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Gun Violence in America

Turning on the radio or television to hear the news is becoming a dangerous thing in the United States of America. While there is no risk of immediate physical trauma, there is the advanced risk of heartache, usually accompanied by a sense of disbelief. Could this really have happened again? How has this not been […]

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Smart Guns and its Ability to Stop Gun Violence

In 2017 alone, 11,560 individuals fell victim to gun violence, including suicides (Basu). The effects of these tragedies extend far beyond these casualties”gun violence affects the lives of the millions of Americans who see it, know someone who has gotten shot, or those who live in fear of the next catastrophe. As the idea of […]

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Gun Violence Prevention

Preventing Gun Violence: What causes Gun Violence? Gun violence is a problem that is being dealt with throughout many places, and my group is researching how to prevent gun violence since it is a problem that many locations are facing and it is becoming a nation-wide epidemic. Gun violence is most common in places with […]

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Gun Violence and Cases of Shooting in Schools

Gun violence, in schools, is a reoccurring tragedy that needs to stop now. Innocent children and teachers have been murdered in their schools for over 178 years. When is it going to end? The Bible is consistently talking about sin and the works of evil and how to give it all to Jesus but there’s […]

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Gun Violence in American Culture

Guns, guns, and more guns are becoming an integral part of American culture. The problem is that guns are providing far too many Americans with the courage to be insane or even misuse them. Guns have their pros and cons. Guns can be used to protect citizens in their everyday life or those same guns […]

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More Gun, more Violence

Have you ever wondered if you would ever be able to go out again without worrying about being shot? Nowadays guns are very popular that is why so many shootings have been happening. The guns used in these shootings are also so much easier to get then you would think. Today is the day that […]

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The Issue of Gun Violence

Don’t you just hate it when you hear about gun violence and how many shootings affected the safety of each and everyone of us in our schools? Well I have something to say about this. Time and time again, our government officials are promising reforms and new laws to protect us kids, but it’s just […]

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Gun Violence in the US

The Constitution guarantees us rights and liberties that people in most countries do not have. One of those rights, the second amendment, gives us the right to form a militia and bear arms. Firearms have been a huge part of the culture in the United States since our creation, we bear arms to protect ourselves […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1496 Topics: Criminal Justice, Deviance, Gun Violence, Justice, Social Institutions, Suicide, Violence

The Effects of Gun Violence on the Society

The one thing that I think that should change in this world these days is gun violence. Because sometimes people take gun violence too far and they shouldn’t take it that far. School shootings, public places, and unlocked weapons. All schools these days are getting worse each day and more unsafe for these kids to […]

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Guns: the Root of all Violence?

Gun violence has aroused disputable controversies, both about the causes and solutions surrounding firearms. As time has progressed, the occurrence of mass shootings have become a dominant topic in the media, resulting in the question: should we outlaw guns? The second amendment, created in 1789, vocalizes man’s right to bear arms. However, the escalating deaths […]

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Why Gun Violence is Getting Worse

Guns are the reason for most homicides in america, they cause more and more damage each year, and recently in the past few years it has gotten worse due to mass shootings.So far this year only there has been about 307 mass shooting in America. The number of people who die do to gun violence […]

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Playing Violent Video Games Causes Gun Violence

Trump is suggesting that violent video games and films are at least partly responsible for the rise and persistence of gun violence in the US. It’s an argument that dates back to the Columbine High School shooting in 1999. The two Columbine High School gunmen were active “Doom” players. Since the game primarily focuses on […]

Pages: 1 Words: 395 Topics: Digital Media, Gaming, Gun Violence, Video Games, Violence

The Role of the Media in the Disparate Response to Gun Violence in America

There have been many cases of gun violence in America. For example, the school shooting that occurred in December 2012 in which 20 elementary school children were victims. This was one of the cases in which after plenty of shootings, both political and community leaders began to get involved. Many believe that the cause of […]

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The Issues of Gun Violence and Animal Cruelty in America and how to Solve them

My name is Reid, and I go to Grace Church School. I am writing to you on the matters of stopping animal cruelty and gun violence. The number of deaths from shootings has risen dramatically over the past few years. Animal cruelty is still a problem in the United States. In four states the animal […]

Pages: 1 Words: 428 Topics: Crime, Cruelty To Animals, Dog Fighting, Gun Violence, Justice, Social Institutions, Social Issues, Violence

Gun Regulations

Gunshots ricocheted off the cold brick walls of the school hallway. Screams were followed by thumps, a sure sign another life had been lost. Cowering behind the podium, Ryan watched the doorknob shake with ferocity, fear settling with an icy feeling in his gut. The door finally gave way, the intruder bursting into the room. […]

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Violence – Problem in our Society

What a breezy day! Olivia thought as she skipped along the sidewalk holding on to her father’s hand. Acknowledging his every move, she thought, Daddy is so handsome; I kind of look like him! As Oliva and her family finished up their afternoon walk around their neighborhood, talks about going to the movies got Oliva […]

Pages: 2 Words: 603 Topics: Crime, Gun Control, Gun Violence, Justice, Mental Disorder, Social Institutions, Social Issues, Violence

Gun Violence Epidemic and the Second Amendment

The right to own a gun is established as the Second Amendment in the United States Constitution. Though this right is guaranteed, our country’s relationship with guns is a tumultuous one. Gun laws vary by each state, for instance California gun laws states that, An application for sale or transfer must be made with a […]

Pages: 3 Words: 887 Topics: Crime, Government, Gun Violence, Justice, Social Institutions

Sociological Perspective of Gun Violence

The ad that I have chosen for this assignment represents two kids standing in a classroom environment, both kids have one thing in common, they’re both holding an object in their hands. One of the kids is holding a surprise egg, whereas the other kid is holding a gun. I have seen this ad in […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1628 Topics: Behavior, Gender, Gun Violence, Learning, Masculinity, School Shooting, Socialization, Violence

Firearms and Violence

Firearms are one of the most debated issues in the United States. On the one hand are the people who demand and require more strict control in the possession and distribution of guns, and on the other side are the people who pressure the government to keep the laws as they are. Buying a gun […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1421 Topics: Crime, Gun Violence, Mass Shooting, Terrorism

Preventing Gun Violence in the Caribbean

How does one define gun violence? A simple connotation of gun violence is that it is the foremost cause of premature death in the United States and kills more than 40,000 people and cause almost 90,000 injuries each year. The issue of gun violence is intricate and deeply engrained in our culture, which is why […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1052 Topics: Crime, Criminal Justice, Gun Violence, Murder, Police, Social Issues, Violence

Gun Violence and its Effects

Abstract Gun violence has had a highly negative impact in America, and has had an even greater impact on cities, communities, and individuals. The rising violent actions with guns have caused an increase of fear and deaths nationwide. My research shows the effects that gun violence has on the community and the people. One does […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2630 Topics: Adolescence, Crime, Deviance, Gun Violence, Social Institutions, Violence

Gun Violence Must Stop

Lieutenant Governor of California Gavin Newsom once revealed, Americans are 25 times more likely to die from gun homicide than people in other wealthy countries. Many innocent lives are being taken due to minimal regulation of gun usage. Mothers, fathers, teachers, students, people of all ages are all being affected by this ongoing dilemma. This […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1183 Topics: Crime, Government, Gun Control, Gun Violence, Justice

Gun Violence Sets a Blood-Soaked Benchmark each Time

Gun Violence Sets A Blood-Soaked Benchmark Each Time What Can We Do? Schools are considered as homes to several students across the country in a panglossian view. The wounds of parents losing their children are on an unprecedented rise and those wounds can never be healed. Those who escaped the macabre dance of death are […]

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Gun Control and Gun Laws

Violence, in any context, is dreaded. It is more dreaded when it is a prolonged one and there is no sign of it coming to an end in the future. This has been and still is the case for gun violence in America. Any violence that is caused by guns or that involves the use […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1131 Topics: Government, Gun Control, Gun Violence, Social Institutions, Social Issues, United States, Violence

Gun Control and Violence in United States of America

Introduction The United States of America is one of the only few countries that constitutionally protects the right to bear arms. However, people in politics and the news have debated if there should be restrictions on what types or how many guns people can have in an effort to curb gun violence. Thus, when presented […]

Pages: 2 Words: 544 Topics: Gun Control, Gun Violence

The Second Amendment and Gun Violence

What does a gun sound like? You should ask the thousand’s of people that die every year from gun violence. People die every year due to gun violence, death rates have gone up since 1984, when the first deadliest shooting occurred 21 were killed and 19 were injured. Gun violence has an immense impact on […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1119 Topics: Crime, Domestic Violence, Gun Control, Gun Violence, Justice, School Shooting, Second Amendment, Social Issues, Violence

Gun Violence in Schools

Guns Violence is a subject that has been brought to our attention due to media and political leaders. The problems still lays in our everyday life and the security of students is important. Whether it is correct for a teacher to have a weapon or not or having more security is what is being debated […]

Pages: 2 Words: 558 Topics: Crime, Gun Violence, Mental Health, School Shooting, Social Institutions, Social Issues, Violence

Gun Violence and Control

Guns are a part of everyday life in America to an extent that many people outside the United States find hard to understand. According to the Pew Research Center, estimates of the number of guns in the United States range up to 310 million”which represents about one firearm for each person in the country (Allen […]

Pages: 3 Words: 906 Topics: Crime, Government, Gun Control, Gun Violence, Justice, Social Institutions, Social Issues, United States

The Biggest Policy Flaw

In the world that we live in today, the thought of gun violence has been a major issue for many years and has been a issue proposed by the people to the government. The government needs to have some type of gun control laws to fix the problem in America on gun related violence. Anti-gun […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1316 Topics: Crime, Government, Gun Control, Gun Violence, Justice, Social Institutions, Violence

Gun Control and Public Policy

Gun Control and Public Policy Recently, gun control has been a hot topic and many are trying to find a way to please everybody with new laws or to just change or alter the old laws a bit. Gun laws are tricky because the same guns that are protecting us are the same guns that […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1181 Topics: Government, Gun Control, Gun Violence, Social Institutions, Suicide, Violence
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Research Paper FAQ

What causes gun violence?

Gun violence is one of the leading human rights issues as it threatens the most fundamental right of every individual, and that's the right to life. One of the leading causes of this type of violence is easy access to firearms, which can be illegal or legal.

Will gun violence ever stop?

Gun violence must stop, and hopefully, that will happen at some point. Some of the things civilians can do to stop is contacting elected representatives and asking them to advocate for gun violence prevention. In addition, everyone interested can join organizations dedicated to gun violence prevention. Take a stand against it and inform your friends and family how they can do the same.

Where is gun violence most common?

Gun violence is most common in Central and South American countries with low-income such as Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Venezuela, and Jamaica. In the United States, almost 40,000 Americans die from gun violence per year.

Why should gun violence stop?

Gun violence is a constant threat to the fundamental right of every human being, and that is the right to life, and that’s enough of a reason for this type of violence to stop. It hurts entire communities and affects the mental health of residents by causing fear and trauma.

How gun violence affects mental health?

The violence of any kind and especially gun violence, creates various mental health issues. It causes fear and trauma that all lead to stress. As a result, people (both adults and children) who live in areas with higher gun violence rates develop mental illnesses.

Essay About Gun Violence

Guns are sold all around the world to just anyone over the age of 18 or with a permit to conceal a handgun. How people decide what to do, this lethal weapon is what the nation’s main issue is. Gun violence is a problem mostly in the United States, but how can control gun violence be beneficial to society? In addition to this, It can be beneficial in two main ways.

One main way to reduce gun violence issues is with the help of community organizations. Having a town or city organization to provide safety or prevent gun incidents from happening can pay off in the future of children. According to the organization Join Together, “parents, teachers, and staff can get involved in community organizations of focusing on keeping children safe.” Although this will not always prevent all gun violence incidents, it will have a decrease. Also according to Join Together, “Gun violence is preventable, but if firearm-related injuries and deaths are to decrease, citizen involvement must increase.” This is important to the topic because it reveals that citizen participation has a positive result on gun violence issues.

The United States’ biggest problem is deals with a more erroneous way to use concealed weapons. Another way we can reduce this issue is by enforcing laws on gun control. Laws can prevent stores that sell concealed weapons from selling these items to just anyone with a permit or of age. According to Greenhaven Press, “Every day in America, guns claim 84 lives, and wound nearly 200 every year more than 30,000 people die—over 3,000 of them children and teens—and over 70,000 are injured.” The statistics show that incidents with guns have a huge societal impact on the world that we live and raise a family on.

Although gun laws and community organizations may seem silly and a way that won’t have a big impact on society, this will reduce gun violence excessively. Gun violence is a huge problem in the United States and due to these two main reasons, a huge change could happen. In conclusion, these actions are a step towards safety for family, friends, children, and people around the world. Therefore, participating in community groups or following the set laws will be beneficial.

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