themselves against possible possible lawsuits.

One of the tests is called the Draize Eye-Irritancy Test. “This was designed to measure how harmful a substance was to human eyes by using rabbits eyes. This test was developed in 1944 by the U.S Food and Drug Administration. They use six rabbits for each substance that they want to test. The technician places the substance into the lower eye of the rabbit, then the rabbits eyes are then examined at different times. The technician records signs of damage, such as redness, swelling, inflammation and clouding of the cornea. The technician then uses a scoring scheme to say how much the substance has irritated the eye.” This test is unreliable because rabbits eyes are very different to human eyes. Rabbits have a third eyelid and have a slower blink reflex, a less effective tearing mechanism and a thinner cornea than humans. These make a rabbits eyes much more sensitive to humans eyes and less sensitive to others. The rabbit may suffer from blindness, sometimes death and always pain.

‘Up until the 1900s chickens were kept outside in coops and in backyards by families keeping a small number of hens. Indoor farming was introduced at the start of the last century, when layer hens were first kept in more intensive systems, along with other cattle type animals such as pig or cows. Cows are forcefully impregnated by having their head locked in between metal bars as a farm worker artificially inseminates the female cows by shoving his entire arm into the cows vagina with a metal prod. This process is disturbing & would never be accepted if it was happening to humans. The mothers calves are taken away from them 24 hours birth and the calves are moved to dog kennels. They are born in cages & die in cages. If they are uncooperative and have a low milk production the mothers are slaughtered. Males caves usually don’t last long due to their inability to produce milk & are killed off for meat.

Not every farm is always like that, but the big company industrial farms are, and that is what meat is sold to you in stores. This is more of a personal view, but consuming any of those animals products that were misfairly treated, you also absorb those bad emotions. It’s just the meer fact that there’s no sanctity of life in those institutions, baby chicks are thrown in to buckets and tubs like that bodies from the holocaust, but they are still alive, and goddamn babies. If animals don’t do what the farmer is wanting them to they are either beaten or branded into submission or slaughtered. You can see some of the most disturbing videos on PETA’s website of animals being treated like they aren’t living feeling beings. If this system of food production was used on humans it would be called a holocaust, this is an animal holocaust

Giving to companies that don’t care about or protect these animals lives is supporting the system that rapes, kills, hurts & separates animals. I believe every being should have a 5th amendment right to life and the pursuit of happiness, these animals have no choice to go into a field or be with their young. Something is expected of their lives by the farmers & if they don’t reach that expectation they are hurt or slaughtered. There is no justice for things like this, no accountability. I have no idea how you could ever look into a bunny’s, cow’s, pig’s, etc. eyes and not have compassion. The have the same basic primal life goals as us, we are animals. Would people stand for this if it was happening to the human race?

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