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All people around us have been telling us that college is necessary to be successful and that benefits are massive. The problem with this claim is that nobody will tell you why this is so beneficial. Students can enjoy better career development hence this can be a good investment despite high expenses. It may ... be worth it if you have other plans in your life. However, the cost is still affordable if you consider the perks. But you can return the debt in time. Your research paper can go in both ways. Why college education is not worth it? Why should a person go to college? Pick your side and stick to it in your introduction and conclusion. Please check all free argumentative essays about is college worth it and apply them to your thesis statement. These essay examples on “is college worth it” are written by experts. They explain cause and effect hence they will have a huge effect on your education.

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Importance of Scholarship in College Education: my Pursuit of Nursing Program in College

My name is Lorena Alanis. Coming into college I believed the bumps on the road to success were settled and it would be smooth sailing. I am the first in my family to go to college and didn’t even think I deserved to be here. A degree seemed completely unattainable if my family did not […]

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Is College Worth It: Race, Class, and Oppression in Education

I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, a place filled with rich cultural diversity. Along with the diversity comes the separation of classes: the wealthy and middle classes live in the outskirts of the valley while the working class lives in the mid-valley areas. The mid-valley is a community that is predominately composed of […]

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College is not a Good Choice in Today’s World

More than 44 million Americans have student debt equaling over $1.5 trillion, this means that one in four Americans have student debt which also means that each person has almost $38,000 is student debt alone. As population increases who knows how much student debt we’ll have in a century. So the question lies, is college […]

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CTE(Career and Technical Education) Gives Students Experience and Allows them to have Opportunities to Go to College and be Labor Force Ready if they Choose not to Go to College

Graduating from high school and deciding on whether to enter the workforce or go to college is one of the first decisions that you make as an adult. Ensuring you have the stepping stones to succeed as a productive citizen and can have the opportunities to make sufficient earnings to take care of your family […]

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How does College Education Determine your Future?

Additionally, attending college helps you in the future by being already prepared for what’s next in the real-world including networking and investing. For example, attending college is a major commitment of time and money, but it is also a down payment on success. Earning your college degree will help you realize your goals in your […]

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What to do after Secondary School

One of the hardest choices a youthful grown-up should make in life is choosing what to do after secondary school. Teachers as well as individuals all around will start to ask what your subsequent stage in life is? The choice to go off for college or join the workforce comes down to the inquiry: will […]

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My Dream: Get into the College to Become a Veterinarian

College I’ve wanted to be a veterinarian for a long time now ever since I was little. I never thought about what it toke to be a veterinarian or in the industry till a couple of years ago. Some of the things I hadn’t thought about were the time commitment, money problems, and how stressful […]

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Is College Worth it or is a Tuition Worth It?

There been questions among young kids is college worth it or is a tuition worth it? Looking at the pros and cons of going to college is surprising and it will determine which is the wiser choice. There people that says college is not worth it and there’s people that think otherwise by concluding facts. […]

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Student Loans: Keys to the Future

This is a thought one might come across when deciding what they want to do in the future. Student Loans allow scholars all around the world to continue their education with loans to pay for the schooling. The concept is meant to help families that don’t have the money to pursue college, however is it […]

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Good Financial Planning could Help College Students to Get Success in their Life

It’s never too late to have a good financial plan for your future, whether you want to save for your retirement, first home, when you have your plan in a place, you’re better positioned for your plans. Life happens, and your spending plan should be flexible enough to change with whatever comes your way. Managing […]

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Why am i in College?

Is College For Me? Waking up an 8 in the morning to the sound of the alarm on my phone that reads “ Wake up!” I will never be a morning person. Then I got introduced to coffee, a drink that will get me through my class and a little more. I have never been […]

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Is a College Degree Worth it Today?

Higher education today isn’t what it once was. Most families in the 70’s could get a good job without a degree, have a family and a home on one income. Someone with a college degree was considered securely in the middle class. As times and technology changed so did the requirements to get a job. […]

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Attending College is Worth It?

In this day and age it is fundamentally important for a secondary school understudy to proceed with their schooling to college. Notwithstanding, acquiring a Bachelor’s certification doesn’t recognize whether somebody who has a secondary school recognition chooses to go after a similar position. Elevated place certificates like experts and doctorates are the ones that check. […]

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You have to Stay in School

There is a quote that Michelle Obama, the former First Lady said “You have to stay in school.You have to.You have to go to college.You have to get a degree.Because that’s the one thing people can’t take away from you is your education.And it is worth the investment.” This quote says that a good education […]

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Is a College Degree Worth It?

Some people might say a college degree is worth it because of better paying jobs as well as a open door for opportunity’s. That it is not the case, throughout extensive research I can prove to you that you don’t need a college degree to be successful you will be better off financially and you […]

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The Key to Success is a College Education

For years, people have been told that the key to success is a college education. While policymakers, media, and parents continue to push students to attend college, the cost of attending college is increasing and students are borrowing money more than ever (Oreopoulos). In addition, students today take longer to finish college than in past […]

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Is College Worth the Cost?

Going to college is worth the cost. The higher education one has, the better his/her career choices and life would be. If one graduates from college with a good career path set for him/her, that person will make a lot more money than others who didn’t go to college. College graduates have more and better […]

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Is College Worth the Time and Money?

In Owen and Sawhill’s essay “Should Everyone Go to College?” they talk about how everyone should have the opportunity to go to college and it can be an important way of life, but college is not a smart investment for everyone. Owen and Sawhill’s main argument are by pressuring kids to go to college, parents […]

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