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The Healthcare Reform need to be done effectively

The Healthcare Reform Law called The Affordable Care Act was made to dramatically change health coverage and care, which was in hopes of bringing high-quality, affordable health insurance to all Americans. Some of the goals of the new reform law were to expand Medicaid to more lower-income families, create a place known as health insurance […]

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Healthcare act in the U.S

Healthcare has been around for about 150 years or so and has played a major part of the U.S. Americans beliefs and valves have initiated the fundamental change in the financing and delivery of healthcare. Ordinating from the early 1900’s, as we can see all presidents of the U.S have had a hand full on […]

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What is healthcare reform and why do we need it?

Many Americans are uninsured or underinsured due to unaffordable insurance options. The ACA will help many currently uninsured individuals gain health coverage by providing coverage options across the income spectrum for low and moderate-income people (The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, 2018). The Affordable Care Act is not a health insurance plan but has 3 […]

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Changing Views

Obsessive compulsive disorder is a common personality disorder characterized by obsessive thoughts and outward behaviors used to reduce anxiety or stress caused by these intrusive thoughts and feelings (Deepthi et. al 2018). OCD occurs on a spectrum from mild to severe, with moderate to severe cases experiencing a decline in their adaptability to daily life […]

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History of HIV in Two Countries

  There are many countries around the world that are affected by the HIV epidemic. Two countries in particular are Africa and Russia. Nowhere in the world is the HIV/AIDS epidemic been more devastating than the continent of Africa. For South Africa, political chaos and a long history of government denial of the disease fueled […]

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Examining the Effects that Plague the U.S. and Guam Communities

HIV and AIDS: Examining the Effects that Plague the U.S. and Guam Communities Today Introduction It is common knowledge that the human body is prone to several diseases, infections, and dysfunctions that can hinder the quality of life, so it important to treat our bodies with the utmost respect.  While not all diseases and infections […]

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HIV and AIDS In Africa

Background / Overview: The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) attacks the CD4 cells of the body’s immune system and weakens the defense mechanism from protecting against infections and diseases. As the number of CD4 cells decreases the body becomes more vulnerable to all opportunistic diseases and cancers. AIDS is the most advanced stage of HIV infection […]

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What Should We Know About AIDS

Abstract Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) have been around in America since the 1970s. Since then, the effect of this disease on funeral service has been a part of many precautions that have been put into place. HIV and AIDS is a highly infectious disease that can be transmitted via bodily […]

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What is HIV/AIDS?

Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome affects the lives of 1.7 million new people each year, one of the most notable being Freddie Mercury. Freddie Mercury was the front man and singer of the British band Queen from 1971 until 1991. He was born the fifth of September 1946 in Zanzibar and moved […]

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Henrietta Lacks: More Than Immortality

In 1952, more than 3,000 people in the United States died due to the polio virus (Beaubien). Because of the polio vaccine, it has not originated in the U.S. since 1979 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). We have one person to thank for this: an African-American woman named Henrietta Lacks. Henrietta’s immortal cells – […]

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An Importance Of Henrietta Lacks In Medicine

  In conclusion, without HeLa cells cancer, polio, syphilis, and AIDS would not have advanced without Henrietta Lacks. I do believe that because of the Jim Crow Laws that were enacted played a huge barrier as to how African American people were treated in healthcare due to their lack of education, poverty rate, lack of […]

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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

The story of Henrietta Lacks has several settings but the most important of them is her hometown. Located in Clover, Virginia, Henrietta inhabits a small town characterized by farming and agriculture. In fact, the log cabin she lived in for quite some time was the slave quarters of a tobacco plantation where she spent her […]

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Reform of healthcare in China

Despite China’s rapid macroeconomic growth, the healthcare sector still faces the challenge of medical resources shortages and poor quality of services. As a result, it is difficult for citizens to approach the corresponding healthcare. Even among those who can get access, the probability of dissatisfaction is relatively high due to the excessive costs, poor infrastructure […]

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A Disease Of Henrietta Lacks

Invading Doctors and Desperate Scientist Are doctors invading our body? When you go to the doctor you don’t know what they’re doing all they tell you is you’ll get examined but they don’t tell you exactly how. This happened to a young lady named Henrietta Lacks. They took a sample from her body and from […]

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Should Teens Be Allowed To Have Cosmetic Surgery?

In today’s society, the standard of beauty has evolved causing insecurities among teens. The beauty standards affect teens self-esteem, causing them to oversee their natural beauty. Cosmetic surgery has become a popular procedure among teens. According to a cosmetic surgery center, Cosmetic Surgery Center, in 2012, there were more than 236,000 cosmetic procedures performed on […]

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What Is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder most commonly known as OCD effects more than 200,000 people per year. But, what is OCD? What causes it? What are some of the symptoms? Is it treatable? Throughout these paragraphs, it will be shown how hard it is to live with OCD, and the way people with OCD see the world.What is […]

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My Attitude To Henrietta Lacks

The Henrietta cells survived they have been used in labs for 65 years. Lacks got cancer in 1951. Henrietta lacks cells had multiple cells of human papillomavirus.The virus entered her cells and turned off the gene that would normally have turned off tumors. While working on lacks cells they understand viruses can turn off tumors. […]

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Cosmetic Surgeries Of Pets

Cosmetic surgeries are performed on people all the time. Animals, like their human companions can also have cosmetic surgeries. Tail docking, ear cropping, devocalization, and declawing are the most common unneeded surgeries performed on pets.  Each surgery in special circumstances benefits the pet and always benefits the owner. I would like to know if these […]

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Impact Of Cosmetic Surgery On Society

Cosmetic surgery What was onced used as a way to fix and restore is now a common step in the beauty routine of many Americans. Most Americans, because of social pressure and insecurities, are falling into the trap of plastic surgery. They are risking their health, trying to make themselves look better so they can […]

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Should Teenagers Get Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetics surgery on teenagers is a risk to their own bodies. Teenagers don’t fully develop until they’re in their early twenties, so for a doctor to let them know if theirs a risk for them after the surgery they can’t say because their body isn’t yet where they are supposed to be developed. Teenagers don’t […]

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Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery

Abstract Cosmetic surgery by definition includes surgical and nonsurgical procedures that enhance and reshape structures of the body to improve appearance and confidence, (American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 2018). The demand for plastic and cosmetic surgeries increases each year. These invasive procedures are voluntary and many factors affect why a patient chooses to subject their […]

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Reasons To Undergo Plastic Surgery

We live in a society where it is not astounding to believe that everyone is fixated with appearance. Physical attractiveness is one of the main things that people make choices in favor of certain objects, goods, services, and even people. Products that get sold are being sold with style. The products come in detailed designs […]

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Two Coins of Plastic Surgery

Nowadays, many people think appearance is more important to support their live. The thougest is the assessment of the environment that exists on the appearance of others. Disbelief of appearance brings the desire to perform plastic surgery that probably, Both Women and Men wants to do cosmetic surgery also called plastic surger.This is mostly done […]

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The Korean Plastic Surgery Surgery

What pops up in your mind when someone mentions Korea? Possibly the Korean music industry, better known as k-pop, or maybe the Korean dramas that many claim are real tearjerkers, like the world-famous series, Descendants of the Sun. During recent years, Korea took in another association–plastic surgery. It all began after the Korean War when […]

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Significant Information About Plastic Surgery

Costs, risks and the most important information Hardly a woman is satisfied with her appearance – and fewer and fewer men. Up to 400,000 Germans therefore opt for a plastic surgery every year. At the top of the list of the most requested procedures are breast surgery, facelift and nose surgery. But there are also […]

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The Possible Causes and Treatments of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Introduction Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a type of mental illness. People who suffer from OCD can either have obsessive thoughts or repetitive behaviors that they feel they must complete each and everyday. This disorder is not about small habits such as grinding your teeth or licking your lips. It can affect their ability to […]

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Plastic Surgery In Korea

Plastic surgery is becoming more common everywhere and people are continuously changing their appearance to the point where they are losing their uniqueness that shapes an individual. South Korea is known as the cosmetic surgery capital of the world for many reasons that continue to influence Koreans and foreigners to invest in certain aesthetic procedures. […]

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What is Lung Cancer?

Cancer is a disease caused by out of control abnormal cell divisions. Cancer harms the body and its organ systems when abnormal cells divide in an uncontrolled way to form tumors and lumps that affect the tissues in the body. There are many different types of cancers such as lung cancer, breast cancer, blood cancer. […]

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Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking

The Lungs are paired organs in the chest that perform respiration. Each human has two lungs. Each lung is between 10 and 12 inches long. Lung function normally peaks in the late teens and early twenties. After the early twenties, lung function declines about 1 percent a year over the rest of a person’s lifetime. […]

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The Disease: Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer begins when cells in your body start to mutate or change. There are many factors that can cause these mutations to happen. Most often, this change in the cells happen when people are exposed too and or breathe in dangerous and toxic substances. Even if you were exposed to these substances many years […]

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