Anxiety is Another Type of Cyber Bullying

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Dr. Lawrence Epstein, Medical Director of Sleep Health Centers and an instructor at Harvard Medical School writes, “Studies have found that 15 to 20 percent of people diagnosed with insomnia will develop major depression” (Epstein 1). In this quote Epstein clearly shows that insomnia may in fact be a direct factor to how someone has become a victim of depression. Another very big problem that can be caused by insomnia is anxiety. Anxiety is another type of mood disorder that has grown to frightening numbers. Over 275 million people around the world suffer from anxiety. (Ritche, Roser 1). Epstein explains, people with insomnia were 20 times more likely to develop panic disorder (a type of anxiety disorder)”(Epstein 1). He is explaining here that Insomnia is a major catalyst in anxiety. If insomnia is prevented, many mental illnesses may be prevented as well. Depression and anxiety are very big problems in society. It is imperative that scientists, parents, and kids take time to understand how technology can contribute to the cause of insomnia, a gateway to mental illness.

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“Anxiety is Another Type of Cyber Bullying”

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Another major way technology causes mental illnesses is through internet addiction. Brief detail: Internet addiction is starting to become more and more common throughout the world. Many people now suffer from the addiction of surfing, browsing, or interacting with various areas of the internet. In the Journal of Preventive Medicine and Hygiene, Bahrainian, and other psychologists, conducted a study in which they found nearly 41 percent of college students deal with internet addiction. Internet addiction has many negative effects, one of the worst being the cause of , depression. In this same study Baharainian concluded, “ depression positively predicted Internet addiction” (Bahrainian et al). He explains that due to the lack of social interaction, an individual becomes more lonely and less confident, ultimately leading to depression. Another mental illness that can be caused by internet addiction is anxiety. Anxiety rages through people off all ages all throughout the world. According to Mental Health America, “Adults who are addicted to the Internet are also likely to have…anxiety…” (Mental Health America 1). This quote shows that anxiety can very well be caused by internet addiction. When one is addicted to something their behaviour and thoughts change completely. These thoughts and behaviours slowly become more and more revolved around what a person is addicted to, causing them to constantly it ( Because of this victims of internet addiction become completely dependent on the internet use. When the mind is away from resources it believes it needs it begins to panic. This panic is anxiety. The anxiety that comes along with addiction can completely overbear a person, as if they are being held by a weight underwater.

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