Essays on Frankenstein

Mary Shelley’s cult novel “Frankenstein” has been one of the main novels in world literature for more than two centuries. This book is devoted to the story of a young scientist, Victor Frankenstein, who creates a living being from dead body parts, only to realize that he has unleashed a monster upon the world. This novel has inspired countless literary analytical essays, research papers, and criticism since its publication in 1818. Writing an academic analytical essay on Frankenstein can be daunting as a student, but it is essential to understand the themes, characters, and story as a whole.

If this is your essay topic, it’s essential to clearly understand the book and the issues it raises, including the character of Victor Frankenstein and the monster created in his image. By studying essay examples selected by our experts, you will learn how to create a convincing argument and create a good hook that will catch the reader’s attention.

Reading free argumentative essays about Frankenstein can help you understand the essential components of successfully written material, such as creating a good lead and outline. This will also help you develop a strong thesis statement and introduction and use prompts from the book to support your claims.

Our literary analysis essay examples on Frankenstein provide a novel summary to help you get started with writing. In conclusion, our sample essay titles will be a source of ideas for your own academic work.

When you hear the name Frankenstein, what is the first thing that pops too your mind? When you Frankenstein you often get this picture in your head of a big ugly green monster that was created by a lightning strike. But Frankenstein is just a monster that was created by a man named Victor Frankenstein, so if you think about it, he really doesn’t have a name just takes the name of his creator. There are movies, videos, stories, games, and much more which portrays the character Frankenstein in so many different viewpoints that allows him to live on even until today.
There are so many different stories about this monster some which make him out to be good, bad, and even a real monster, but the first Frankenstein was released by Mary Shelley on January 1st, 1818. Frankenstein continues to exist today for so much things such as movies. In the movie Hotel Transylvania there is a character that plays the role of Frankenstein. Throughout this movie you can see that this character is made out to be a helpful, friendly, and caring monster. You can also see that in the movie he is a big, ugly, green monster, but he made out to be nothing compared to the story by Mary Shelley. There is also a movie called Frankenweenie in which the role of Frankenstein is played by a dog which the owner Victor brings back to life through a lightning bolt. There are also many books for kids such as Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich by Adam Rex. In this book the monster is teaching young kids how to make sandwiches. They use a monster as the main character so that young kids will know Frankenstein not as a scary monster but a friendly monster that they won’t have to be afraid of.
Throughout the story of Frankenstein you start to notice how he tries hard to fit in and have a place in this world. Frankenstein just wants to feel like he belongs and not to feel like an outsider which is how most of the people make him feel. In the beginning of the novel Victor abandons the monster to fend for his own, he does not know what is wrong or what is right which explains why he would kill people when he would get angry especially at Victor. Frankenstein had to learn how to belong in the world on his own. He didn’t know how to speak the language they did, did not know how to treat people, etc. Frankenstein becomes excluded from society, and tries to humanize himself through knowledge of language. The monster has no one to talk to which makes him lonely for most of the story and full of sadness. He tries so hard to be normal and fit, in but when he tries to communicate with others they run and scream out of fear because of his appearance. During the story you start to notice that there is some feminism. There is not really any roles played by women in the novel, but we notice that Frankenstein has an interest in Safie and Agatha. He shows the same interest in the Delacey family. He shows more interest in Safie because he sees how she knows nothing of the language they speak so when the Delacey family teaches her that is how Frankenstein learns. The monster starts to do human things for the family such as gather firewood for them in the middle of the night he wants to do good for all the things that he did bad.
Today Frankenstein is one of the most popular monsters of all times. People see the monster as different things he could be seen as bad, good, or a scary monster. So many people find an interest in him, many of which don’t know the real story but know the stories that people recreated him to be.

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