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What’s a cause and effect essay?

So, what’s it like to leave the creativity behind in favor of critical thinking? This is a core mindset to follow when you are to develop a cause and effect essay. The objective is to create a strictly segmented flow where you state a critical issue and the consequences it incurs.

For middle school, the teacher engages children in debates in order to see how the apply analytical thinking into arguments on the spot. So that further on, when in high school, they are able to deliver convincing writing.

Often topics at the beginning are either easy or the ones that students can relate to. Cause and effect essay examples include being good at something and pursuing a degree in deeper into the sphere pollution affecting health, natural disasters affecting society and country’s budget.

Significantly, an assignment doesn’t always concentrate on grave situations with even more menacing outcomes. Sometimes, you can be assigned to deal with benefits of the cause, or present fifty-fifty opinions including several effects.

Cause and Effect Essay Structure

  1. Begin with explaining the cause to your reader. Make it clear-cut, but not very short. Elaborate a bit in detail. If you have the space to make it 2 paragraphs instead of 1, then go ahead.

Cause and effect paper examples:

  • Freelance work:
    • Inability to concentrate
    • Failing the deadlines
    • Control overworking/resting periods
  • Pollution
    • Climate change
    • An incentive for developing alternative energy sources
    • Wide awareness of garbage sorting and recycling
  1. Make sure there’s a line between a statement and the outcome. However, there need to a transitional stage where you guide the reader from the introduction to a middle part. Remember to dedicate a single effect to one or two passages.
  2. To signify your findings and deliver an argument to a logical conclusion, describe to the reader what smart solutions available to be a relieving measure to the consequences.

Cause and Effect Paper Outline

You can use a sample of cause and effect essay outline in order to diversify further if you have multi-effects to meet specific requirements. What is more important for creating a completed proof on the paper is to follow the common sense of the written paper.

  1. When presenting a point of view, give facts. There is no point in arguing something without giving a proof. If you do not have it, delete the argument and find another one that you can prove.
  2. It is not recommended to stray from the outline presented above. This type of essay is an analytical work more than it is creative. If you have several effects to describe, complete the thought in the previous paragraph and start with a new one from a next segment.
  3. Follow the logic and do not surrender to emotions. Concentrate on a single problem and either a single major effect or several as per demands. Avoid duality of one effect and also choose the strong ones.
  4. Use transition word combinations instead of wordy introductions and conclusions. It’s better to list immediate and direct results instead of far-reaching and possible effects.
  5. Consult online cause and effect paperfree sources if you can’t grasp the main idea of your tasks or if you feel that your writing is too vague.
  6. Upon completing run through the texts with your eyes to see if you can clearly highlight the cause and the immediate results. If you are able to identify them clearly, chances are you did well.

Cause and Effect Essay Examples for College or High (Middle) School Students

This type of essay requires preliminary training and developing mature critical thinking. This is why this task is common for high school students to get used to before the college.

If you are experiencing issues with the challenge this assignment imposes, we are beyond happy to help you. Here you can find examples of cause and effect essays and published them on our website. Whether for school or college, consult our cues or use as a reminder of how the structure goes.

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