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Censorship Causes problems in society because the government or any other type of authority controls speech, writing, or any other form of media for purposes of security and morals. It is clear that people offer support for these types of restrictions, furthermore limitations of the press. For example, the most known ones; are age limits and when and what children should watch on television and social media, which is understandable. Whereas, when it comes to politics, what people say and the opinions of the people are very limited.

This is very wrong because there is a need for a voice of independent views to the public; many of the people who agree with censorship say that censorship will contribute to the idea of the government using these types of censorship are being allowed because it makes us obedient. However, The First Amendment states that there will be “no law that would infringe upon the freedoms of speech and press.” (Gale, 2017). Furthermore, We still have many issues where we fight for our first amendment.

Research Paper on Censorship Essay

There have been shifts in the social codes of conduct and norms, and also in the political areas. Additionally, the national crises can imply that censorship needs to be abolished in the country to bring matters into considerable control. During times of war, censorship topic is called upon a lot more so that the practical information on the locations of the forces can be known for the better of the government involved (Farrell). This is, in most cases, accepted by the public, principally because it promotes public good. When the security of the troops is enhanced, the safety of the nation is an eventuality, and hence, there is a maximum social benefit.

Argumentative Essay Examples on Censorship

However, a lot of criticism occurs when censorship that opposes the war is taking place. This is because the freedom of expression of the people has been proven by the materials which the nations consider as being more improper. The information that is shared across media channels has the power to reach many people, including children. Therefore, there is a lot of concern because some of the content may not be appropriate for consumption by junior members of society (Gale 2017).

All forms of speech are not protected by the current law in the United States of America. But authorities should provide the reasoning that helps us see why some things are Censored. The speech by political ideologists cannot be regarded as hate speech because it is not controlled by the state. However, that is possible if there is probable evidence that it will spur the people to forms of conduct that are unlawful (Gale).

Thesis Statement for Censorship

However, the agents of the nation need to limit the issue of the materials that can probably lead to a compromise of the security of the land. In the First Amendment, the supreme court of the United States of America gave a ruling that barely applied to speech regulation, especially when it comes to the commercial context. This is after the owner of the business, in that case, tries to skirt over the abolition of fliers printing so that his submarine tour enterprises could be enhanced.

There was an advertisement on one side of the flyer, while on the other side, there was a political agenda that was provocative to the government. This man had assumed that that feature of the political expression of opinion could guarantee him protection under the postulates of the First Amendment. This was well-thought-out to be a form of evasion.

Censorship and Inappropriate Content

There are many forms of political speech. For instance, the dress codes in schools were criticized on a triumphant note on the basis of protecting the issue of political discourse in the year 1969 in the United States of America. It was determined by the supreme court of the United States of America that the dress codes that forbid protests led to a case where the rights and freedoms of the students to express themselves freely were infringed (Gale).

Argumentative Essay Examples of Censorship

There are those groups that have called for the censorship of political speech. This means that race of a person, religion, and even gender is being demeaned. This is because some members of society feel that hate speech ought to be treated as words that can trigger the onset of an act of violence or warfare.

However, the reason to oppose this censorship is very explicit. The primary reason is that whenever the government does that censorship, it leads to a situation where there I tyranny. The exception of the lighting quotes means that it should be proven beyond doubt that they point to the incitement of the people to indulge in acts of violence. Therefore, they ought not to be applied in the general context, which may make some people feel offended.

The issue of censorship did not originate from the government. From the novel, it is indicated that “there was no declaration that was signed nor censorship.” The mass exploitation and the pressure from the minority groups led to this issue. Nowadays, people can stay happy at all times because there is the freedom to read comics or even journals on trade. In the novel, it is shown that many people had to lose their independence, and also their knowledge was downplayed. The issue of people being banned from rights and expertise was not having any benefit to society. This is contrary to what the people had expected that censorship would accrue in the community.

In the novel, the freedom of speech is stated to affect society, however. Guy Montag states that “I only want someone to listen and hear what I am saying. I may take a long time to speak, but I am aiming at making some sense.” This is an illustration that the effect of this issue of censorship was clear whenever it infringed on the right to give a speech to people individually to express one’s opinions.

It was in this period that people were not even allowed to access literature materials. There was a craving for change in society, as claimed by Montag. However, there was a lot of opposition from people. Even his wife did not want that change. The government usually tends to close its ears in that it does not listen to the cries of people pertaining to positive change in the nation. The people are also ignored, and hence they are rendered irrelevant.

Censorship does not have any benefit in society, but only it creates problems. The speech that people give has no harm in any way to the community. This statement by Montag implies that, honestly, censorship should not have a place in the nation (Bradbury 9). “Out of the elementary level of learning and back to the same stage” is a quote of Captain Beatty addressing Guy Montag in the novel by Bradbury. This gives a general view of the term censorship in his mind. This suggests that the pattern will exist even for more than five centuries.

According to this view, censoring books makes people seem that they are not intelligent and also stupid. The books such as encyclopedias and novels are very crucial sources of knowledge that should be left for the public to access freely. They help to offer the experience that makes society very bright and intelligent. The information that is contained in them is significantly needed to bring a change in the attitudes and the general worldview (Bradbury 19).

Censorship and Hate Speech

Indeed, this is what is called an intelligent society. Lack of this means that the compromise of intelligence is real in the nation that applies that rule over its populace. Censoring the books is not ethical. It will lead to the emergence of social ills such as strikes and riots among the public. Additionally, war can emerge due to this censorship. In the Korean Republic, there is a high degree of this vice being imposed by the government. In that country, people are not even aware of what Google means. Moreover, the same persons may express a lot of interest in knowing this idea. So, it is clear that censorship denies the public an opportunity to study and explore useful ideas that can improve their lives. This explicitly proves that knowledge is lacking within any society that observes censorship.

People ought to have the liberty to carry out the tasks that they deem to be fit for their social and cognitive well-being. They should have a chance to read the literature of their choice and about anything, so long as they have a passion for that. Today, the United States of America allow people to say what they feel they should air out. This is a massive credit to the changes in the constitution (Bradbury 17).
Chaos and war were a consequence of the censorship that was evident in the novel.

Censorship is not a useful concept that can be adopted in the nation. It is clear that there is no single person who can be comfortable living in a country like that presented in the novel by Ray Bradbury or in a place like North Korea. There were many issues that arose in society because of the censorship threat and application in that nation. It leads to instability in the government, and therefore, there is no coexistence between the people and the governing authority.


There were expected outcomes of censorship that, most likely, are attributed to whenever there are problems arising in society.
In conclusion, censorship does have a positive impact on the nation, but it leads to plenty of effects. There are many cases of lawlessness, and one is society not being well informed, which is another consequence of this practice by the state government and especially in the book Fahrenheit 451. Today we can make a change just like guy montag if we inform ourselves well enough.

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