Cyber Bullying has Increased

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Roland (1989) and Olweus (1991) states that “Bullying is a lord studying violence, physical or psychological, treated by an individual who cannot defend himself or herself “ also Olweus states that “ repeated negative action over time, including hitting kicking, threating, locking inside a room, saying nasty and unpleasant things and teasing” (Darmawan, 2010). According, to Malian “the notion of humiliation, taunting, stealing, spreading rumors, hitting, kicking, poking and most recently electronic harassment has been added to the mix. Cyber bullying has also increased in the past few years”. William states that cyber bullying is being cruel to others by sending or posting harmful material or engaging in other forms of social aggression using the internet or other digital technologies. Also the researcher has listed eight different forms of cyber bullying, the first one is “flaming” flaming is sending electronic messages with angry vulgar languages through online. Second one is “harassment” harassment is repeatedly sending nasty, mean and insulting messages through online. Third is “denigration” denigration means when a person online is sending or posting rumors and gossips about a person which is not true to damage his/her reputation or friendship. The forth one is “impersonation” it means pretending or sending message in the name of another person reputation. Fifth one is “outing” outing means when leading another person’s personal information and pictures through online. The seventh one is: exclusion” it means purposely and cruelly excluding a person from an online group. The last eighth one is “cyber stalking” a repeated intension harassment ad denigration that includes threats or creates significant fear (Malian, 2012). In a longitudinal study, it shows that bullying bring health and psychological issues. Also three groups are affected, the bully, victim and who witness the scene. Mostly female suffer in depression (Springer, 2014).


Children also bully peer groups to peer groups. Children who is over or under weight. New comers to school if that new comer is silent or sometimes children who wear specs or sometimes wear different types of clothes. Poor children and physically weak, also become victims of bullying. Students those who have les friends and is not popular in the class and among friends are also being bullied. Students who have social problems to get friends with others, this is seen in students those have different stages of autism. Hodges, Malone and Perry (1997) highlights that students who are shy and their friends are weak and not popular among peers are at risk to get bullied (Ersilia & Christina, 2017).

Students who are bullied also are children who are less attractive, overweight, disabled and poor in school performance. Also students with visible disabilities, students with attention deficit disorder are also bullied. Research also shows that disabilities are more being bullied that are nondisabled peers (Malian, 2012).


Students who have good connection with friends and social power, to keep them popularity, dominating and be in charge of others. Students who are isolated by peers. Students who is depressed or anxious. Students who have low self-esteem. Students not interested in school pressured by students and do not have feeling to others. Student who are aggressive and frustrating individuals. Students who have home problems and children without good parental care. Students who have negative thinking about others also have difficult in following rules. Students who take violence in a positive way and children who are friends with the children who bully others. (NIL, Facts About Bullying, 2014). Students who have aggressive personality is more in to bullying as bullying is an aggressive behavior. In theoretical view bullies are who do not have social skills, low self -esteem and who take benefits from bullying like doing it to earn popularity (Ersilia & Christina, 2017). 

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