A Mask for Everyone.

We’re working to provide all Coloradans with DIY masks to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Together, we can protect ourselves & keep our communities safe.

*When making masks, use materials you already have at home. Do not break the physical distancing or stay-at-home orders.

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For groups unable to to purchase cloth masks:



Colorado Mask Project stands with Black Lives Matter in protesting against racial injustice and systemic racism impacting the Black community and people of color. We recognize the importance of protesting for social change, and the complications of doing so during a pandemic. It has been an incredible demonstration of humanity to see protesters protecting each other while protesting. Taking this protection a step further, we urge all protesters to wear a cloth face covering or medical mask in order to limit transmission of COVID-19. In recognition that it is often unsafe for people of color to wear makeshift face coverings due to racial profiling, and in support of protestors and their health, Colorado Mask Project will be providing and distributing COVID-19 masks at protests.

If you would like to donate cloth or medical-grade masks for protestors, please contact . If you need resources about other ways to support the protests, information about local protests, or educational materials about systemic racism, a compilation of resources is available through our partners at Find The Helpers.

In support of the local mask making community and our stance against police brutality and systemic racism, Colorado Mask Project is compiling a list of local Black-owned businesses and independent Black mask makers. If you identify as such and would like to be featured on our website and with our national partners at Find The Helpers, please fill out this form. Please include that you would like to be featured as a Black mask maker in the "Additional Information" section of the form.

Why DIY Masks

Research shows that DIY masks can help block the spread of
COVID-19, especially by preventing people who are asymptomatically infected from spreading the disease unknowingly. That's why government officials—including Governor Jared Polis—are recommending their widespread use.

However, given the current mask shortages impacting medical professionals, it’s essential that the general public leaves the supply of N95 medical masks to healthcare workers.

That’s how DIY masks can help! By providing every Coloradan with a DIY mask, we can protect medical professionals on the front lines, help flatten the curve—and most importantly keep each other safe.

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How to Get Involved

To provide all Coloradans with DIY masks, we need your support! 

How to Help

all kids!

Calling all Colorado kids—create your own design for a face mask. Be creative! What would you like your friends to see on a mask in your school, your neighborhood, at home?

Some of the submitted designs will be featured on our Facebook page, and a select few will be printed on real face masks produced by Colorado companies! Let’s  have  some fun with this!

Get Started


Help us raise awareness about the health benefits of DIY masks. Below are some social graphics you can download & share with your networks.

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We’re here to answer questions and support you! However, we are not able to provide masks or supplies for individuals. Please direct group mask donation requests here.

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