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When you need help revising an article for admission purposes, we can help you with such at StudyDriver. We also provide dependable editing support if you also want help with a personal statement, scholarship essays, or any other academic paper.


Usually, the last stage in writing your term papers is essay editing. Some people feel it is not required to proofread an essay for grammatical and spelling issues. However, this last evaluation is one of the most crucial processes in the essay writing process. It must never be disregarded. Remember that if your work is rife with blunders and inaccuracies, it wouldn’t matter what you’re trying to convey

How to Cope with Revising Your Academic Works?

Many SaaS college essay editor on the internet often claim to offer the typical – edit my essay for me – services. While those excel at clearing basic grammatical errors, they’re not much recommended should you want to obtain the highest possible grades for your essays. It’s recommended you outsource this part to professional third-party editing services.

Not many students vibe with the idea of revising their academic papers or assignments. You’d often have to dedicate some time, spare a bit of effort, and must also exhibit a reasonable level of proficiency in English to revise your essay effectively. And as it happens, these often tend to be in short supply.

A Competent College Essay Editing Service

Have you got quite a lot on your hands? And, would you rather outsource the editing and proofreading bit of your essay to professional editors? Then, you’re in the right place. Our online essay editing service allows you to select from a range of professionals to help with your editing needs.

Studydriver – Wise Solution for Your Papers

Several similar professional editing services on the web offer the same services as ours. So, why should you choose us over them? 

We offer several perks and unique customizations that you wouldn’t get elsewhere. Such are:

  • Thorough checks, unlimited revisions, and on-time delivery enable you to submit the edited write-up quickly.
  • Round-the-clock customer support service to attend to any inquiries you might have.
  • Several useful features and tools are available for your use.
  • Every editor on our website has advanced degrees and is thoroughly vetted before they get to feature on our platform. 
  • You get to select who you are based on our suggestions and ratings.
  • Our services are more affordable than you find on other platforms.
  • Several categories to pick from, ranging from term papers and theses to research papers.
  • A transparent refund policy.

Forget About Academic Issues with Our Help

It’s understandable if you’re not interested in editing or proofreading your essay after finishing your work on it. At these stages, you’d often want an editor to handle that task for you, at times on a personal level.

Fortunately, with us around, you needn’t fret any longer. Editing your essay is as simple as forwarding us an appropriate document and waiting for some while to have our experts work on it. Our experts typically have years of academic expertise in the subject in question and are often very thorough.

How Our Essay Proofreading Service Makes your Essay Better

We’ve gone over the perks you stand to gain from outsourcing the editing bit of your essay out to us at StudyDriver. However, what exact changes would be made to your essays after our editors work on them? Let’s hash those out.

Checked Language

The usage of uncommon words may seem laudable. However, those often tend to keep the reader confused. It’s not much of a great idea for a reader to have a dictionary by their side when going over your essay. 

As a writer, however, you must keep one, or a thesaurus, around to ensure you do not end up stacking your essay with rare words or misusing some. Nonetheless, our editors are more than capable of correcting any possible instances of this or paraphrasing to clarify the meaning of your essays. 

The Balanced Tone of Voice

The overall article tone often depends on the purpose of the write-up. A scholarship essay would have a different tone from a research publication. More often than not, people tend to mix these up, at times due to lack of knowledge or sheer disinterest.

Articles lacking the appropriate tone often have the wrong impressions on your intended readers. Some sound unnatural and somewhat robotic. Our editors, with their impressive skill sets and vast experience, know just how much sauce to add and how best to modify aspects that seem out of place.

Content Review

At times, in the face of a stiff approaching deadline, or just pure laziness on your part, you may be tempted into paraphrasing and rewriting some concepts you found in another author’s essay to meet up with the word counts. 

This practice would only net you low grades. Should you place an ‘edit’ order on our platform, our editors would be quick to detect such and proffer relevant suggestions to maintain the coherence and integrity of your work.

The Unique Essay that Presents Only Original Content

You might be tempted to borrow some phrases or even complete sentences from someone else’s works at some point or the other. There’s a fair chance that plagiarism checkers would mark such a sentence as plagiarized. Plagiarism levels, over some particular percentage, could get you in trouble with your professor and, in some cases, net you an F grade.

Ordinarily, the expert who’d edit your essay would generally have access to premium plagiarism detection tools. And in scenarios where your write-up does indicate some instances of plagiarism, they’d know how best to clear such up.

Engaging and Thought-Provoking Narrative

You can generally revamp the entirety and quality of your essay with an editor’s help. Experts generally are very experienced with academic writing and, at times, possess adequate domain knowledge to rival even your professor’s. 

They usually are in the best positions to know what elements your essay is lacking and how best to reduce the amount of fuss you’ve perhaps inadvertently introduced at any point in the write-up.

How carefully you choose your phrases, the citation styles you’ve adopted, and how formal or informal you’ve made the overall tone all matter to no small extent in the overall composition of your essay. If you’re unsure how to spice things up in the proper amounts, you should outsource to professionals.


At StudyDriver, we’ve provided clients with editing and proofreading services for decades. There are several notable upsides you stand to benefit from outsourcing your work to any from our team of experts. With our service, you wouldn’t have to worry about flagging your write-up for frowned-on practices such as plagiarism or contextual incoherence.

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