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Case Analysis of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

Case Analysis of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Current Situation- Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, a prime bank in UAE, launched in 1985 with limited liabilities and public share holdings, came into operation at UAE. Abu Dhabi Commercial bank had booked a net profit of AED 4201 million in the year 2014.The representation ADCB in London had […]

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Managing Financial Resources and Decisions

Managing Financial Resources and Decisions Table of Contents Introductions——————————————————————————-3 2.1 a) Calculation for the Cost of Ordinary Share Capital—————————-3 2.1 b) Calculation for the Cost of Preference Capital———————————3 2.1 c) Calculations for the Cost of Debenture Capital after Tax———————3 2.1 d) Calculation for the weighted average Cost of Capital of the company——4 2.2 Importance of […]

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Analysis of the Significance of Islamic Banking Finance Essay

5.1 What is the significance of Islamic Banking in a post recession world? Islamic banking is gaining popularity in emerging markets after helping some financial institutions avoid the worst of the economic meltdown. [1] Islamic banks have been less affected than many conventional banks in the current global recession. [2] This is mainly because unlike conventional banks, the Islamic […]

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International Bank Entry Driven Home Host Country Factors Finance Essay

Many international banks were under funding stress due to financial crisis. Some funding strains led international banks to put greater emphasis on home office funding needs and on funding foreign credit extension in local markets. In recent year, financial services have become increasingly important. From many surveys done by (Gray & Gray, 1981) (Dunning, 1977) […]

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Measuring Consumer Satisfaction in Online Banking Finance Essay

Advances in electronic banking technology have created new ways of handling daily banking affairs, especially via the online banking channel. The acceptance of online banking services varies based on the customer perceptions’, this research measures the acceptance of online banking in the light of Technology Acceptance Model. On the basis of a TAM literature and […]

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Norway’s Financial System

INTRODUCTION Purpose of this paper is to discuss the characteristics of Norwegian financial system, including the regulatory environment in which it operates and in particular, the relationship between the financial and corporate sectors of the economy. In order to do this, the first part analyses Norwegian banking system while the second part looks at the […]

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Do Price Cautious Consumers Benefit from Supermarket Expansion?

Title: Write a literary review: ‘Do price cautious consumers benefit from supermarket expansion?’ 4000 words. This paper focuses on the question of whether expansion in the supermarket sector has produced real benefits for the retail consumer in terms of cost. It sets out to examine this issue through a collective review of the associated literature, […]

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Stock Exchanges Role in Markets Finance Essay

The Stock Exchange is an organized market for purchase and sale of listed industrial and financial securities. The securities traded on stock exchanges include shares and debentures of Public Limited Co.’s, Govt. Securities, etc. According to the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act, 1956, “Stock exchange is an association, organization or body of individuals, whether incorporated or […]

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Sunway Real Estate Investment Trust

(b) Explain whether Sunway Real Estate Investment Trust berhad should involve hedging or not hedging. Why or why not? Sunway Real Estate Investment Trust (Sunway REIT) berhad should involve hedging because it exposes to the foreign currency exposure and exchange rate fluctuations. Since successful hedging gives the trader protection against commodity price changes, inflation, currency […]

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The Acquiring of Bank of Rajasthan by ICICI

3.1 DEAL STRUCTURE The acquiring of Bank of Rajasthan by ICICI was a no cash deal. The deal was valued at Rs.3041 Cr. Each share of Bank of Rajasthan was valued at Rs.189/- giving a premium of around Rs.90 per share. Table no. 3.1 showing Deal valuation Particulars Swap Ratio Outstanding Shares(Cr.) Price before announcement […]

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The Data and Methodology Used in the Hang Seng Index

In this chapter, there is description of data used in this study, which are The Hang Seng Index (HSI), The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Holding plc (HSBC Hldgs) and Oriental Press Group Limited. After that, methodologies of predictions based on past volatilities and GARCH class conditional volatility models are presented. Finally, I will talk […]

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The Meaning and Concept of Agricultural Income Finance Essay

Agricultural income is exempt under the Income Tax Act, which means that income earned from agricultural operations is not taxed. Agricultural income has been defined under section 2 clause 1A of the Income Tax Act. As per Section 2 (1A), ‘Agricultural Income’ means [1] : Any rent or revenue derived from land which is situated in India […]

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Ways to Achieve Financial Goals

3.0 Ways to Achieve Financial Goals 3.0.1 Part-Time Job Since we are having negative value for net worth, we can do some part time job while we are still studying in Utar. There are a number of restaurants, Cafe, and some other shops around Kampar area are recruiting part-time workers. That is a good opportunity […]

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Ways to Develop an Optimal Trading Strategy Finance Essay

The main objective of the dissertation is to develop an optimal trading strategy also considering the execution cost of each trading step, using stochastic dynamic programming. More explicitly, the following problem is proposed and solved: Given a fixed block of shares to be executed within a fixed finite number of periods, and given price dynamics […]

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What is Securitisation and its Uses Finance Essay

“If you think you can go it alone in today’s global economy, you are highly mistaken” Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric, USA [1] Securitization is considered one of the most prominent developments in international finance, and is its utility is expected to rise further in the future. [2] Securitization has been defined as “the process of pooling […]

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Should Student Loan Debt be Easier

Should Student Loan Debt Be Easier To Discharge In Bankruptcy? Students should be able to file bankruptcy for their loans. Many students will not find a job after graduating college. Often times they may not even find a job with their major. Even if they do find a job right away it does not mean […]

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Progressive Taxation is it Fair

A progressive tax is one that chargers a higher tax rate for people who earn a higher income than others. The rationale behind progressive tax is that people with a lower income will spend more of their income in order to maintain their standard of living. The United States uses a progressive income tax system. […]

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Taxation for Curbing Obesity

The present issue of lousy nourishment utilization and the all-inclusive obesity battle in America relentlessly plagues our nation. Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent on junk food yearly. Junk food is so termed due to high sugars and fats and low in other necessary nutrients. American obesity, which afflicts roughly one hundred million people, […]

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Taxation Without Representation

The end of the Seven Years War (1763) came at a steep price for Britain; ??75 million to be exact. This enormous amount of borrowed money doubled Britain’s national debt (Land, Jeremy, 73). George Grenville, the prime minister in 1763, found that the American colonies produced ??2,000 a year, while their Caribbean colonies produced ??200,000 […]

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The U.S’s Taxation Vs China’s Taxation

The development of a country is inseparable from taxation, which is the guarantee of the country’s fiscal revenue. I believe for most countries the purpose of the taxation is to economic and social. As the world’s largest economy, the United States has built the world’s most advanced and most complex tax system. However, China experienced […]

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Is Bitcoin too Good to be Invested

In the technology era, e-commerce has become a common business model. As a result, cryptocurrency which are digital currencies had been created and it has been developing effectively. cryptocurrency represents a new monetary system, an easy way to send and receive money which is also affordable for any computer user. Many businesses now accept cryptocurrency […]

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Blockchain Technology Challenges Limitations

In this world of technology, blockchain is widely used in various start-ups, industries, cloud storage etc. As we know every coin has two sides, similarly along with advantages there are some limitations. There are successful scenarios, but some do face failures, limitations, and various challenges. There are some concerns while using the blockchain technology which […]

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Bitcoin as a Form of Cryptocurrency

For most people, it is considered as digital money, wherein no middlemen, such as bank or credit company are required. The first bitcoin specification was created in 2009 under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi Nakamoto left the project, but bitcoin continued to grow through the help of many interested developers. As of today, the number […]

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Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies is the Future of Money

One of the first virtual currencies to have emerged was called WebMoney. This virtual currency was a result of the “collapse of the Russian Banking sector in 1998” (Small). There is a common trend of virtual currencies popping up after an economic crisis and Bitcoin is no exception to that. During the 2008 global financial […]

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Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON)

The fast expansion of digital technologies has contributed to the boom of cryptocurrencies over the past year. Taking into account the involvement of virtual money in cyber attacks and illegal transactions, how and to what extent should the EU legislate currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and IOTA? Chaired by Nazeli Ghazaryan (AM) Key Terms Cryptocurrency […]

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Is there a Better System for Taxation?

The United States currently uses a progressive tax system. While paying taxes is inevitable, many American citizens feel that the taxes they are required to pay are unfair. Some maintain that the progressive tax system that is currently used should be changed, arguing that the existing system punishes the rich and rewards the poor. Is […]

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Inequality in Taxation

In recent discussions of economic inequalities, a controversial issue has been whether economic inequalities are to be arranged so that they are reasonably expected to be to everyone’s advantage. Through this essay we will be talking about progressive federal income tax and flax tax rate. A progressive tax is a tax rate that increases as […]

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A Tax System

The word ‘Tax’ has been come from the Latin word ‘TAXO’. It conveys that it is a mandatory financial charge or some other type of levy imposed upon a tax payer. A tax payer could be an individual or other legal entity. It is imposed by the governmental organization in order to fund various public […]

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Taxpayer Definition

Taxpayer Definition: A taxpayer is a person who earns income from Malaysia. The person will be charged to pay tax and is fully responsible to pay tax to the government of Malaysia. Responsibilities of Individual taxpayer The individual taxpayers are responsible to keep their records and documents accordingly, calculate the tax accurately and submit the […]

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