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Causes and Effects of Delays in Projects

In this chapter, I will discuss types, causes and effects of delay of project in the construction industry. Besides that, I will also discuss the method to minimize the delays happening in construction industry 2.2 Type of Delay In construction industry, there are the categories of delays used in determining delay damage as shown in […]

Pages: 17 Words: 5054 Topics: Architect, Contract, Economy, Judgment, Mediation, Productivity

Effects of Money Laundering on the Economy

The purpose of the study concerned the impact of money laundering and its effects on the local economic and method of laundering technique in Mauritius. Money Laundering is very vast in nature; it consists of various steps, technique and approach of undertaking such unlawful activity. The research analyzes the economic effects of Money laundering in […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1823 Topics: Bank, Corruption, Crime, Government, Justice, Money, Research
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Voip Future Telephony| Information Systems Dissertations

The Impact of VoIP on the Future of Telephony With the dawning of a new age of pervasive computing, there is a greater requirement for the exchange of data to be made possible between computing assets that are connected to a network. Interactions require an exchange of various multimedia formats as well as the provision […]

Pages: 67 Words: 20031 Topics: Communication, Computer Networking, Digital Technology, Electronics, Telephone

Cause and Effect Relationship between Government Expenditure and Revenue Collection

CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 1.1 Overview The relationship between government revenue and expenditure is a very important topic and has been an essential issue for many economists and policy makers as it represents budget deficit, government expenditure Plans and taxation structure of a country. Since the main objective of every government is to improve economic growth […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2582 Topics: Economic Growth, Economy, Fiscal Policy, Government, Macroeconomics, Tax

Causes and Effects of Globalisation

CAUSES AND EFFECTS OF GLOBALIZATION Causes and Resolution Techniques of Workplace Conflict Abstract As globalization continuing progressed around in all countries during which acquired by the ability of transportation, advance of technologies and authoritative all-embracing international trade and enterprise is cost effective. However, there are some furnishings from the globalization which allegedly can be classified […]

Pages: 7 Words: 2037

Factors Affecting Performance Management Systems Business Essay

In order to achieve common recognition of work prospects, areas and opportunities that exist for the growth of the employees as well as for the organization by appraising performance outcomes, an evolving concept of performance management is on the rise. Performance management is a systematic process that links means that enable organizations to foster a […]

Pages: 7 Words: 2186 Topics: Employment, Goal, Goal Setting, Leadership, Organization, Performance Appraisal, Performance Management

Factors Influencing the Various Compensation Packages

The main purpose of this project is to describe about compensation packages and factors influencing in this packages. And also discuss the impact of staff turnover and the employee absenteeism ratio which effecting the organisational productivity. Bangladesh is a developing country. According to UNDP’s Human Development Report 2007/2008 Bangladesh’s rank is 140th out of 177 […]

Pages: 11 Words: 3295 Topics: Absenteeism, Employee Retention, Employment, Human Resource Management, Job Satisfaction, Motivation, Salary

Factors Leading to the Success of Singapore Airlines

Introduction Singapore Airlines (SIA) has been known by every people, it depends on the excellent services and highlight customers care developing the business. Singapore Airlines operates a hub airport at Singapore Changi International Airport, it owns significant market in Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia, and “Kangaroo route”. The company also operates trans-Pacific routes, including […]

Pages: 7 Words: 2208 Topics: Brand, Economy, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Research, Singapore

Factors that have Contributed to the Growth of India’s Software Industry

India’s software industry was growing rapidly from the mid-1980s. There are four factors that have contributed to the growth of India’s software industry. The first one is India has numerous supply of engineering talent. In India, there are some 400,000 engineers who graduate from local universities. Thus, it can provide huge talent pool for developing […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1119 Topics: Economic Growth, Economy, Employment, Export, Investment, Outsourcing, Software

Mergers and Acquisitions – IBM

Mergers and Acquisitions Abstract Mergers and acquisitions refer to the features of corporate finance, strategic management, as well as management. These features deal with the buying, the selling, and dividing of many companies. The division helps the enterprise to grow faster without the need to create a subsidiary of a joint venture. The paper shows […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1198

Organization Culture could Help Organizations Merging Business Essay

The research aims to analyze that to what extent the organization culture can help organizations merging, and how to manage or develop the organization culture. The objectives are as follows: To identify the organization culture could help organizations merging. To demonstrate that to what extent the organization culture can help organizations merging with data analysis. […]

Pages: 31 Words: 9231 Topics: Cultural Diversity, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Culture, Reasoning, Research, Scientific Method, Value

Performance is Key Aspect Behind the Success or Failure of a Firm

Performance is a key aspect behind the success or a failure of a firm or organization. The success or failure of an organization depends upon the performance of the employee. This requires that “all noses are pointing in the same direction”, as every person in the organization contributes to the company objectives via his or […]

Pages: 11 Words: 3204 Topics: Case Study, Constructivism, Goal, Motivation, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Research

Performance Management is a Core Concept in Organizations Human Resources Management

Introduction The concept of Performance management is a core concept in organization’s human resources management in the sense that it centers every organization goal of performing. In this regard, performance management is defined by Murphy and Margulies (2004) as a systematic process that organization involves its workforce in scope of members of a group or/and […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1913 Topics: Behavior Modification, Economy, Employment, Evaluation, Goal, Performance Appraisal, Performance Management

Reflect on the Way the Workplace Will Change during your Career

Reflect on the way the workplace will change during your career. How will it affect you? How will you prepare? How will you respond to the changes? With the social development and progress of the times, people change their workplace. They prefer to work at home instead of working in the office. Every people has […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1309 Topics: Communication, Discrimination, Employment

Relationship between the Strategic Management and Leadership

In this assignment it’s going to be discussed about the strategic management and leadership. It will be analyzed and the relationship between the strategic management and leadership. The organization which will use to describe the link between strategic management and leadership is ACCOMMODATION TIMES and it will discuss about the impact of strategic management and […]

Pages: 15 Words: 4379 Topics: Leadership, Organization, Strategic Management

Serving the World’s Poor is Good for Business

Serving the World’s poor is good for business and good for the poorest people in the world Words Count: 1,994 In recent few decades businesses are striving very hard to change their image from simply being “profit making institutions” to “responsible players of the society”. However it is not about serving the society unconditionally rather […]

Pages: 7 Words: 2009

Strategic Performance Management Makes Connection between Strategy and Culture of Organization

Introduction Abemarle and Bond, a renowned pawn-broking firm in England is targeting toward expansion. With a figure like 1,100 shops, the boss does not seem to be looking at it with great hopes. Barry Stevenson strongly feels that there is definitely room for expansion. He affirms that there should be 3,000 pawnbrokers on high streets. […]

Pages: 11 Words: 3240 Topics: Goal, Leadership, Performance Management, Retail, Strategic Management, Strategic Planning, Team

Sustainability Defies Exact Definition and Achievability Business Essay

Viewed from economic aspects alone, sustainability can be defined in relation to an economy which is sustainable because of its dynamic efficiency and maximization of total welfare functions over a time frame (Stavins, et al, 2002). However, sustainability commonly concerns issues relating to society, environment or economy which three dimensions are perceived as to be […]

Pages: 15 Words: 4512 Topics: Biodiversity, Economy, Market, Natural Resources, Social Capital, Sustainability, Sustainable Development

Tbsc Compensator for Online Starting of Induction Motors Business Essay

Abstract – This paper presents a topology for direct online starting of Induction Motors (I.M.s) using Thyristor Binary Switched Capacitor (TBSC) compensator operating in closed loop. TBSC is based on a chain of Thyristor Switched Capacitor (TSC) banks arranged in binary sequential manner. A transient free switching of TBSCs is carried out. Proposed topology allows […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2712 Topics: Electrical Engineering, Electromagnetism, Electronic Engineering, Electronics, Energy, Force, Power

The American Airlines and US Airways Merger

The American Airlines and US Airways Merger Mergers and acquisitions correspond to the definitive changes for businesses. In the contemporary business environment, they are increasingly being adopted to enhance competition through increased performances. Similar organizations merge hence their long-term survival in the competitive environment (Weston, 2014). Typically, mergers and acquisitions result in organizational economic development. […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1887 Topics: Aviation, Economy

The Changing Dynamics of Supply Chain Inventory Management

Supply chain management (SCM) is the management of a network of interconnected businesses involved in the ultimate provision of product and service packages required by end customers (Harland, 1996). Supply Chain Management spans all movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption (supply chain). […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1852 Topics: Economy, Supply Chain, Supply Chain Management

The Coca-Cola Company Struggles with Ethical Crises

“Coca-Cola has the most valuable brand name in the world and, as one of the most visible companies worldwide, has a tremendous opportunity to excel in all dimensions of business performance” (Ferrell, Fraedrich, & Ferrell, 2008). However, as proven in this case study, Coke has a lot on their plate as the biggest brand name […]

Pages: 11 Words: 3251 Topics: Brand, Pepsi, Reputation

The Ethical Issues Surrounding the Complexity of Transnational Economy

Executive Summary The ethical issues surrounding the complexity of transnational economy has given rise to the urgent need for garment retailers to set policies that draw on business practice reflecting ethical standards. The debate behind these ethical issues stems from poor conditions that follow the profit pursuit by international commodity chains in the apparel industry. […]

Pages: 10 Words: 2859 Topics: Business Ethics, Clothing, Employment, Human Resources, Minimum Wage, Productivity, Retail

Access Tofinance as a Growth Constraint for SME

Introduction Many researchers have proved that small and medium size firms faces more constraints to access external finance as compare to large size firms. However there is no research on the factors which effects on the growth of SMEs in developing economy of Pakistan. Study shows that SME plays a key role in the economic […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1722 Topics: Economic Growth, Economy, Employment, Entrepreneurship, Research

Banking Regulation Example for Free

Banking regulation originates from microeconomic concerns over the ability of bank creditors depositors to monitors the risks originating on the lending side and from micro and macroeconomic concerns over the stability of the banking system in the case of bank crisis.In addition to statutory and administrative regulatory provisions,the banking sector has been subject to widespread […]

Pages: 11 Words: 3208 Topics: Bank, Banking, Economy, Interest, Investment, Money, Risk

Bankruptcy Card Debts Young Executives Example for Free

Background of the study The raise of credit card ownership and usage has been devastating around the globe. A credit card is a system of payment named after the small plastic card issued to users of the system and is different from a debit card in that it does not remove money from the user’s […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1268 Topics: Banking, Credit Card, Debt, Economy, Money, Personal Finance

Production Reduce Global Warming Example for Free

INTRODUCTION Global warming is defined as temperature increase world wide due to green house gases emission and cause deletion to ozone layer [1]. It mainly occurred due to the burning of fuel, Green house gases include chloro- fluorocarbon (CFC), carbon dioxide, nitrous dioxide, methane, sulphur dioxide. Carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxides are the major gases that […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1142 Topics: Biofuel, Biomass, Carbon Dioxide, Energy, Global Warming, Nature, Sustainable Development

Capital Market Development and the Behavior Essay Example Pdf

The title itself justify the importance of the research for the finance degree, however, the previous research done in this filed in Nepal is not satisfactory. This is the reason that made researcher to do some research in this topic hoping the conclusion made would be beneficial for investors and fill the gap between the […]

Pages: 29 Words: 8619 Topics: Capital, Development, Economic Growth, Investment, Money, Prediction, Research, Stock Market

Amounts of Equity and Debt Example for Free

There are various types of equity and debt that constitute a capital structure. Typically, the components that make up these two asset classes are bonds, preferred stock, and common stock. It also explains the financing methods it has used to conduct growth initiatives such as research and development or acquiring assets. WHAT IS A […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1649 Topics: Corporate Finance, Dividend Policy, Economy, Financial Markets, Investment, Market, Money

Convergence in the Economies Finance Essay

Over the past half decade, although there have been a convergence in the economies and business practices, the difference of ownership structures amount countries have continued. Most companies shares the same goals which includes the utilization of resources efficiently, it’s ability to garner new capital, increase the company’s value and improve information for decision making. […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1209 Topics: Economy, Market, Ownership, Stock Market
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What’s a cause and effect essay?

So, what’s it like to leave the creativity behind in favor of critical thinking? This is a core mindset to follow when you are to develop a cause and effect essay. The objective is to create a strictly segmented flow where you state a critical issue and the consequences it incurs.

For middle school, the teacher engages children in debates in order to see how the apply analytical thinking into arguments on the spot. So that further on, when in high school, they are able to deliver convincing writing.

Often topics at the beginning are either easy or the ones that students can relate to. Cause and effect essay examples include being good at something and pursuing a degree in deeper into the sphere pollution affecting health, natural disasters affecting society and country’s budget.

Significantly, an assignment doesn’t always concentrate on grave situations with even more menacing outcomes. Sometimes, you can be assigned to deal with benefits of the cause, or present fifty-fifty opinions including several effects.

Cause and Effect Essay Structure

  1. Begin with explaining the cause to your reader. Make it clear-cut, but not very short. Elaborate a bit in detail. If you have the space to make it 2 paragraphs instead of 1, then go ahead.

Cause and effect paper examples:

  • Freelance work:
    • Inability to concentrate
    • Failing the deadlines
    • Control overworking/resting periods
  • Pollution
    • Climate change
    • An incentive for developing alternative energy sources
    • Wide awareness of garbage sorting and recycling
  1. Make sure there’s a line between a statement and the outcome. However, there need to a transitional stage where you guide the reader from the introduction to a middle part. Remember to dedicate a single effect to one or two passages.
  2. To signify your findings and deliver an argument to a logical conclusion, describe to the reader what smart solutions available to be a relieving measure to the consequences.

Cause and Effect Paper Outline

You can use a sample of cause and effect essay outline in order to diversify further if you have multi-effects to meet specific requirements. What is more important for creating a completed proof on the paper is to follow the common sense of the written paper.

  1. When presenting a point of view, give facts. There is no point in arguing something without giving a proof. If you do not have it, delete the argument and find another one that you can prove.
  2. It is not recommended to stray from the outline presented above. This type of essay is an analytical work more than it is creative. If you have several effects to describe, complete the thought in the previous paragraph and start with a new one from a next segment.
  3. Follow the logic and do not surrender to emotions. Concentrate on a single problem and either a single major effect or several as per demands. Avoid duality of one effect and also choose the strong ones.
  4. Use transition word combinations instead of wordy introductions and conclusions. It’s better to list immediate and direct results instead of far-reaching and possible effects.
  5. Consult online cause and effect paperfree sources if you can’t grasp the main idea of your tasks or if you feel that your writing is too vague.
  6. Upon completing run through the texts with your eyes to see if you can clearly highlight the cause and the immediate results. If you are able to identify them clearly, chances are you did well.

Cause and Effect Essay Examples for College or High (Middle) School Students

This type of essay requires preliminary training and developing mature critical thinking. This is why this task is common for high school students to get used to before the college.

If you are experiencing issues with the challenge this assignment imposes, we are beyond happy to help you. Here you can find examples of cause and effect essays and published them on our website. Whether for school or college, consult our cues or use as a reminder of how the structure goes.

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