Public Safety and Cyber Bullying Crime Prevention

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The Important Role That Good Community Relations and Crime Prevention Programs Have on a Community in The United States Tanner Cavinder Saint Petersburg College Abstract Community relations and crime prevention programs are an essential part of crime rates and how a community function. When a community has positive relationships with police officers, it brings the community together and lowers the crime rate. There are many ways for a community to work together to bring crime rates down. Crime is everywhere, every city, every town, every state. The prevention of crime is just as important as law enforcement. If a community can help to prevent crime before it happens, thoroughly educate our youth of the consequences of criminal activity and criminal lifestyles and change the outlook on how the community sees law enforcement, this will bring the crime rate down dramatically for that area.

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“Public Safety and Cyber Bullying Crime Prevention”

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It is not just law enforcement who is responsible for crime prevention, it is Americas responsibility. (Public Safety and Crime Prevention 2017). Parents, teachers, business owners, neighbors, etc. Everyone can play a role in the prevention of crime. The Important Role That Good Community Relations and Crime Prevention Programs Have on a Community in The United States Community relations and crime prevention programs both play a significant role in crime rates and how well a community functions with law enforcement. In communities where there is no good community relations, the public fears the police and crime rate is higher.

When a community and law enforcement function as a team, it reduces the fear of crime, crime rates deteriorate, and it helps bring the community together for a safer environment. As important as it is for people to respect law enforcement to help maintain a good community, it is equally important that police officers have respect for the citizens. When police officers are more involved in the community, the community feels more connected to them.

They learn that law enforcement is there to help the community and not fight it, making the community feel safer. We need to remove this blue curtain from our communities and work together to maintain a better society. Community – oriented policing (COP) “is a set of programs and strategies designed to bring police and the public closer together and create a more cooperative working environment between them.” (Siegal and Worrall 2006). Foot patrol is one strategy of community – oriented policing, where the officer is not in a patrol car, but walking around the neighborhood, engaged with the public. These programs are funded by the federal government, who provides billions of dollars to hire and train police officers through the COPS program. The community oriented policing strategies have been found to be very successful and have now become part of the everyday police role. (Siegel and Worrall 2016).

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