Essays on Teenage Pregnancy

Essay Introduction

What are the causes of teenage pregnancy? I think one of the primary causes of teen pregnancy is the lack of guidance from parents or guardians.

Research Paper on Teenage Pregnancy

In today’s generation, parents seem to be too preoccupied or restrictive. Besides fulfilling the girl child’s basic needs, parents and guardians are uninvolved in her emotional well-being. Youths, particularly girls, go through interesting situations and adjustments that require support from parents to recognize and accept. If their parents do not provide this affectionate guidance and support, they seek answers from their boyfriends, who ‘appear’ to provide the affection and attention that results in a pregnancy. Peer pressure can be another main cause of teenage pregnancies. As children reach adolescence, they face increased peer desire to fit into specific peer groups. Colleagues may then pressure the girl to have sex in order for her to fit in.

Argumentative Essay Examples on Teenage Pregnancy

Furthermore, today’s society allows teenagers to spend a lot of time and space with the opposite gender on their own, which leads to cases of pregnancy during adolescence. Sexual abuse, as well as the use of drugs and alcohol, are important factors in this concept. Teenagers are subjected to alcohol and drugs, which leads them to lose control of their sexuality when drunk, resulting in pregnancies. Sexual abuse, on the other hand, occurs when girls engage in sex for gratification without knowing the sexual consequences.

It is also noticeable once an adult sexually abuses an adolescent girl or a minor. Teen pregnancy has also increased due to a lack of sex education in schools for teenage girls. This is because it encourages people to engage in sexual activities without considering the consequences. As a result, it is essential that girls understand the issues associated with sex and their sexuality, as well as the potential consequences. Teenagers, in most cases, lack awareness of how to use and obtain contraceptive methods, which probably contributes to teenage pregnancy. Some factors, such as socioeconomic and environmental issues, also play a role in teen pregnancy.

Health Complications: The Plight of Teen Mothers

How about the effects of teenage pregnancy on teen mothers? Babies? And fathers? Teens are more likely than average-age mothers to develop pregnancy-related high blood pressure and its complications. Premature birth and low birth weight are both risks for the baby. It can also harm the kidneys and even kill the mother or baby. Pregnant teenagers are also more likely to become anemic. Anemia is characterized by a decrease in the number of red blood cells. This could lead to you feeling tired and weak, and it may also have an impact on your baby’s growth and development.

Educational Setback and Economic Struggles: The Underrated Effects

If you become pregnant as a teenager, you may be afraid to tell your family and friends. Not communicating with anyone and not receiving the necessary assistance and guidance can lead you to feel even more isolated and depressed. This can cause issues at both home and at school. Countless pregnant teenagers drop out of school, and some never finish. As a result, many mothers who become pregnant as teenagers are living in poverty. Women who became pregnant as teenagers are more likely to have multiple children. A woman with little education and numerous kids to care for will struggle to earn a living and survive.

Teenage pregnancy also affects babies, not only the mother; how? Teen mothers have a higher risk of having premature babies. These babies’ bodies and brains do not always develop completely. Based on how premature the baby is, this could result in lifelong health and growth issues. Premature babies are also more likely to be underweight. Underweight babies seem to be more vulnerable to diseases like heart disease and diabetes as adults. I know most of us only think about the effects of teenage pregnancy on the mother and babies, but how about its impact on the fathers? Being a teen father can be a terrifying and life-changing experience. Teen fathers do not have to worry about the health consequences of pregnancy or childbirth, but they may face similar challenges in remaining in school and working for a living.

Thesis Statement for Teenage Pregnancy Essay

What choices are available to pregnant teenagers? Teens who become pregnant could be nervous about visiting a doctor, but it is important for the mother’s and unborn child’s safety. Your doctor should go over all of your pregnancy options with you, such as abortion or medically terminating the pregnancy; adoption or giving birth and legally allowing someone else to raise your child; and; giving birth and raising the baby yourself.

The Support System: Involving the Future Father and Relatives

To make the best decisions, the future father and relatives of both mother and father should be involved. This, however, is not always possible. We know that getting pregnant early is dangerous for both mother and baby, but is it possible for a teenager to have a healthy baby? Teen mothers can also have a healthy baby by making an appointment with a doctor as soon as they find out that they are pregnant and by keeping on attending their scheduled appointments. Eating well, exercising, and confiding in supportive friends and family members could also help to have a healthy baby.

In contrast, cigarette smoking while pregnant has been associated with lower birth weight and premature births. So you should not smoke while pregnant. Drugs and alcohol can also be extremely harmful to a mother and her unborn child. Must not consume alcohol or use illegal drugs while pregnant. It is essential that all pregnant women, regardless of age, receive proper medical care. However, because teenagers’ bodies are still developing, seeing a doctor regularly is extremely important for teen moms.


On the other hand, like what we always used to say, ‘Prevention is better than cure,’ what needs to be done to prevent teen pregnancy? The best way to prevent becoming pregnant is to avoid sexual interaction. However, there are several ways to reduce your chances of getting pregnant if you are sexually active. Many communities provide counseling and support programs to assist in the prevention of teenage pregnancies. These organizations can also provide birth control information and assist teens in understanding their own sexual boundaries so they avoid getting into instances where they could have unprotected sex and become pregnant.

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