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The Truth about Child Marriage

In the world today, child marriage is an issue that affects 1 in 3 women globally (Washington Post). With over 250 million women married before the age of 15, today this is a current and relevant issue that some youth face everyday (Washington Post). The causes of child marriage vary but some of the more […]

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Child Marriage is Wrong?

According to the UN 37,000 uderage girls are married each day affecting their very well being in unimaginable ways. Around the world, 1 in 9 girls are married before the age of 15. If the trend keeps up, 140 million girls will have been married off by the end of the next decade. Though practiced […]

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What is Child Marriage?

Child marriage is a formal or informal marriage of a child under the age of 18. Generally it is a marriage of a young girl with older man. There are approximately 700 million women around the world today who got married at young age. There would be a few factors that lead to child marriage […]

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Child Marriage in Africa

Child marriage is a massive global issue that is incorporated in many cultures, religions, and lives throughout countries. Child marriage is a major problem in Africa. In Africa, girls are not valued as much as boys. Children are being forced into marriages leading to their human rights being violated. For instance their education and obligates […]

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Early Marriages and Consequences

Abstract: Under 18 age marriages are early marrriages also it is called “child marriages. There are many reasons for these marriages in order to occur. One of These reasons is about societies’ socio-cultural structure. Another reason is about families’ socio-economic situations. The level of education and gender is important, too. If the people who have […]

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Child Marriage Around the World

Child marriage all around the world should be abolished, It’s sickening and barbaric. Mostly child marriage happen often in third world countries. But it does happen in second and first world countries. And it’s a violation of human right. Also child marriage is literally rape. Child marriage is morally wrong. Most of the time the […]

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Should Child Marriage be Legal?

The marriage of a child is a practice that is surrounded by controversy. To allow a minor to get married is to open them to higher chances of abuse and potentially let grown people out of the legal ramifications for rape charges; but to refuse a minor the right to marriage is infringing on a […]

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