Essays on Homelessness

Essay Introduction

Homelessness is a serious problem in the world; it plagues our society, and there’s almost no cure for it. Countless millions of people are homeless, many of whom are typically under the age of twenty-five. Many people are under the impression it’s all self-caused or that the person who’s experiencing homelessness is up to no good. There are just as many reasons for being homeless as there are places filled with homeless people.

Research Paper on Homelessness

Homelessness is global, national, and even local problem. Many people sincerely try to help slow down and decrease homelessness, but it avails little to no success. While homelessness is typically defined as having no home, there are millions more living in inadequate or extreme poverty situations. No human being should have to live on desolate streets or worry about being homeless.

Argumentative Essay Examples of Homelessness

Global homelessness is steadily increasing year by year. Currently, it is estimated that there are 7.7 billion people who roam this earth. Roughly 1.6 billion people live unsheltered and in legitimate need of true shelter. The top three leading countries with the most significant homeless population are Nigeria, with 24 million, and Indonesia, with 3 million. And China, with 2.5 million. In Nigeria, the most significant reason for homelessness is illegal eviction from the local government. Unlike here in the United States, they don’t get warned, and the government chooses to forcefully relocate them from their homes, making them homeless by the numbers (Roberts, 2020). In Indonesia, the leading reason for homelessness is due to the government’s pathetic effort to accomplish anything. The Indonesian government intentionally chooses to unjustly punish homeless people by possible imprisonment and fines instead of funding support shelters or possible things to better their distinct society (Mo 2021).

Thesis Statement for Homelessness

The homelessness situation in China is absurd. Out of the 1.3 billion people populating China, more than 2 million people suffer homelessness. China’s communist government willingly chooses to shame and cunningly hide those without a proper home, and people can’t control the inevitable disasters that nature bestows upon them (MAHB 2019). Overall other countries undoubtedly fail to address the homeless crisis overrunning their unsustainable communities. If the US or UN could attain effective ways to support these underdeveloped countries with government funding and stricter laws that limit how governments evict citizens, then the world’s homeless population would tremendously decrease and possibly spark worldwide change to help those in need most.

Homelessness in the United States

Within the United States, homelessness inevitably continued to grow progressively year by year over the last decade. Here in the US, over half a million homeless people wander the streets seeking a home (MAHB 2019). According to PBS NewsHour, the most dominant cause of homelessness here is due to high rising housing prices and inadequate wages for Americans (1:17). Our government in the US initiates a lot of direct actions to help stop homelessness, such as implementing acts such as the CARES Act or American Rescue Plan but the money isn’t being distributed properly ( PBS NewsHour 3:34). If more money was distributed adequately then more Americans would be able to find housing or some modern form of proper shelter even if it’s temporary. The top states within the United States that struggle desperately the most with homelessness are California with 161,000, New York with 91,000, and both Texas and Florida sit at 27,000 each (McCarthy, 2021).

One thing all these states have in common is that they’re all expensive to live in. Anything from gas to rent is severely over the national average. This, in turn, creates gaps between where people spend their money and causes people to miss rent which leads to eviction down the road. Although they are still homeless, many citizens find themselves in shelters that offer food and seclusion from the weather. There are still thousands of homeless people who can’t obtain any appropriate form of suitable shelter, which remains an unacceptable thing considering how wealthy and prosperous our country is. If all the financial support from the government could be used properly, then so many more Americans would undoubtedly have affordable housing or at least temporary shelter.

Local Scale: Homelessness in Arizona

On a lesser local scale, Arizona ranks high in homelessness largely because of the enormous economic growth within the past few years. Many local Arizona residents are struggling to keep up with house payments due to rising economic growth and minimal rise in pay. This is a constant factor around the United States, which naturally affects so many states. Driving alongside major freeways, many homeless people can be seen asking for money for food, clothes, and anything to assist them in getting to buy. So many people just drive by and neglect those in need, and so many people go about their days not realizing how blessed they are to be in a home or have a job. The largest county in Arizona is Maricopa County. Within the past few years, the homeless population has grown by more than 35%, which makes it one of the largest in the nation (Associated Press, 2022).

The leading reasons are house rent rising by 32% and Covid-19. These two combinations don’t go well together as it only piles more stress and problems for local residents who are attempting to experience their lives. Other apparent reasons for homelessness include “Family Dispute/Overcrowding 2,258 (16%), Economic Reasons 2,239 (16%), Eviction 1,397 (10%), Loss of Employment 1,121 (8%), New to Area 928 (7%), Violence/Abuse 895 (6%), Substance Use 671 (5%), Mental Health 661 (5%)” (Homles, 2021). Many people are under the impression that substance abuse or mental health issues are the top contributing factors to homelessness, causing them to misjudge the unfortunate souls lost wandering the streets.

Lack of Solutions and Charitable Efforts

There aren’t any exact solutions to solving homelessness, as it continuously grows as the years go on. Many foundations attempt to help in their own ways and provide charitable foundations to promote growth and provide any resources possible to help combat homelessness. The National Alliance to End Homelessness embraces a few various solutions they advocate for. They sincerely believe that if homelessness is to be ceased, it desperately needs to remain a coordinated effort throughout communities. This takes a lot of time, money, and resources to execute a plan to end such a big matter. Another top and clear choice are to build homes for those in need, but this requires massive amounts of money and workers, which the government may not always be able to fund. The organized charity eagerly wants to properly focus on the most vulnerable, those more susceptible to becoming homeless again. A crisis support system to support a direct response to homelessness before it rises and becomes more of a predicament.

Ideas of The Importance of Addressing Homelessness

Lastly, they want to help increase incomes and employment to provide people an opportunity to support themselves equally. Alternatively, the Homeward Bound organization utilizes a housing program that helps fund and constructs housing and other communal services in Arizona. They generously help fund affordable housing, gyms, and local playgrounds. Additionally, they fund affordable childcare systems and libraries. They heartily support social predicaments, too, such as education and employment assistance, housing navigation, parenting classes, credit repair, and much more for disadvantaged students and young adults (Homeward Bound). With more social support systems like Homeward Bound throughout the US and globally, homelessness could be combated much more efficiently.

No individual should have to worry about whether or not they can comfortably afford to live in their lovely home or obtain a decent meal to eat. Too many people suffer miserably in search of a stable home largely due to their governments failing them and doing little to nothing in some places. With massive amounts of attention and funding put toward homes and relief programs, homelessness can thoroughly be weakened if people allow themselves to embark on an unknown but proper future filled with equality and fairness amongst those in need most.


With homelessness on a steady rise, more truly needs to be done state from state, country to country, and the world as a whole. Many unaware people underly the profound seriousness of homelessness and presume it’ll be resolved on its own or that they may not need to put forth any effort to ameliorate those suffering in the hot summer days and cold winter nights. With much patience and impassioned love, the world can move into a future of happiness and prosperity. All it needs is time and money from everyone who can put forth the tireless effort needed to complete these demanding tasks.

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