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The Parasite of Genus Trypanosoma

Human trypanosomiasis caused by Trypanosoma evansi and Trypanosoma lewisi in India : A matter of concern Introduction Disease produced by the parasite of genus Trypanosoma called as trypanosomiasis. It is one of the most important hemoprotozoan diseases, widely distributed in animals and human beings. It is endemic in Africa and America, are deadly pathogens that […]

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Utility of Lp-pla2 in Lipid Lowering Therapy

ABSTRACT Lipoprotein- associated phopholipase A2 (Lp-PLA2) is a vascular-specific inflammatory marker. It is so named because of its association with low-density lipoprotein (LDL) in plasma. Atherosclerosis is an inflammatory disease. Lp-PLA2 is recognized as a risk marker in primary or secondary prevention of atherosclerosis. Elevated Lp-PLA2 levels are associated with the increased risk for cardiovascular […]

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Alcohol and Advertising

‘Alcohol and advertising’ Word count: 1097 Alcohol consumption has increased rapidly in the UK. There are many factors, such as peer pressure, parents and advertising that can influence individuals to use alcohol; alcohol advertising can be the principal factor. It is estimated that annually about A£800 million is spent to advertise and promote alcohol products. […]

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A Literature Review on Service Quality

CHAPTER 2 2.0 Literature Review Nowadays, the trends for demand of the air transport are increasing. Airline industry has been transformed compare to before especially demand of using the air transport. It also becomes as the sector which experience the fastest growing sector compare to the other sector. This increasing of demand can be show […]

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Analysing and Evaluating Financial Management

Analysing and Evaluating Financial Management Effective financial management is essential to the success of a business or organisation. This essay will analyse and evaluate the importance of financial management to a business and the main factors which would influence the ability of the organisation to achieve its financial objectives of liquidity, growth and profitability. Some […]

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Applying Marketing Concepts Within a Small Business

  Apply marketing concepts within a small business Outcome 1.1 Define the following objectives of marketing in terms of the organizational objectives as identified in your marketing plan. A/ Sell products/ services – Small business is the most important sale of your products or services and (potential) customers a different (special treatments, the best deals) […]

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A Study on Motivation Theory

Rationale of the Study In the dictionary, the word inventory means, as an itemized list of goods, property or a list of things what a person owns. Everyone does inventory and it can be done anywhere, to maintain the availability of something that is useful to someone. So, every person undertakes inventory, which can be […]

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Identification and Instruction of Important Business Communication Skills

Cover page List of Contents Abstract Nowadays the gap between academia and business organizations leads to a disagreement between faculty and business specialists on whether or not recent graduates have adequate communication skills. The professional environment raises a lot of concern among new graduates as the skills and knowledge of an academic subject have become […]

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Business Ethics Assignment on Innocent Drinks & Walmart

Business Ethics Innocent Drink Innocent Drink is a fastest emerging drinks company and a well-known juice manufactures in the UK, producing high quality smoothies. Their products are sold in many supermarkets, coffee shops and various other outlets. Innocents Drink’s mission is to supply consumers a health-conscious drink by only using 100% natural fruits with no […]

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Business Intelligence

Business Inteligence Question 01. About Organization: In Switzerland UPC Cablecom is one of the largest cable television operators. Cablecom was Founded 1994 by merging smaller companies. However it was remained UPC Broadband division of Liberty Global Europe’s since the early 2006. UPC Cablecom gives features such as broadband web, and advanced (VoIP) telephony administrations to […]

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Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics Essay Before taking decisions and setting up goals, it is important for an organisation to search and investigate their past performance. This exercise will give an idea of projecting model. For an organisation it is necessary to know their capabilities and how they can use it to make maximum profit needs […]

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Business Level Strategy: Procter and Gamble

Business level strategy: Procter and gamble (Strategies and recommendations) Executive Summary William Procter and James Gamble founded Procter and Gamble in the year of 1837, and started working as a candle and soap maker. It is a consumer goods manufacturing company whose slogan is improving lives and moving towards betterment with time. Unique Selling Preposition […]

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HMV’s Business Model

Title: What Is the Real ‘Business Model’ Here, (And More Importantly, How Do We Fix It)? HMV (UK): 2750 words. This paper examines the business model – and its associated problems – of HMV, the 87 year old music retailer which, in the estimation of many, has ‘…failed to adapt to a digital revolution in […]

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Business Resources – Centre of Advertising and Publishing Company

BUSINESS RESOURCES Centre of Advertising and Publishing Company (CAPC) This is a small business where by books, magazines, newspaper etcetera are published or produced, in order to entertain and attract people who like to read such as children, teenagers, old people, this company needs to produce books and other readings that are educational and meaningful […]

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Case Analysis of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

Case Analysis of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Current Situation- Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, a prime bank in UAE, launched in 1985 with limited liabilities and public share holdings, came into operation at UAE. Abu Dhabi Commercial bank had booked a net profit of AED 4201 million in the year 2014.The representation ADCB in London had […]

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Case Study: Nestle

Case Study Report – Nestle Introduction: The case study on the multinational company – Nestle, which happens to be a FMCG global giant reveals the strategies and the well designed plans of the company wherein it tries to shift its image from a food company to that of a nutrition health and welfare company. The […]

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Business Essays – Child Labor in Guatemala

Justification of Child Labor in Guatemala for Safefields Using a supplier within an impoverished nation will always have complications. Developing nation’s laws are normally not as strictly enforced as first world nations and the majority of human rights violations come from within their societies. The reasons for this is the populations of these countries are […]

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The Contributions, Strengths and Weaknesses Of: Classical Management Theory, Humanistic Theory and Contingency Theory

Task 1 Evaluate the contributions, strengths and weaknesses of the following three major schools of thought in management and organizational theories: (E1 – PC 1.1) Answer: Classical management theory: The classical management theory is a school of thought which management theorists delved into how to find the best possible way for employees to perform their […]

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Communication at Alliance & Leicester

Communication at Alliance & Leicester Introduction Alliance and Leicester is a large Stock Exchange company in London. The key to the success of their business is the different communication systems they have in their business and management practices. The following are the some of the communication based skills and strategies used in the business. Five […]

Pages: 7 Words: 2017

Company Study: British Petroleum

Company Study: British Petroleum The study examines BP’s global operating environment through a detailed PESTEL analysis. It then goes on to analyze its competitive environment with the help of Porter’s five forces. A detailed SWOT analysis is then performed to assess BP’s internal strengths and weaknesses, the threats it has to face and the opportunities […]

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Consumer Psychological Impact on Food Packing Design

Consumer Psychological Impact on Food Packing Design Introduction With globalization and advanced manufacturing technologies, there exists increasing competition in today’s global market. In order to win the market, the producers make efforts to make good packing design. According to Golnesa A. and Hamid R. B.,2013 packing played a more important role as a tool to […]

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Creative Product Promotion

creative product promotion     P5: Campaign is the powerful marketing tool in any organisation. It rise the brand awareness toward the globe and so as the profit to the business. In order to create an effective campaign strategy, the marketing team need to know the key element of the successful campaign. H-world mobile group […]

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Critical Discussion of Classical Management Theory Applied to Modern Organisations

  Critical Discussion of Classical Management Theory Applied to Modern Organizations Taylorism Two of the most commonly studied and applied management theories are those of Taylorist and Fordist management theories. Taylorism or more commonly known as Scientific Management Theory is the name of the methodology to management, industrial and organizational psychology, which was introduced by […]

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Cultural Differences in Business

1.0 INTRODUCTION Patrick Watson was a graduate from a well-known university. He has a major in Industrial Management with a first class degree. He was capable in communicating bilingual language, which are English and minor French. After he graduated, Patrick went for an internship in the entry level management training position with Tube International Company. […]

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Cultural Differences in International Business Communication

Executive summary Under the economic globalization, different levels intensifies, various types of cross-cultural negotiations, the trade has become increasingly frequent, different cultural factors become more important business communication. Cultural differences affect international business exchanges. This report aims to investigate the influence of cultural differences in international business communication. We do serval researches in South America, […]

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Current Marketing Strategy – Healthcare Market

Current Marketing Strategy Health, organized by two entrepreneurs who are expert in medicine supply market, is about to enter the mature health care market. Improve digest system, supplement nutrients are common need for personal, professional, and other people. Research shows that the United States has 262millions spirulina subscribers, and 70 percent of the populations consume […]

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Description of the Organisation – Asfa Plastic Surgery

Description of the Organization “Get The Look You’re Looking For.” That is our motto at Asfa Plastic Surgery! It’s also exactly what we represent as a company. We aspire everyone to be as happy as they want when it comes to their appearance. Not to worry about the price, or what their neighbors will say, […]

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Dyson – a Distinctive Company

  Module: Corporate Strategy Assignment title: Dyson – a distinctive company Produce a report to complete the following: Analyse the current position of the organisation in relation to its environment and competitors. Evaluate the strategic options now available to the organisation. Recommend the strategic route forward and the methods for implementation of your chosen options. […]

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E-commerce Business Report –

INTRODUCTION is into the e-commerce business. It was started by a group of IIM and IIT students in 2007.Its headquarters is at Bangalore. It is an online retailer of fashion and lifestyle products in India. It is the largest online fashion store in India with 30% market share It began its operations in 2007 […]

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E-Commerce Marketing Report

Electronic Commerce Coursework II Part 1 Michael Porter’s model 1.Product: The M – Commerce business and mobile application is a subset of electronic commerce. It is used on hand-held computers, mobile phones, tablets, and other similar devises. Our proposed application will have the following features: A high quality design, friendly and attractive appearance and easy […]

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Analytical Essay – What is This?

How to analyze a text? The first step is to understand it and put it in a way that fits your perspective, having the confidence that your struggle with the text will have a satisfying result for you

What’s the secret? Exercise, exercise, and exercise again. There is always a need for exercise.  In addition to these heuristic exercises, it would be recommended to analyze text with a good analytical essay example. There are excellent materials on this subject, but what I’m writing here is a simple model I use when I analyze a written text.

This analytical paper example can be used for any type of text, fictional, philosophical text, but also a biblical script. You can use this structure for your everyday job for example on media articles, or analysis essay regarding movies, videos, commercials, and so on. The analysis scheme has roughly the same principles regardless of the situation. The samples of analytical papers not definitive and do not include all the details of a text analysis that suggests logical reasoning, hermeneutics, semiotics, or rhetoric. All of this has something in common, namely that you need to analyze and draw some benefits from this: either to understand or to memorize your ideas, or to render your ideas in a personal way, or to refer to it in a report, license.

Analytical Essay Structure

So, what are the highlights of this kind of text, regardless if you need it for high school, for colleges, or for your everyday job? The main questions need to put yourself are:

  • How to avoid plagiarism?
  • How to understand a text?
  • How do I save a text easier?
  • How to rewrite a text in a creative way?

Let’s say you have to analyze a 10-line paragraph – the process is pretty much the same like analyzing and writing about a chapter or a whole book.

Tips for Good Analytical Paper Writing

Every student needs to outline and follow some theoretical aspects. Examples of analytical essays can be found online and help you with the structure. Here are some main ideas which you need to use in your work:

1. What is the main idea?

When reading a book, you need to be able to identify the main idea of it and to formulate it in your own words. Sometimes the major idea is reproduced in the first paragraph, it is underlined at the end, or it is stated somewhere in the body of the text. To formulate it you have to ask your questions like: What does the book want to say? What is it the main idea which I want to present?

2. What is the attitude of the author?

What does the author mean? Why is he saying what he says? You have to understand the author, his purpose, his motivations and his intentions better than he understood himself… at least that’s what Schleiermacher said.

3. What are the author’s attitudes in this text?

  • Rejection attitude
  • Approval
  • Doubt
  • Aggressive doubt
  • Reticent approval
  • Fair sincere confusion
  • Neutrality

4. What is it said in the text?

It’s very easy to get started here. What are the explicit statements of the text? Note two, three statements of that text. Preferably, with your words, no cuts in the text.

What are the keywords or key topics? What are the words that repeat? What are the repeating phrases? What are the dominant themes? You have to practice your ability to see at a glance what the main ideas, main themes, keywords, and key topics are. You already feel confused that you have to find so many things in text. You do not have to make exegesis as the Bible on each text, but it is important that through exercise you can get in and master almost any type of text. In some areas, you need to study the field so you can understand a text, but most texts can be learned simply by applying a model like that.

5. What are the arguments that support the allegations?

Whoever can say anything, but on what basis? What are the arguments? Any statement should be supported by arguments? Analyzes and observes whether or not there are arguments?

The logical structure should be something like this: An affirmation and an argument. A strong argumentation is based on at least two arguments and not more than five (Over five arguments the focus falls, and the argument weakens because the arguments decrease in intensity, at least that’s what we were told. I did not verify this, but take it into account.).

Analytical Essay Examples for Students

All the tips & tricks you will find should provide you with secret advice: use creativity along with theoretical information. Don’t be shy to use an online structure which can help you organize better, but also let your imagination fly.

If you still have some problems in creating a good essay, then for sure you can find online help. Not only that you can inspire from others, but also, you can ask for advice.

Now, all you have to do is to… start working!

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