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Evaluation of Alternative Volatility Forecasting Methods

For many financial market applications, including option pricing and investment decisions, volatility forecasting is crucial. Therefore, the research of volatility forecasting has been an active area of study since the past years. In recent years, the emergence of many financial time series methods for volatility forecasting has proved the importance of understanding the nature of […]

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Case Analysis of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

Case Analysis of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Current Situation- Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, a prime bank in UAE, launched in 1985 with limited liabilities and public share holdings, came into operation at UAE. Abu Dhabi Commercial bank had booked a net profit of AED 4201 million in the year 2014.The representation ADCB in London had […]

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Financial Reporting and Capital Markets

Financial Reporting and Capital Markets: Explain the accounting for AT&T’s acquisition of NCR and Coca-Cola’s channel stuffing. Discuss and compare the motivations of those who made the accounting choice, explaining what consequences the academic literature would predict to follow from the choice. Creative accounting is a means by which companies manipulate standard accounting practices, in […]

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How Financial Reporting should be Regulated in Chavboro

Introduction Corporate reporting is a set of report that companies are required to present to the shareholders to ensure effective communication with the shareholders about its performance externally. There is a need to regulate corporate reporting as capital market investors need information in order to decide whether or not they should invest in a particular […]

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Managing Financial Resources and Decisions

Managing Financial Resources and Decisions Table of Contents Introductions——————————————————————————-3 2.1 a) Calculation for the Cost of Ordinary Share Capital—————————-3 2.1 b) Calculation for the Cost of Preference Capital———————————3 2.1 c) Calculations for the Cost of Debenture Capital after Tax———————3 2.1 d) Calculation for the weighted average Cost of Capital of the company——4 2.2 Importance of […]

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Analysis of the Significance of Islamic Banking Finance Essay

5.1 What is the significance of Islamic Banking in a post recession world? Islamic banking is gaining popularity in emerging markets after helping some financial institutions avoid the worst of the economic meltdown. [1] Islamic banks have been less affected than many conventional banks in the current global recession. [2] This is mainly because unlike conventional banks, the Islamic […]

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Management Bank of Ghana Example for Free

5.1 Conclusion The strength and health of a banking system is a prerequisite for sustainable economic growth and development. Banks in Ghana have been undergoing major challenges in the dynamic operating environment over the past decade. Basically, to withstand negative shocks and maintain financial stability, it is important to identify the determinants that mostly influence […]

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India Growth in the Next Five Years Essay Example Pdf

Can India achieve 9% growth in the next five years? Can India achieve 9% growth in the next five years? This is the million dollar question in every Indian’s mind. It is not just about growing. Growing right and strong is the question because if we are able to grow in a right direction then […]

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Finance in Expert Motor Essay Example Pdf

1. What is the magnitude of the foreign exchange exposure for each of the currencies in exhibit 1? EXHIBIT 1:   COUNTRY GROSS BUY ($) GROSS SALES($) NET EXPOSURE GERMANY 5,845 2,400 3,445 U.K. 440 2,245 -1805 BULGARIA 1,390 1,340 50 CZECH REPUBLIC 380 920 -540 HUNGARY 705 560 145 TURKEY 180 530 -350 CYPRUS […]

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Factors Affecting Customer’s Decision for Taking out Bank Loans in Ahmedabad

“Factors affecting Customer’s Decision for taking out Bank loans in Ahmedabad”   EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Purpose: The recent global financial crisis has highlighted the intense competition between banks for attracting customers; thus, research on selection criteria used by customers to choose a bank for doing business has been enriched with new methodologies, findings and recommendations for […]

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Financial Analysis of an Airline Company

Fictional airline Company – Tryanair Glossary Executive Summary Conclusion Appendix Bibliography Executive Summary The issues facing Tryanair in today’s highly competitive industry environment represent serious competitive facets impacting the battle for customers in the face of fierce competition, operating costs and security concerns. It includes new aspects that have been bubbling just below the surface […]

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Financial Information System

T Financial Information System List of Tables Table No. Description Page 1 Sales figures for the month of October 2013 4 2 Sales figures for the month of November 2013 4 3 Sales figures for the month of December 2013 5 List of Figures Figure No. Description Page 1 Product Details and Prices 6 2 […]

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Granger Causality Test to Study Causal Relationships Finance Essay

SME, self-employed and business ownership are used interchangeably in our context. There are many definitions for SME and according to SPRING Singapore; an SME refers to enterprises with fixed asset investment of lesser than S$15 million for manufacturing sector and less than 200 employees for non-manufacturing sectors. There is little published information on business ownership […]

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Importance of Computer Automation to Insurance Companies Finance Essay

The importance of programming is of prime value for Actuarial Science and for the actuarial profession. The complex calculations merged with routine task based calculations have made programming a viable source for automation. In this dissertation, we show how the programming language, R can be used for claim models to compute aggregate claims using poisson, […]

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Important for the Survival of a Firm Finance Essay

The relationship between liquidity and profitability has been investigated by many researchers (Eljelly, 2004; Zainudin, 2006; Rehman and Nasr, 2007; Bhunia, Khan and Mukhuti, 2011). Some of these researchers claimed the inverse relationship between liquidity and profitability of a firm (Eljelly, 2004 and Rehman and Nasr, 2007) and some researchers argued that positive relationship exist […]

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International Bank Entry Driven Home Host Country Factors Finance Essay

Many international banks were under funding stress due to financial crisis. Some funding strains led international banks to put greater emphasis on home office funding needs and on funding foreign credit extension in local markets. In recent year, financial services have become increasingly important. From many surveys done by (Gray & Gray, 1981) (Dunning, 1977) […]

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Disadvantages to Nestlé S.A. for Applying International Trade

Disadvantages to NestlA© S.A. for Applying International Trade Financial Risk NestlA© S.A. is a Swiss multinational (MNC) food and beverage company. Due to the fact that using international trade in its business, any major event occur in the financial markets will affects its liquidities or liabilities such as currency fluctuation, interest rate, derivatives, and/or hedging, […]

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Irish Banking in a Digital Age

Index Introduction Case Study Information Systems used by NTUC Income before Migrating Business Processes used by NTUC Income before Migrating Problems Associated with the Old Systems New Digital System capabilities How did the new system resolve the problems How did the new digital system provide a basis for the orange strategy Could Orange have been […]

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Looking into the Preparation of Data

Before estimating the logistic regression and decision tree, the data should be preprocessed the firstly. Initially, the data set should be transformed from *.arff to *.csv by the ArffViewer tool in Weka. Then the new data set could be opened by the Excel. After checking the data in the Excel sheet, no missing values were […]

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Measuring Consumer Satisfaction in Online Banking Finance Essay

Advances in electronic banking technology have created new ways of handling daily banking affairs, especially via the online banking channel. The acceptance of online banking services varies based on the customer perceptions’, this research measures the acceptance of online banking in the light of Technology Acceptance Model. On the basis of a TAM literature and […]

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Norway’s Financial System

INTRODUCTION Purpose of this paper is to discuss the characteristics of Norwegian financial system, including the regulatory environment in which it operates and in particular, the relationship between the financial and corporate sectors of the economy. In order to do this, the first part analyses Norwegian banking system while the second part looks at the […]

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Do Price Cautious Consumers Benefit from Supermarket Expansion?

Title: Write a literary review: ‘Do price cautious consumers benefit from supermarket expansion?’ 4000 words. This paper focuses on the question of whether expansion in the supermarket sector has produced real benefits for the retail consumer in terms of cost. It sets out to examine this issue through a collective review of the associated literature, […]

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Stock Exchanges Role in Markets Finance Essay

The Stock Exchange is an organized market for purchase and sale of listed industrial and financial securities. The securities traded on stock exchanges include shares and debentures of Public Limited Co.’s, Govt. Securities, etc. According to the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act, 1956, “Stock exchange is an association, organization or body of individuals, whether incorporated or […]

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Sunway Real Estate Investment Trust

(b) Explain whether Sunway Real Estate Investment Trust berhad should involve hedging or not hedging. Why or why not? Sunway Real Estate Investment Trust (Sunway REIT) berhad should involve hedging because it exposes to the foreign currency exposure and exchange rate fluctuations. Since successful hedging gives the trader protection against commodity price changes, inflation, currency […]

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The Acquiring of Bank of Rajasthan by ICICI

3.1 DEAL STRUCTURE The acquiring of Bank of Rajasthan by ICICI was a no cash deal. The deal was valued at Rs.3041 Cr. Each share of Bank of Rajasthan was valued at Rs.189/- giving a premium of around Rs.90 per share. Table no. 3.1 showing Deal valuation Particulars Swap Ratio Outstanding Shares(Cr.) Price before announcement […]

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The Data and Methodology Used in the Hang Seng Index

In this chapter, there is description of data used in this study, which are The Hang Seng Index (HSI), The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Holding plc (HSBC Hldgs) and Oriental Press Group Limited. After that, methodologies of predictions based on past volatilities and GARCH class conditional volatility models are presented. Finally, I will talk […]

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The Meaning and Concept of Agricultural Income Finance Essay

Agricultural income is exempt under the Income Tax Act, which means that income earned from agricultural operations is not taxed. Agricultural income has been defined under section 2 clause 1A of the Income Tax Act. As per Section 2 (1A), ‘Agricultural Income’ means [1] : Any rent or revenue derived from land which is situated in India […]

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Ways to Achieve Financial Goals

3.0 Ways to Achieve Financial Goals 3.0.1 Part-Time Job Since we are having negative value for net worth, we can do some part time job while we are still studying in Utar. There are a number of restaurants, Cafe, and some other shops around Kampar area are recruiting part-time workers. That is a good opportunity […]

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Ways to Develop an Optimal Trading Strategy Finance Essay

The main objective of the dissertation is to develop an optimal trading strategy also considering the execution cost of each trading step, using stochastic dynamic programming. More explicitly, the following problem is proposed and solved: Given a fixed block of shares to be executed within a fixed finite number of periods, and given price dynamics […]

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What is Securitisation and its Uses Finance Essay

“If you think you can go it alone in today’s global economy, you are highly mistaken” Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric, USA [1] Securitization is considered one of the most prominent developments in international finance, and is its utility is expected to rise further in the future. [2] Securitization has been defined as “the process of pooling […]

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