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Who am I: Unique Individual

It was one of the hottiest days in Union City, New Jersey’s history when my mother exclaimed: ‘I just had a contraction”. My father wanted to grab my brother, pack my mother’s suitcase and head to the hospital. A discussion between my parents pursued. My mother stated her due date was a month away. Then, […]

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You are the Person that One is Today Based Upon the Memories and Experiences

Self-identity, as stated by Theodore Sider is, ‘[W]hat makes persons numerically same over time…” (Sider). What makes up who is one is at any given moment? Is the defining point of the first memory one remembers that shapes who one has become in the present? Is one the same person one was last week? To […]

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Abuse of Characteristics of a Particular Culture

Culture is a paramount part of our lives. The attitude and behavior characteristics of different social groups vary based on their individual culture. However, there are some people who often try to misuse the characteristics of a particular culture because they don’t know the value of it. Muslims have their unique culture where they follow […]

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Teenager Questions : who am i

At one point in every teenager life, he or she has to ask this question. Who am I? I only live by my parents’ expectations it might be a little difficult to discover my true self. Because I did whatever they told me to do no question ask. Although they mean well but as a […]

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