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Introduction for Essay on Unemployment

The era of globalization, with rapid technological advances and the varied demands of the employer, has made the job market more competitive. Because new jobs were gradually out of line with graduates ‘ surplus on the job market, this situation led to several job market issues with the level of economic growth. This issue occurs in every country around the world, especially in developing countries like Malaysia. Nowadays, Malaysia still faces the issue of unemployment among graduates. Generally, unemployment is defined as a person who is unable to find a job when actively looking for work. Unemployment is used as an indicator of economic health called the rate of unemployment, which is the number of unemployed people divided by the number of people employed. Graduates often face this issue after investing their valuable time and money to receive educational advantages during studying in college or university. It happened because of the development of the industrial revolution increasing annually. Now, the rise of industrial revolution 4.0 will challenge the opportunity of graduates, especially fresh graduates, to be employed in the industry.

Research Paper on Unemployment

According to the news written by D’Silva (2020), being a university graduate in recent years no longer guarantee you a job. Graduating students face frustratingly long waiting times for vacancies during a sputtering economy as the number of graduates continues to increase. There might be cases where students are required to carry out tasks beyond their area of expertise. Nevertheless, the widening gap between what the learning institutions output and what the industry demands in terms of technical and soft skills has resulted in more challenges to unemployment. (D’Silva, 2020).

Argumentative Essay Examples on Unemployment

From there, we can identify the causes of the issue of unemployment among graduates in Malaysia. First of all, a lack of soft skills causes graduates to be unable to get employed. Soft skills are additional skills that will make fresh graduates more skilled graduates and also capable of working either in their expertise or out of their expertise. The quality of skills that need to be gained and improved by the graduates when they are at a higher educational institution is called graduates attributes. For the attributes of graduates, the development is focused on two skill types, which are skills in technical and employability.

Skill in employability is related to the quality and personal insight a professional should have. Meanwhile, technical skill is defined as an essential aspect that graduates should master since it is the core that allows the graduates to get jobs. This is intended to aid the graduate to become a competent and competitive worker with the graduate’s marketability. In this issue, most of the graduates are facing problems from the aspect of employability skills. The graduates are having problems with their communication skills, particularly in the English language. Not only that, some of them are not well-disciplined and don’t have leadership skills. According to the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia (2006), graduates must have soft skills elements to measure abilities to communicate in English languages, critical thinking and problem-solving, work as a team, have leadership, apply professional ethics, have lifelong learning, can create business ideas and identify the business’s opportunity that defined as entrepreneurial skills. Graduates must have these elements of soft skills to compete with other graduates to get a job.

Thesis Statement for Unemployment: Detailed Examination of Causes

In addition, work experience is needed by someone who wants to get a job. Most employers prefer applicants who have experience working against highly qualified graduates but only have theoretical experience. Lack of work experience is one of the causes of this issue as graduates, especially fresh graduates, don’t have any official work experience during studying at university. Many unemployed graduates happen due to most employers’ behavior that favors this experience.

Because of a lack of employee experience, the new graduates are not given the chance to learn, as many employers say they do not want to take any risk. From there, we can see that the experience is essential things for them as it helps them to facilitate their work. Since they are equipped with the required skills and knowledge, experienced workers don’t need to go for training and courses. This helps reduce the employer’s borne costs. Nonetheless, this employer action doesn’t give any profit to the country because unemployment is still rising. Therefore, graduates should not only consider salary but should consider working experience because experience is essential for the future.

Essay Examples on Unemployment: Role of Different Stakeholders

Moreover, unemployment among fresh graduates occurs because of the lack of industrial training provided by public education in collaboration with companies or non-governmental organizations.

Graduates: Acquiring Necessary Skills and Experience

This kind of situation doesn’t aid the graduates in confronting the industry’s challenges. Hence, graduates don’t gain early exposure correlated with job prospects and do not meet the standard set by the industry. As a consequence, graduates ‘ level of competitiveness is small, while the competition from the many other institutions that provide the training industry will remain competitive. The courses offered in private institutions are not approved by the government.

Universities: Providing Relevant Training and Opportunities for Practical Exposure

Nowadays, many educational institutions can be likened to growing mushrooms after rain, primarily in private educational institutions. For me, it is a good thing to have many institutions, but the issue here is they offer courses that do not help the graduates to meet the specified job. Thus, we can conclude that the present institutions of education are not interested in continually delivering the sector of education and industrial training but more interested in making money.

Lecturers: Improving Teaching Quality and Guiding Students Towards Employability

Furthermore, lecturer competency has become a factor of unemployment among graduates in Malaysia. The task of the lecturer is not only teaching, but they, as examples and models, should have good personal qualities. The role of lecturers is significant, as they are expected to educate graduates to become excellent human resources, supporting and improving a country’s economy. Nevertheless, we can see that not all lecturers were able to carry out this task with their full hearts because some inexperienced lecturers couldn’t handle the students properly during the teaching and learning sessions. There are also lecturers who are not serious in their jobs. The students, therefore, do not get enough guidance according to the program outlined. So, it can’t be denied that the graduates’ qualities are influenced by the lecturer’s competency.

Titles: Suggested Solutions to Address Unemployment

Based on the causes of unemployment among graduates in Malaysia stated above, I would like to give several solutions that may reduce this issue. First and foremost, the graduates must change their attitude to be professional. Graduates need to take other opportunities to develop soft skills because it doesn’t directly teach in the study. It is aimed to make the graduates more marketable and prepared with various skills which are not limited to their field of study. Having a self-confident attitude will allow graduates to develop knowledge and skills within a work area. Graduates need to think creatively in solving a problem and boost productivity through the experience gained. The government should raise the educational level and also continue to promote English among graduates as it is an important skill needed in a professional career.

Besides, employers and universities need to have a partnership in order to give good exposure to graduates in Malaysia. The purposes of this partnership are to increase career awareness, provide exposure to structured internships, and enhance employability. Every educational institution should organize some programs as initiatives related to employability. Institutions need to understand and apply the soft skills that are very useful to meet the demand of the industry, especially for trainers. The significant emphasis in the teaching and learning process should be focused on problem-solving skills and communicating in English.

Graduates should also have an optimistic, innovative, and creative mindset toward work and the environment. The students should also be given the ability to meet the challenges and take risks to challenge. Due to the efforts to reduce unemployment among graduates, Graduates should be encouraged with a favorable environment for the growth of entrepreneurship among graduates, and thus, indirectly, it will cause fewer graduates will be looking for paid jobs.

Lecturers should be aware that graduates must acquire soft skills. The capability of educational institutions is doubtful due to the current development and preparation for the development of the next generation of human resources. Some of the courses offered by the educational and training institutions should meet the current standards or requirements of the industry by having cooperation between employers and educational institutions parties. This cooperation is required to get information related to the educational world of the employer. As a result, the high quality of education will produce the best graduates. Hence, lecturers, as educators and guides, should play their role in producing capable and qualified graduates.


In conclusion, there are many causes or factors related to unemployment among graduates that need to solve immediately. It said so because the unemployment rate is an important element in economic growth as it becomes an indicator of economic health. To resolve this problem, all parties need to put much effort into reducing the unemployment rate for better economic growth. Graduates should find ways to change their attitudes to ensure they are able to get employed by having soft skills and education qualifications. The educational philosophy should be restructured to enhance the students’ achievement in academics and attributes.

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