Essays on Gender Equality

Over the past centuries woman rights have improved substantially, although the issue of gender equality have recently risen recently. In today’s society, there are many types of people. Precisely, the difference of people between races, various cultures, settings, etc. We live in a place that is full of diverse people. When someone hears the word “diverse,” they typically identify a community of people that are all equal among one another but that is not the case. In fact, the truth is people don’t just get discriminated against by their race, but it is based off of their gender. Gender equality is a concerning issue to debate because we have always been taught an important lesson. As we were raised by our parents, it was important to understand we had to follow the basic stereotypes.
Girls and boys had to recognize what they were to do and what they were are not supposed to do. In the debate on gender equality, some people may argue gender equality is unjust the ability of a man and women are very different from one another; however, it is clear that gender equality means everyone deserves to be able to express their own personal interests, equal access to education, and obtain equitable opportunities for financial independence. One reason for why gender equality is merely because women and men each have their own personal interests, but there are so many stereotypes among boys and girls for what they should like and what they should not do that they decide to stick with everyone else’s choice. Liu 2 According to Amy Dempsey (Toronto Star) “ The science page features a girl playing with a toy jet engine. The art page features a boy painting on an easel.
The games page shows a girl and boy playing table hockey together. ” This illustrates that women and mean each has their own interests is true, because boys can like the color pink and dolls as well as girls liking the color blue and cars. In addition, individuals having their own interests isn’t only the reason for why gender equality is precisely because everyone is entitled to equitable access to education. Another reason for why gender equality is just because everyone is entitled to equitable access to education. Every child has the same rights in receiving the right to a public education. “Intellectual women in rural areas are more likely to participate in decision-making and are less likely to suffer from domestic violence.’
This illustrates, everyone is entitled to equitable access to education; it’s true because equitable opportunities in education can ensure women can empower themselves and boost their self-esteem and confidence. In addition, everyone is entitled to equitable access to education seem to be not the sole reason for gender equality because they are to be given financial independence. Lastly, gender equality is just because everyone is to be given the equal opportunity for financial independence. If women and men are receiving equal work, then they should be required to receive equal pay. “Women are earning power remains approximately 20% lower than men.’ At present, there are more U.S. women attending college than men.” (The Global Gender Gap Report, 2010) This illustrates that everyone is to be given the equitable opportunity for financial independence is true, because although women still don’t receive the same amount of earnings as men, they are still the higher one of the pyramid. Ultimately, what is at stake here is gender Liu 3 equality remain even now an issue because women and men still remain the target of discrimination today in society. Critics may claim gender equality is unjust because men are simply more intelligent or than women and believe that women shouldn’t have jobs and if they do; they shouldn’t get rewarded more than the man, however this argument is flawed. For example, “Most Disney movies include women needing to be saved by men or who needed to change for a particular man.” This shows that gender equality still exists even in films portraying that men can’t accomplish anything without them.“Although there are famous superheroes such as Wonder Woman and Supergirl, they do not receive as much recognition as the male character does.” Despite the points made gender equality being unjust, such as: women aren’t going to work or women are the weaker opponent, the evidence overwhelming supports my position that women. Through all the context we have discussed so far, gender equality stays an issue to this day. Men and women are still being judged and discriminated, but actions must be taken to solve this issue. It is clear that person can not be “targeted” as an outsider based only on their gender. However, with unity this issue can be resolved allowing people accomplishing whatever they choose without having to worry about their gender.

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