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Argumentative Essay for Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls are the world’s new definition of dangerous dogs. People claim that these dogs were bred to be aggressive towards other dogs and humans. This could not be more incorrect. According to Christian Science, invaluable as nanny dogs and companions to people such as Helen Keller. These dogs were owned by many famous people […]

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Are Pit Bulls Evil or Just Simply Misunderstood

Pit bulls have been the discussion of the decade. People have been outraged by what seems to be ‘purposeful” attacks on owners and even complete strangers. The real question is, are pit bulls evil or just simply misunderstood? This has become a huge issue because, if determined to be evil, plans to terminate the breed […]

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Pit Bulls aren’t Bad Dogs

I know pit bulls aren’t bad dogs. I know this because I have never met a mean pitbull ever. Pit bulls are usually only bad dogs when trained to be. I have been in a foster home with a pitbull before and it was a loving lazy and to admit it really fat. So we […]

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Pit Bulls : Dangerous Animals

The phrase ‘man’s best friend” is often related to a canine companion. When you think about a man’s best friend, what’s the first breed that comes to mind? Maybe it’s a friendly golden retriever or a fluffy pomeranian, but what about the loyal pit bull? Stereotypically, a pit bull isn’t considered a family dog because […]

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Pit Bulls should not be Perceived as Violent Animals.

My family has had a total of eight pit bulls. Currently, we have four lovable pits. My youngest son has two, Bentley and Azul. My other son has one named Max, and I have mine who is Chance. My daughter’s pit was taken from her yard and then found a few weeks later. At that […]

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Do Pitbulls Make Good Pets?

When you walk into my home chances are you will find Franki, my 1 year old playing toys in her play area and never more than a step away is our puppy, Mercy. Mercy, our family Pitbull was welcomed into our lives 6 months after Franki was born and we moved into our new home. […]

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Pit Bulls are Amazing Family Lovable Pets

Pit bulls One day a family was having fun with their pit bull named Snickers and all of a sudden a policeman runs and takes their dog while saying,? Hhey you should know that they are banned here.? Tthis is unfair, but really happening in some places. People should be allowed to keep pit bulls […]

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Dogs : Animal Control

Man’s best friend is a worthy title given to all dogs, and it does not discriminate based on breed. Dogs are capable of love and compassion that people cannot even begin to understand which is why it is so absurd to think that any dog is naturally aggressive and driven to cause harm to people […]

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How Loving and Caring Pitbulls Can Actually be

As Americans there are alot who seem to jump quick to judging pitbulls and stereotyping them as vicious animals, but I am not one of those Americans. My name is Ashia and I am here to show you how loving and caring pitbulls can actually be when with the right owner. When hearing the word ‘pitbull” […]

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