Social Media Can Lead to Cyber Bullying

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People use social media instead of going outside. It can be even worse by people getting cyber bullied, and depression. Even if people provided too much information you can have people eventually find out where you live and stalk you. Also, there are weird people in this world and they may even claim to be you and do very bad things. Scientifically phones have a lot of radiation which can make it harmful for users. Even additions to like can lead people into doing harmful challenges. People even become pore or don’t have a lot of money from doing things like other people on social media. People can even only dedicate themselves to only social media.

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“Social Media Can Lead to Cyber Bullying”

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Going outside is a good for your body. It helps you get energy. You don’t get energy from social media and trying to get likes from other people. In a recent study going outside helps you sleep better which is even better for your health, because normally people like to sleep for a long time. Social media has bad effect on your mid to which can affect your physical state.

Social media can lead to cyber bullying. Cyber bulling is really bad. Some people can harm themselves if they feel really threatened, scared, or they feel sorry for themselves for being weak, pitiful, and not unlike, or loved. Other person fall into depression and wants to take their anger out on other people. So, they think is right if they get their feelings hurt then other people should get their feelings hurt. They feel good after they hurt someone because of what happened in their own life. So, that’s why it’s bad to get online but if you do try to make your Snapchat, Musically, Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube account private.

People like to post a lot of things on social media and provide too much information. They might show their house which might show there house address in the background, their car, which might show their license plate and people might be able track you down and find your address and easily find your house or even people might break in. Also, people that follow you might live in the same neighborhood as you and they can locate your house because of your background when you do stuff. People might be jealous of what you have. For instance, you might lie about what you have or make things sound like your rich and make things sound way better than they really are. So, posting too much information about you or what you do or where you are at.

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