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There are Two Main Categories of Minimum Wage Arguments Today

Minimum wage legislation emphasizes the importance of establishing a price floor within the labor market so that each worker is guaranteed a minimum income regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or level of education and specialization. Two primary categories of argumentation in favor of minimum wage exist today: a rights-based argument, which views minimum wage laws […]

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Why Minimum Wage should be Raised

The United Nations has revealed seventeen goals designed to make the world more sustainable for humans. Hunger, poverty, and clean water- are other issues that are also focused on by the United Nations, but one that is also of great importance, that many people do not often speak about, is decent work and economic growth. […]

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Minimum Wage should be Raised

It is certainly not an overstatement to assert that the U.S. President and almost all Americans are concerned and discussing about the gradually disappearing middle class. In fact, the dilemma of the middle class in the U.S., particularly its weakening economic and political power and shrinking population, is indeed one of the most alarming developments […]

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Why Minimum Wage should not be Raised

My name is Vanessa Castro, and I’m writing this letter for a school project, but also with the intentions to inform you on some issues I have done some research on, regarding the current minimum wage. In the history of our nation, this has been a big problem, which is why I’m addressing it to […]

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Minimum Wage should not be Raised

Fighting poverty is basically what every human being is doing or in fact trying to do during their lives. In order to keep themselves away from that, people would work in jobs that pay the minimum amount of money while they figure out what might be next. Minimum wage jobs would not help people to […]

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Should Minimum Wage be Raised

Takita Atkins is a mother of two and an employee for the well-known company, Walgreens. She works a grueling schedule, commuting two hours round trip for work every day. Atkins began experiencing severe stomach pains and could not afford to go see a doctor for these issues, nor could she afford to miss any days […]

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Should the Government Raise the Minimum Wage

The Case For UBI With rising wealth disparities and increasing automation, the economic prospects for many Americans appear bleak. Income and wages have stagnated for Americans in lower-skilled jobs (Autor, 2014), and the wealth share of the top .1% has increased substantially – from 7% in 1977 to 22% as of 2012 (Saez & Zucman, […]

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Raise Minimum Wage

Why should people go through an everyday struggle when there’s an easy solution? It is time for a change when it comes to the minimum wage. It’s not right for people to live paycheck to paycheck. No one should have to experience the worry of late bills and low amount of food. I believe that […]

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Against Minimum Wage Increase

In the United States of America, people find success and prosperity through the american dream. The way many people begin their search for the american dream is through a low paying job in order to gain work experience as well as skill. In order to ensure their is fair payment by employers to their workers, […]

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Minimum Wage Increase

How would you feel if you were working many hours at work and were still not able to provide for your familys basic necessities? Employees are working very hard, long hours and are not receiving the pay that they need. People need to provide for themselves and their families and are unable to do so […]

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Is Ethical to Increase Minimum Wage

Thics is a natural comprehensive way of understanding life and the basis of moral judgement. Individuals have demonstrated different kinds of ethical thories in order to rationalize their behaviors and decision making. Typically this involves distinguishing right from wrong, defending and at the same time systemizing concepts. It is necessary to obtain a deep knowledge […]

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Benefits of Raising Minimum Wage

In the 1900s, there was a major concern worldwide about working conditions. Employees were being paid low wages that didn’t allow them to afford basic essentials in life. Many activists formed associations that supported the idea of minimum wages. The purpose of minimum wage laws was to prevent employers from depriving workers of the income […]

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Raising the Minimum Wage is Bad

In the state of Arkansas this past November on the voting ballot was the choice for citizens to vote for the raising of the minimum wage to $11.00/hr over the next three years. At first glance, someone might think that this is a very good change but when taking a deeper look into the subject, […]

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Negative Effects of Raising Minimum Wage

Minimum wage is a popular topic that has caused an uproar of debate for these past years. My research has guided me to take a stand in the debate for weather the minimum wage should be raised. I have conducted research on both sides of the argument. One side in particular debates that the current […]

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Debate about the Minimum Wage

Students who are not yet certified to get a higher paying job and who also do not have the time to work a full time job are also not making enough to live off of. This is where the infamous “broke college student” stereotype comes from. Paying students who are either just graduated from high […]

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Pros and Cons of Minimum Wage

No one can represent me or my views this is what became the base for a concept called direct democracy. it is the political framework which allows direct involvement of people in government and lawmaking through their votes as mentioned in article 21 universal declaration of human rights 1948. A question always arises in my […]

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Against the Minimum Wage

People are what makes up a society. Everything we do generally affects one another. The people in our community all have specific roles and jobs that they do. Everyone contributes to our society and this creates functionality. But how did we get here? How did one gain the education needed to work? In every job […]

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Minimum Wage to Livable Wage

Poverty is a complex yet highly disregarded social issue affecting millions of families and people across the United States. According to the U.S Census Bureau, the population survey recorded that in 2017 the poverty rate for the Latino population was approximately 18.3% which translates to about 10.8 million people suffering from poverty(U.S Census Bureau 2017). […]

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A Good Minimum Wage

Advice for Employees to get their legal requirement of the national minimum wage rate Dickens (1999) argues that there is clearly a requirement to gauge the effect of the presentation of the base wage in various extents, including business, as a component of the arrangement assessment. What’s more in the setting of the global least […]

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Advice for Employees on National Minimum Wage Rate and Sales of Goods

Dickens (1999) argues that there is clearly a requirement to gauge the effect of the presentation of the base wage in various extents, including business, as a component of the arrangement assessment. What’s more in the setting of the global least wage banter about the late UK experience might be seen as giving a vital […]

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Minimum Wage in USA

As I finished adding up my total living costs, I was shocked to see how much money I would need in order to live my current lifestyle by myself. At earning minimum wage it became clear that I was not going to be able to survive without the assistance of government programs. The three primary […]

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Character Design Career Research

Why are so many people infatuated with Walt Disney? Without a doubt, the studio creates clever films that are enjoyable for the whole family. As well as, the remarkable animation that has the power to remove viewers from their everyday lives into mystical worlds. But above all, what stands out the most in Walt Disney […]

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The Holidays with Pay Act Business Essay

It is a common problem in workplaces where different people speak different languages. Different regions in the world speak English, Spanish, French and other foreign languages. Persons should not lingo around employees that cannot speak their language because it causes confusions. Diversity A guiding belief is put in place to hire a definite amount of […]

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There is Long Standing Controversy over Minimum Grading

Minimum grading is defined as setting a limit on the lowest grade a student can make. This is not a new idea, but it has been implemented across schools fairly recently. Insert a sentence about what fairly recently means. This was introduced because educators became concerned when they observed a massive flaw in our widely-used […]

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Minimum Wage Effects

The federal minimum wage is seven twenty five an hour and is most certainly fair at that price. It is the basis and starting point for many Americans climbing the job ladder. Factual evidence and statistics can show raising it will hurt many more than it would help. A wage increase is well intended but […]

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Essay Title Maker Minimum Wage Hike Harmful Effects

The Peso has gone through a lot of changes since the crisis in 1994. The peso is now the 8th most traded currency in the world and the the most traded currency in Latin America. After the crisis in 1994, Mexico adopted a floating exchange rate regime. As a result, the currency price is set […]

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California Minimum Wage 2017

There are many assistance programs that help low income individuals or families. Depending on a person’s income and household, they can qualify for various programs. Some assistance programs include the housing choice voucher program (Section 8), CalWORKs, Cal Fresh, California low income home energy assistance program, California Medicaid, and grants/scholarships. The Housing Choice Voucher Program […]

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Lawyer Profession

When faced with a predicament that requires legal action, you contact a lawyer, someone who is an advocate and will represent you to the best of their ability. These individuals have endured seven years of furthered education as well as passing the Bar exam. While some say being a lawyer requires too much research and […]

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Minimum Wage Laws

Minimum wage laws are in place to protect workers from getting exploited, in other words, these laws were put in place to stop companies or businesses from working their employees too hard and paying them too little. So little in fact that sometimes employees have to live off food stamps, or public housing, (like mentioned […]

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Critically Comment on the above Statement of Legislative Change Introduced by Labour Governments

Critically comment on the above statement with reference to effect of legislative change introduced by Labour Governments since 1997 in relation to one or more areas of individual employment rights. I. Introduction On the back of four electoral defeats, the Labour party sought to get the party into power by introducing a new set of […]

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Essay on Minimum Wage
In today’s world, a popular demand by United States citizens is for raising the minimum wage. It is now a prevalent political movement, and a group known as the Fight for $15 (a movement that strives for setting the federal minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour), has sparked protests in cities across the United States beginning in New York in 2012. However, in looking at economic trends, it appears that raising the minimum wage might not be the best route to take if the end goal is to help low-wage workers. Creating such a price floor on the labor market may instead lead to higher unemployment and lost gains from trade. It seems like the United States would be better suited to pursuing a different option: raising the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) for low-wage workers because it would encourage employment while also allowing the market and natural laws of supply and demand to find an equilibrium price on labor so that both employees and employers can maximize their gains from trade.
The EITC is a credit to those in the low-income workforce. Originally introduced in 1975, the goal of the credit was to entice nonworking people (particularly nonworking mothers) into the workforce to decrease reliance on cash welfare programs. The amount that is awarded is dependent on factors such as how many children you have and whether you are married. It increases the lower your income is, and there is a maximum credit limit as well. The EITC is often considered to be one of the most effective anti-poverty programs in the US. Its effectiveness also targets the people that it was truly intended for: low-income families who live below the poverty line. It has succeeded in bringing millions of people above the poverty line annually due to its targeted approach. This approach contrasts the minimum wage, which requires everyone, regardless of age and dependency status, to be paid more than they otherwise might be willing to work for. This in effect causes lost gains from trade since the lower-skilled workers who are most in need of the money may no longer be able to get a job, even if they are willing to work for less money than the minimum wage.
Another benefit in increasing the EITC instead of the minimum wage would be that it encourages employment, whereas increasing the minimum wage can in effect do the opposite and cause unemployment. The EITC has succeeded in boosting employment rates, especially in the groups it is targeted for. It also incentivizes working, and rewards those willing to work and improve their skills. On the other hand, many economists argue that increasing the minimum wage, especially drastically, would cause labor surpluses (unemployment) because employers will not want to pay the higher wage, and would therefore respond in a couple of different ways. They may invest in machines or other technology that can improve productivity while decreasing the number of workers they need. Or, they may simply cut their production levels so that they do not need to pay as many employees.
Still, there are those who advocate for a minimum wage increase to help alleviate the struggles of low-income workers. Those who are in favor of a minimum wage increase argue that the core reason for wanting the minimum wage to be present and to be increased to a “living” wage is for social reasons: to protect people from being exploited, which was the original reason the minimum wage was put into effect. There are also those who argue that because the federal minimum wage is so slow to rise, it has created a large gap in pay equality between the lower class and middle class workers. They argue that raising the wage would help lessen this wage inequality.
Despite these arguments, there remains something to be said for the efficacy of the EITC at its targeted group when compared to the effects of the minimum wage. Raising the minimum wage may appear to help people at first, however, the real income raise that they are getting would likely soon be the same or perhaps even smaller than the original nominative increase due to business owners raising prices to cover rising labor costs. The EITC, on the other hand, would not be susceptible to this, as it is funded by all taxpayers, and would not have as drastic of an effect on businesses and entrepreneurs to where it would affect the market. That, along with it not contributing to issues such as unemployment or lost gains from trade, assures that raising the EITC is a better route to take in closing the gap in incomes and targeting those in the most need.

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