Essays on Freedom of Speech

Introduction for Essay

There are responsibilities that one should realize when connecting to freedom of expression. When should one draw the line for one’s words, written or even spoken, before becoming unpleasant? What are the limitations of freedom of expression? Should individuals be accountable for the things he or she speaks or writes? Should these same individuals have consequences for one’s own actions? These issues are an important aspect. We all should be more aware of how speech, both verbal and written, affects the freedom of others.

Research Paper on Freedom of Speech

According to John Stuart Mill, ‘If all mankind minus one were of one opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one opinion than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind.’ (Mill). Mills’ quote helps me to understand the importance of individual rights. While using logic, Mill helps me understand the freedom of expression, even if it is absurd. Both negative and positive options matter. They both balance out each other. It is my understanding that there is a difference between silencing a person with an opinion and allowing them to do anything that most may consider hurtful to others. Some things don’t even require anyone or thing to listen, just that the individual not be forced to be quiet by any.

Argumentative Essay Examples on Freedom of Speech

In the article “Liberty of Thought and Discussion,” Mill states his quote, which highlights the importance of individual rights. He uses logic and everyday knowledge in order to both receive and give happiness. I feel as if Mill thought that the harm done by an individual where not very popular opinions are forbidden would be far greater than the harm brought by having to hear a deeply not-so-popular opinion. Freedom is a privilege that we should honor not only our own but others as well.

Thesis Statement for Freedom of Speech

Freedom of expression is a right that pleases to use without the fear of being in trouble, and this is one of the most used and most abused freedoms throughout America. People tend to think just because they have this right, and they can get away with saying anything. When they get in trouble for what was said, they like to though freedom of speech around. Expression is sometimes used synonymously, such as seeking or receiving information or ideas regardless of the absurdness.

Ideas: Limitations of Freedom of Expression

Freedom of speech or expression isn’t always free. With all things, there are limitations. The government sets the limitations. Some common limitations are threats, government secrets, plagiarism, and copying writing, just a few to name. Not only are there limitations on things that you can say, but also where you can say them at. Places that are government own public schools, colleges, banks, stores, even churches, etc. Basically, anywhere that isn’t your home or vehicle. For example, I could go to school and say something was a “bomb” or go ahead and “pull the trigger.” No one would take that lightly in this day in age with all the school shootings and bomb threats.

Another good example will be to yell “fire” and have everybody go into a panic. That is why there is a saying think before you speak. But if you must think about what you are going to say most of the time, you shouldn’t say it anyway. Free in America doesn’t always mean free. I feel as if they put the free in front of things to make it seem as if people have some sort of control of their own life. Freedom of expression can only go so far before one starts to mess with another freedom. Watch what you say. Meaning always being respectful to others before talking.

There are not only limitations but also self-awareness with both verbal and written speech. Self-awareness is being able to understand yourself. Meaning you know how you are and are aware of how you can be. People know what they are saying or writing is either wrong or right. If you don’t have anything meaningful to say, then don’t say it at all.

Consequences of Expressions

I think all expressions have consequences regardless of the behavior. Even if, in some cases, there may be people who are unaware of the consequences. There are two different things that may happen. When the consequences are positive, you may try to repeat what was done in order to get the same feeling from the results. If the consequences are negative, you still may repeat what was done and risk repeating the same mistakes as the time before. You may not notice it at first, but both will become frustrating. It is important to understand the consequences of your actions. Most consequences are predictable. There might even be some you don’t appreciate at the time, but in time you will. All consequences are learning experiences.

The Power and Advantages of Freedom of Speech

There is also the advantage of freedom of speech. For instance, when telling someone no or stop. For example, when a bully tries to take your self-esteem with hurtful words, you can tell them to stop because that is your right. Or being pro-self, a woman has a choice if she wants to abort or not. That is her choice and right. What you say can have a big effect on the world, no matter if it is good or bad.

Thoughtful Expression and Responsible Speech

It all boils down to what you say should be thought about before expressing it. When you use your words responsibly, you do not have to worry about the consequences that may come from them. While freedom is a privilege and also an honor to have, most people don’t feel the same as I do. There are those who are unable to have the right to speak freely. I believe one should speak about or to others how you would want to be talked to.


Freedom of speech can affect those around your freedom. So how does one respect one own without affecting others around you? by using freedom of speech out of context? And not knowing freedom isn’t free. Everything costs, rather it is positive or negative. Every little thing is a teaching moment. I am only one opinion against all others. Remember who you are and express yourself that will be weaning to yourself and others around you despite the negative or positives.

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