Essays on Child Abuse

Essay on Child Abuse

Child abuse is widespread and is known as a social phenomenon that contributes to serious life-changing and lifetime consequences.

It is in fact accepted that child abuse consisting of sexual abuse is highly tormenting and scars a child for life with substantial damage emotionally, mentally and physically, however, it is reasonable to say that abuse of all types from mild to serious levels causes significant damages to a child’s development. These damages can retain forever causing children never to be able to trust anyone in the future causing future relationship problems that destroy the ability for children to grow up and have a productive adulthood. It is the consequences of the abused child/person feeling the sense of ‘shame’ from sexual abuse, regardless of their gender and not wanting to seek help that entraps the victim and causes extreme damages to their health in all aspects. Engel (2015), explains how childhood shame manifests a victim to abuse themself by turning to drugs and alcohol. This explains the extreme effects shame causes on an individual.

However, Neglect is believed to be another form of severe abuse that also contributes to the underdevelopment of a child’s growth physically, emotional and socially causing significant mental health illnesses. By neglecting a child, the child is deprived of their basic physical, emotional and psychological needs. The child may then grow up with severe impairment to their physical and psychological developments, which can cause future barriers in their education due to low moods and relations due to lack of love and the build up of insecurities. Child abuse has been going on for decades without being identified in many cases, it is essential for practitioners to have early interventions with victims to avoid further risk from trauma to their neurological development. Early interventions with families from childcare settings can support a family/the individual to avoid further risk of neglect and put in structures to support the child’s ‘physical development, social and emotional development and their cognitive and behavioural development’, long term and future damage on the child can be prevented with care plans put in action (Early Intervention Foundation, 2019).

In the current developing world child abuse has been identified significantly in the media therefore safeguarding practice protocols are key legislation in childcare settings. To prevent future abuse of any types. 

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