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Career Research of Psychiatric Nursing

Introduction To take on the task of a nurse I must work hard and be dedicated. The nursing profession requires many long days and sleepless nights. I’ve always known that nursing was what I wanted to do from when I was younger. The reassurance for nursing came when my grandmother was sick and I became […]

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Using Lewin’s Change Theory to Prevent Pressure Injury (PI)

With the rapid development of modern society, especially in the field of medicine. New technology and management models have been changing every day. Nursing also needs to evolve to adopt this change. Change in the workplace is never simple. People are usually afraid of and resistant to change. A successful change is a planned change. […]

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About Nursing Profession: Importance of Delegation

Introduction Nursing is an excellent career and one that is in very high demand. Many times, the workload required of nurses is too much and it is often necessary to delegate tasks to others in order to provide the best care possible for a patient. However, before the nurse can delegate any task to a […]

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Importance of Evidence Based Practice in Nursing Theory

I strongly agree with you. I too believe that Nursing theory is essential in nursing practice. It has greatly improved patient outcome over the years. In my discussion I spoke about evidenced based practice as a form of nursing theory. Evidenced based practice is one way in which we reevaluate the care in which we […]

Pages: 1 Words: 424 Topics: Caring In Nursing, Health Care

Managing Emotions in the Field of Nursing

Managing emotions in the field of nursing is an important attribute to possess. Nursing comes with the emotional stress that comes with dealing the feelings of patients who are seeking health care. The trauma is associated with the turmoil and anguish of pain or the emotional instability in patients who are trying to cope with […]

Pages: 1 Words: 326 Topics: Cancer, Caregiver, Clinical Psychology, Emotions, Health Care, Mental Health, Neuroscience

My Experience and Understanding of Personal Philosophy of Nursing and Nursing Metaparadigm

Initially, when I read the criteria for this paper, I asked myself, how have I applied the nursing metaparadigm in practice. However, I could not refrain myself from going back to what brought me to nursing. In 2012 just as I was finishing my bachelors in Kinesiology, I received one of the worse news in […]

Pages: 3 Words: 1040 Topics: Caring In Nursing, Health Care, Personal Experience

Advanced Practice Nursing: Reva Rubin’s Concept of Maternal Role Attainment

The nursing profession is not only a discipline but an art. The work of nurses such as Florence Nightingale and nursing theorists has helped to develop nursing as both an academic discipline and a specialized field of practice. Since the work of Florence Nightingale in the 19th century, many additional theorists and their contributions to […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1631 Topics: Caring In Nursing, Health Care

Workplace Violence and Bullying in the Profession of Nursing

According to what we have been learning in our Ethics class, workplace violence, or bullying, is a violation of the code of ethics and the five moral principles in healthcare. Bullying is identified by the National Centre Against Bullying as, “When an individual or a group of people with more power, repeatedly and intentionally cause […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1474 Topics: Caring In Nursing, Violence

Analysis on Caring in Nursing Practice

There are five fundamental elements of nursing practice: critical thinking, holism, communication, professionalism, and caring. This paper will discuss the pillar of caring in nursing practice. According to the South University Bachelor of Science Handbook, caring is defined as “encompassing the nurses’ empathy for and connection with the patient as well as the ability to […]

Pages: 8 Words: 2404 Topics: Caring In Nursing, Nurse Practitioner

Professional Nurse Caring after Hip Replacement

The Perioperative Nursing Process (ADPIE) Patient Mr.H is a 46-year-old male presenting with avascular necrosis scheduled to undergoe a right total hip arthroplasty (THA). The patient presented with severe right knee pain for months with no diagnosis. The patient explained “I can’t bend down to tie my shoes or bend down to pick up my […]

Pages: 10 Words: 2892 Topics: Caring In Nursing

Philosophy of Nursing: my Nursing Journey and Experiences

Philosophy of nursing will have a different meaning to every nurse that you may ask. It is a guideline that I or any other nurse will run to when patients need us. I believe everyone should have a personal nursing philosophy that orders your steps. Taking care of the patient does not some up nursing […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1211 Topics: Caring In Nursing, Health Care, Personal Experience

Personal Philosophy of Nursing and Leadership

My personal philosophy of nursing involves providing care to patients using a holistic approach, treating all with the utmost respect, care, and compassion, while keeping in mind all other aspects of the patient. Each day we come into contact and care for patients of different races, genders, religions, backgrounds, ages, and values. As a nurse, […]

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Patient Safety and Care Quality is a Concern for Many Home Health

Nursing Home Compare is a designated tool use as a referral source for the public who is trying to choose the best healthcare facility’s provider. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services CMS) has established this referral rating program to get an overall rating of homes health and hospitals’ performance and quality measures (CMS, 2017). […]

Pages: 3 Words: 963 Topics: Caring In Nursing, Health Care, Patient Safety

National Honor Society Leadership

Government and national NHS leaders have set visions for digitizing the NHS, becoming a paperless organization. Introducing digital devices to record vital signs and for drug administration could deliver a small change for the adoption of technology bedside and a step into how the NHS uses digital technology and reduce documentation errors. This report provides […]

Pages: 8 Words: 2472 Topics: Health Care, Nursing Shortage

Nurse Role to Combat the Opioid Epidemic

Introduction In the past several years, the opioid addiction has become exponentially greater with more and more deaths occurring daily. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention report that the opiate related deaths are a public health crisis with an average of 130 Americans dying as result of an overdose daily (CDC, 2018). An opioid […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1848 Topics: Drugs, Medication, Opioid, Pain, Substance Abuse

“What is the Association between the Use of Daily Chlorhexidine Baths?”

The purpose of this paper is to determine if traditional soap and water should be replaced with chlorhexidine for daily bathing purposes for hospitalized patients to prevent spread of HAIs. Literature regarding history of chlorhexidine in bathing patients will be reviewed. Chlorhexidine has been used for over 25 years in clinical settings and continues to […]

Pages: 7 Words: 2211 Topics: Data, Health Care, Hospital, Qualitative Research, Research

Holistic Nursing: Mind-body-spirit-emotion-environment Approach to Nursing Practice

Holistic nursing is defined as all nursing practice that has healing the whole person as its goal. Holistic nurses have a “mind-body-spirit-emotion-environment” approach to nursing practice. Holistic nursing is base on a philosophy of living and being grounded in caring, relationship, and being interconnected. Holistic nursing recognizes and adds the principle of holistic healing into […]

Pages: 2 Words: 523 Topics: Caring In Nursing, Healthy Lifestyle, Professional Development

Nursing in the 1900-1919

Healthcare and nursing in the 1900-1919 period would change history forever. Nursing during this time would change from the traditional bedside nursing at home to a more institutional based nursing within the hospitals (Porter-O’Grady, T. 2004). In the Early 20th century most nursing education was hospital based and students learned by doing. Care was now […]

Pages: 1 Words: 391 Topics: Health Care, Hospital, Public Health

Introduction of a Nurse Preceptor Program: Leadership and Management

Change is hard, particularly in a profession such as nursing. As nurses we should be always seeking to find new and improved methods to provide the best possible care to our patients. This suggest that there is a continued need to evolve and make positive changes utilizing evidence based practice and good common sense. During […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1086 Topics: Caring In Nursing, Healthcare Management, Professional Development

Kaplan’s Help for Nursing Student Become Successful by Passing the NCLEX-RN Examination

In order to become a registered nurse, nursing students who complete an accredited nursing school will have to pass the (NCLEX) The National Council Licensure Examination. The examination is a way to make sure that new graduates are able to practice nursing within safe means. Kaplan is a program that is a useful tool to […]

Pages: 3 Words: 879 Topics: Caring In Nursing, Health Care, Professional Development

Registered Nurses in the United States

Registered nurses comprise the largest group of health care providers in the United States and around the world (STRUCTURED REVIEW OF LITERATURE). Nursing shortages and nurse turnover raters are becoming an increasing problem for health care administrators. These shortages are causing many hurdles in providing efficient and effective healthcare to patients. The current shortage of […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1247 Topics: Employee Retention, Employment, Health Care, Hospital, Job Satisfaction, Leadership, Nursing Shortage

Nursing Shortage the Cold Hard Facts and Possible Solutions

The United States is expected to have such as large shortage in nurses that it’s going to intensify as baby boomers retire and the amount of health care grows. Nursing colleges and universities across the country are struggling to expand enrollment levels to meet the rising demand for nursing care. According to the American Association […]

Pages: 7 Words: 2134 Topics: Employment, Health Care, Hospital, Nursing Shortage, Work

American Association of Colleges of Nursing

On June 3, 2015 the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the healthcare industry increased its number of employees by 44,600 from April to May of that year. Among these new healthcare professionals, Registered Nurses made up almost a fifth of the employees hired during this one-month period, leading some to believe that […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1723 Topics: Nursing Shortage

Nursing Shortage Across the United States

In recent years, there has been a notable trend of a nursing shortage across the United States. This prominent issue has many contributing factors, such as inadequate job satisfaction, but if the problem is not addressed the number of nurses in the workforce will continue to decline. Additionally, change needs to happen in nursing classrooms […]

Pages: 7 Words: 1982 Topics: Nursing Shortage

Nursing Staff Shortage and its Impacts

In this essay, I would like to Cover my experience in regard of Staff Shortage and its impact on patients safety & quality of care and factors contributing to shortage and its consequences on Nurses, as a Paediatric Oncology haematology and BMT nurse for 14 years in tertiary care setting in Middle East, and how […]

Pages: 7 Words: 1996 Topics: Nursing Shortage

Consequences of the Nursing Shortage

A man named Jay Vandemark at the age of forty-seven who had a stroke last year roamed the halls of Beechtree Center for Rehabilitation & Nursing with not a single nurse in sight that could help him with putting on his shirt (Rau, 2018). Vandemark described the nursing home as being almost like a ghost […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2840 Topics: Nursing Shortage

The Importance of Professionalism in Healthcare and Nursing

Professionalism is a word used to describe how one should behave and dress themselves to exhibit good manners and show good business sense. How a person comes to work and conduct themselves is a huge component related to work ethic (Wynd, 2003). Having a strong work ethic often suggests that a person will produce high […]

Pages: 7 Words: 2202 Topics: Clothing, Confidentiality, Health Care, Hospital, Professionalism

Implementing a Nurse Practitioner Orientation Program

Nurse practitioner orientation is a relatively new but progressive topic and is usually found within the context of APRN models of care, APRN fellowship programs, or departmental orientations within hospital-based organizations. Orientating novice NPs into a hospital-based organization involves transition and are created to integrate the employee within the organization (Meleis, 2010; Meleis, Sawyer, Im, […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1844 Topics: Employee Retention, Employment, Health Care, Hospital, Mentorship, Nurse Practitioner, Patient Safety

About Captain Mary Lee Mills Nursing Career

Captain Mary Lee Mills was born in august of 1912 and died February 2 of 2010 at the age of 98 due to natural causes . Captain Mary Lee Mills was born in Wallace , North Carolina where she attended the Lincoln Hospital School Of Nursing to obtain her degree as a registered nurse. She […]

Pages: 2 Words: 558 Topics: Caring In Nursing, Nurse Practitioner, Personal Experience

Three Stages of Nursing Theory Development

Introduction As knowledge has been explored differently at different times and different groups, nevertheless, it has always been linked to clarification, prudence, truth, authority, professionalism, and science. The relationship of nursing with these components of knowledge has caused to question the role and essence of nursing (Zanotti, 1997). The significance of exploring nursing essence is […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1096 Topics: Caring In Nursing, Health Care, Professional Development
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