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Introduction for Essay

Terrorism has been brought to the nation’s attention because of the attacks on September 11, 2001. Two planes were hijacked by a terrorist group and crashed into the twin towers. This made terrorism a situation that couldn’t be ignored. So, what is terrorism actually? There isn’t only one definition of terrorism. It has a plethora of different definitions, but either way you put it causes many people to be fearful for their lives.

Firstly, there are several types of terrorism. There is Domestic terrorism which targets victims in the same country as them. International terrorism is practiced in a foreign country by a terrorist who is from that country. Cyberterrorism is the use of the internet that can help a terrorist spread their strategies to the world. Terrorism is the use of violence on humans that sends people into immediate fear that the nation is being attacked.

Research Paper on Terrorism

Terrorism is used when a weak person or group feels threatened by a strong government, so this leads to more violence because they want to make sure they can beat the government. Terrorism is a strategy used to accomplish a specific task. Terrorist targets people who have nothing to do with the government. Terrorism is meant to put people in fear for their lives and live in fear from day to day.

Terrorism is an extreme use of public violence. Terrorism is a dangerous and extremely scary way to get the government’s attention. Terrorists can attack at any time and any place that can hurt people that doesn’t have anything to do with their problem with the government. Although these terrorists are doing something extremely wrong, they feel as if their heroes and that they’re protecting themselves from something that they started with the government. Terrorism has many different definitions and meanings to other people, as well as the traumatic effects it has on them. A terrorist doesn’t only affect the country, and it affects how people live their daily lives.

What makes a person want to become a terrorist?

There are multiple factors that go into why a person becomes a terrorist. While there is no way to make a clear distinction, some of the major factors are astounding. Most times, a person becomes affiliated with such groups by the people that they are associated with. We here in the United States believe that radical Muslims grow up in areas where there is severe poverty, yet that is not the case.

Studies show that most Jihadists have evolved in the ways that they recruit members. We generally see that these radical groups attract several types of persons at various stages of life. Research shows that the founders and leaders of the modern Jihadist movement, along with some of the foot soldiers, come from upper-middle or upper-class societies with post-secondary degrees. Groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS look for a unique caliber of people. One’s mental stability and ideological way of thinking play a major part in vetting new recruits. Many terrorist cell groups look for persons who are willing to lay their lives on the line in the name of Allah.

A Closer Look at Sociopolitical Movements

Since 2014, More women have been joining these groups, and it is shown that more are joining in the fight against the Western world. 10% of radical Jihad groups consist of women. At least 29 committed terrorist acts in 2016, and 27 were suicide bombers in 2017. It is also shown that another 10% of women are being recruited from what is considered the Western World. Examples are the USA and some European countries. The use of the internet has also become an outlet for recruiting people who aren’t just in Muslim countries but who are all over the world. Many use political strife to convert others into these terrorist groups. As seen here at home in the USA, some “homegrown” terrorists become allies with such groups because they are unhappy with the political climate or want to “cleanse” the impurities surrounding them. It is believed that those who are joining these violent groups are looking for a brother or sisterhood, and these groups offer such association. While most Muslims do not believe in such extremist behavior, many extreme Jihadists believe in the willingness to fight and die for Jihadist ideals.

Who does terrorism impact?

Terrorism has a negative impact on the psychological, economic, and political (policy) of the United States. Terrorist activities also lead to a sense of victimhood in society and increase negative beliefs, stereotypes, and hostile attitudes towards members of the group to which terrorist belongs may too. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, terrorism is defined as the systematic use of terror, especially as a means of coercion. However, psychological, economic, and Political all intertwine into one problem. These are not isolated problems. All influence each other Schools and places of worship are considered safe places.

However, the attacks of terrorism are making these “so-called” safe places houses of error- leaving a trail of dried blood from the victims and their communities affected by it. These attacks of terrorism have caused citizens to be suspicious and fearful while trying to go about their daily life. Media coverage of terrorism has crippled American citizen using Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platform to broadcast threats as it happens. This creates fear which is a natural response-this forever changes the behavior of the civilization of the United States of America. This highlights how a person makes a different decision, for example, whom to socialize with to the use of public transportation. This has serious psychological implications for individuals and America as a whole.

Argumentative Essay Examples of Terrorism

Fear of terrorism can have significant consequences on both the national and global economy. Even though terrorism has caused physical destruction and loss of lives, it has also completely damaged the economic stands. Terrorism plays a huge role in the socioeconomic in the United States. According to Wang & Young (2107), terrorist attacks and investment risk preference; Evidence from Mutual Fund flow, we find that after the month after a spike in attacks, mutual fund investors display a significant increase in risk-averse portfolio choices. In addition, increase insurance premiums and security expenditures. Nevertheless, millions of Americans are affected economically. Many civilians believe that buying products made in the USA will protect the country’s finances. In doing so, this will regulate money to what Americans think can benefit.

Thesis Statement for Terrorism

What motivates terrorists to pursue their intended targets? There have been many terrorist attacks in the history of the United States. Why do terrorists do what they do, though? For example, if they were trying to set a bomb off that could possibly kill them and then get caught by the police and sent to jail, what could they possibly be trying to achieve? According to “,” it states that scholars concluded that the roots of a terrorist may not always lie within a person’s mind, but within the circumstance that they live in are what may influence them into becoming terrorists. Given certain social conditions are what cause people to do cruel things to others. The consensus states that people do things for many reasons. Sometimes people do things that they are not even sure why they are even doing it.

Research Papers on Terrorism: Economic Consequences of Terrorism

Terrorists may have several reasons as to why they may want to attack and hurt others. A terrorist group may want to spread their ideologies to other people and convince them that they have the right religion or beliefs. Terrorists may also do what they do because they want to change some political unfairness that they do not like. According to, it states many forms of terrorism between races and struggles between the rich and poor and even political outcasts and elites. This shows that there could be many different causes of terrorism.

Ideas for Terrorism Research

A.L. Qaeda and Isis are two related groups that have the goal of proving that their religion is Better compared to other religions and want to force their beliefs upon those who do not share the same views. These groups are radicals and strive to spread their ideologies as if nothing else was right. Another terrorist group that holds its own motives is called Colombia FARC. This form of terrorism is motivated by socioeconomic doctrine, which is a belief in communism. One of the big Terrorist attacks in the U.S. that had us affected for a long time was the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers. This attack took place on September 11, 2001. During these attacks according to CNN, it states that a total of 2,777 people were killed in New York City, also Washington DC, and the outside of Shanksville, Pennsylvania. There were nineteen men who hijacked four U.S. planes that were headed toward the west coast areas.


These planes crashed into certain parts of the towers, which killed not only the people who were in those buildings but the people who were in those planes as well. Another big terrorist attack that occurred was during the Boston Marathon when two brothers set a bomb off during the middle of the race. There were three people who died, and 264 people were injured from the attack. One of the brothers was shot and killed, while the other brother was caught and taken to the police for questioning. The names of the brothers were Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who were from Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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