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General Concept Of Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is the concept that all data on an online network should be treated equally, where internet service providers (ISP’s) would be prohibited from blocking, slowing down, or speeding up the delivery of online data as they choose. (The Debate Over Net Neutrality) In the U.S. however, ISP’s want to remove this pre-existing concept […]

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Net Neutrality: Contrasting And Opposing Views

According to the American Library Association net neutrality is defined as the principle that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites. So, with this principle Internet Service Providers can not restrict, impair or degrade any network speed […]

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Net Neutrality: Yes Or No?

Introduction When one who lives in America wants something censored they call or file a complaint to the Federal Communications Commission. This is a government agency located in Washington D.C. Now there are mixed opinions about this agencies motives when it comes to Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality is defined as the idea, principle, or requirement […]

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Net Neutrality Today

On September 30, 2018 California Senate Bill 822 was signed into law. The law effectively established statewide net neutrality laws modeled on federal regulations which were overturned by the FCC’s Restoring Internet Freedom Order in December of 2017. This is yet another step in an ongoing battle to establish laws that would prevent Internet Service […]

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Net Neutrality In Contemporary World

In the contemporary world of technological advancement, net neutrality has been a primary topic of debate for the United States Senate for an extended period. Net neutrality is the non-discriminatory internet transmission, where internet service providers treat all internet data as the same to allow individuals to run applications, services, and access content on their […]

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Issues Of Net Neutrality

Since the invention of the internet, the number of devices connected to the internet has been growing rapidly. As of 2016 it is estimated that over 3 billion (about half of the world’s population) is connected to the web. As the internet grows, slowly differing opinions and issues begin to crop up, including the idea […]

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An Impact Of Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is a huge issue in public administration today. The internet has become an integral part of the present culture and economy. Worldwide, the internet gives everyone a similar chance, regardless of whether you are million dollar organization or somebody beginning a business from scratch. But, the more the internet grows means that more […]

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Will Net Neutrality Be Reinstated?

Will Net Neutrality Be Reinstated? Net Neutrality is the belief that internet service providers do not charge for specific sites but treat all internet usage data equally. This belief is that internet service providers have to treat all online usage data the same, they cannot block, slow down or charge you for visiting specific sites. […]

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Why Do We Need Net Neutrality?

Net Neutrality Net neutrality is a term first used by Tim Wu, a media law professor of Columbia University. It is the concept that internet service providers should regard all media and content equally. This includes being unable to block sites and users, slow down traffic or charge more for certain platforms. Users are still […]

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Net Neutrality Regulations In US

Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers treat all data on the Internet equally, and not discriminate or charge differently by user, content, website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or method of communication [1]. The rules, enacted by the administration of President Barack Obama in 2015, prohibited internet providers from charging more […]

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An Importance Of Net Neutrality

The term ‘net neutrality’ was first coined in a 2003 paper, reflecting a battle that was just beginning to brew (Finley). This term gained traction in the early 2000s when internet providers, other known as ISP’s, started banning users from creating their own virtual private servers, setting up personal Wi-Fi routers, and even blocking phone […]

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What Is Net Neutrality?

General Purpose: To explain what net neutrality is Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience the importance of it being a law Central Idea: Net neutrality can prevent internet service providers from favoring one internet source over another. INTRODUCTION Many people are unaware of net neutrality and how it impacts their internet service. As more streaming […]

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How To Protect Net Neutrality?

Protecting Net Neutrality Americans should demand protection for the freedom of information in 2018. Because net neutrality is essential for education, and communication. Since the introduction of the World Wide Web in 1989 countless opportunities grew expanding the wonders of its technology. Just as the Internet grew also did the corporate greed to monetize its […]

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Net Neutrality: Is It Good Or Bad?

The FCC derives its authority from the Federal Communications Act, and the law does not say anything about the power to tell internet providers how they can or can’t distribute content. If there is really going to be a net-neutrality mandate, it would have to come from Congress. Net neutrality is the principle that internet […]

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The Net Neutrality Laws

Kang In early March of 2018, an email service called Tutanota was unavailable for customers of Comcast. Once customers tried to connect to Tutanota with a different ISP (Internet Service Provider) it seemed to work. Consumers began to speculate, and as they thought Comcast had blocked traffic through the site, breaking the net neutrality laws. […]

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Pluses And Minuses Of Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality Principles consist of securing net neutrality on all civil networks, banning blockage, refraining from unreasonable discrimination, banning paid prioritization, refraining from degradation, providing transparency, applying Pricing of Internet Access Connections according to data usage. The working principles of the internet consist of TCP/IP, UDP, IP Addresses, Domain Names, The Domain Name System (DNS), […]

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Net Neutrality In United States

It’s hard to overestimate how much broadband changed the internet. Back when people had to connect to the internet using dial-up, information traveled slowly, pages took forever to load and watching YouTube videos, for instance, would have been impossible. Today’s internet has been radically changed into a completely different creature. However, it has been more […]

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