Essays on American Revolution

Essay About American Revolution
The American Revolution was one big revolt between the Thirteen Colonies and Great Britain. There were many causes that led to the American Revolution. These causes were The Boston Tea Party, The Intolerable Acts, The First Continental Congress, The Battles of Lexington and Concord, and The Second Continental Congress. All of these occurrences played some part in starting the American Revolution happen.
The Boston Tea Party was a time when the colonists didn’t want any of their tea leaving their ship. One night another group of colonists came and threw the tea that was on the ship overboard because they didn’t believe that it was right to keep all of the tea on the ship. One of the colonists tried stealing the tea and all of this created one big issue. This is cause number one for the American Revolution.
The Intolerable Acts was the king’s response to the Boston Tea Party. The Intolerable Acts was a bunch of acts or rules to try to keep the colonies in order. Some of these rules were that colonists had to house British Soldiers, they closed the Port of Boston until the expenses for the tea had been repaid, and royal officials were tried if the king thought that it was necessary for them to have fair justice. The colonies did not like that the king did this either and once again they rebelled and tried to stop this from continuing. This is cause number two for the American Revolution.
The Continental Congress was made after the situation with the Intolerable Acts. The Continental Congress was a group of colonists who came together to state their complaints to the king. They wrote all of their complaints down and called it ¨Declaration of Rights and Grievances¨. The colonists wanted to separate from Britain for killing their people and treating them in a wrongful manner. This is cause number three of the American Revolution.
The Battle of Lexington and Concord was created because the king did not like that the colonists were trying to separate from Britain and he became angry. British soldiers were ordered to prevent the colonists from leaving. At this time the colonists were unprepared and eight colonists were killed, seven were injured. This was the Battle of Lexington. The second go around the colonists were ready. The colonists shot at the British. Many of the British were killed and they hurried back to Britain. The colonists only had a few deaths this time. This was the Battle of Concord and the fourth cause of the American Revolution.
The Second Continental Congress became the government for the colonies throughout the rest of the Revolutionary War. They tried to make peace with the king and sent a petition called The Olive Branch Petition. King George wouldn’t even read the petition and he immediately called for war against the colonies. This is the fifth and final reason for the American Revolution. 

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