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Leanna’s Experiencing Problems from a Drug Addict Mom

Leanna is an 11 year old girl who has been referred over to my office for assistance. The school social worker had advised us that Leanna has and is experiencing problems such as behavioral issues, school truancy, adaption issues, substance abuse use and back ground, and issues of running away. Leanna’s problems began at an […]

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Combat Caused PTSD

Combat Caused PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) So, because an individual was exposed to trauma does not give enough reason to develop or be diagnosed with the disorder. It varies from person to person and to what extent they can tackle or overcome a traumatic event. Recovery from PTSD may be slow and a continuous […]

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Synthetic Drugs

The drug MDMA is a synthetic drug and is a chemical compound found in Molly and Ecstasy. It is a manmade drug. That has a chemical structure is very similar to stimulants and hallucinogens. Molly is the name for the powder version of this drug while Ecstasy is the name for the pill version. There […]

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Casual Drug Users should be Taken out and Shot

    The Just Say No campaign led to the emergence of initiatives such as the Drug Abuse Resistance Education otherwise known as D.A.R.E, and other teen programs as more parents became distressed about their children getting into drugs. D.A.R.E. even adopted the Just Say No slogan as its mantra. Academic institutions all over America […]

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Anti-Drug Causes

The massive rise in drug use in the United States began during the early 1980s, with cocaine quickly taking its hold on American society, and devastating every social group, race, and class. The number of people incarcerated for drug-related crimes increased at an unprecedented scale. Then because of this large expansion in prison populations, politicians […]

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The Drug Addiction Recovery

Apart from the high attention that alcohol and drugs get on campuses, inadequate resources and support are given to students suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism. Souleymanov (2016) articulates that professionals in affairs concerning students are positioned strategically to support students concerned with various strategies. This essay is going to argue why students recovering from […]

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Impact of Addiction on our Brain

What is Addiction? Addiction is where your brain is “programmed” to think that you need something and can not live without something when you really can. When you take a substance on a regular day-to-day basis, your brain will soon think that this should be a normal thing for the human body. When you go […]

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Drug Addiction isn’t all about Heroin

 You can get addicted to alcohol, nicotine, opioid painkillers, and other legal substances quite easily, especially if addiction and alcoholism run in that person’s family. There are also more effects than just withdrawals or diseases that come along with addiction; depression and anxiety can take part in your life when you become addicted. Even though […]

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The Media, Minorities, and Drug Abuse

A 2012 study showed a connection between the implicit, unconscious biases of a group of majority-white pediatricians for pain management between black and white women in a simulation of after surgery care (Sabin & Greenwald, 2012). The results yielded a strengthening of belief towards white women and a decrease for black women (Sabin & Greenwald, […]

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The most Important Drug

Heroin is a highly addictive and illegal drug sold and used all around the world today. It is processed from morphine, which is a substance extracted from the seed pod of poppy plants. Like morphine, heroin helps with pain. Doctors prescribe morphine and other pain medicine like oxycontin and vicodin to patients after surgeries to […]

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People should Help Drug Addicts

Jasmine Schaber Mrs. Savio Research 8 10/17/18 Drug Use in the U.S. Drug use is an American epidemic – but is it your doctor’s fault? Overdose deaths involving prescription opioids are five times higher in 2016 than they were in 1999 (Seth 1). There is a labor shortage in the American Midwest because of substance […]

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African America Men being Sentenced for Drugs

Imagine that people around the country are being put in prison for crimes that they didn’t commit. Or facing a harsh sentence, only because the color of their skin. Well it happens everyday and it has been happening for a long time. The justice system was made to put minorities at a disadvantage. There’s a […]

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Portugal Decriminalized all Types of Drugs

Mothers that are users in jail do not realize that it affects both of their life. For example, one of the young ladies in the video got a c-section and sugar was put on her scar. A method that was used a long time ago that was not needed because there is new technology. Inmates […]

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The War on Drugs

The War on Drugs started in June 1971 when US president Richard Nixon announced drug abuse to be ‘public’s big enemy’ and raised federal funding for drug-control agencies and drug treatment efforts.The War on Drugs is a term used to refer to a government-led initiative that aims to stop illegal drug use, distribution and trade […]

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Drug Abuse and Overdosing is a Grave Issue

How can we overcome this problem of drug abuse and overdosing deaths? Drug addiction is like a chronic disease that need time to heal. People just cannot be cured by stop using drugs for a few days. They need a long-term rehabilitation in order to stop using drugs completely and recuperate their lives. Sometimes they […]

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Long Criminal Records with Drug Abuse

What is a prison? A prison is a building in which people are held legally as punishment for a crime they commited. The purpose of prisons are broke down in four different ways, retribution, incapacitation, deterrence, and rehabilitation. Retribution is giving people punishment for their criminal act. Taking freedom away from criminals is a way […]

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Drug Abuse and Overdosing

Drug abuse and overdosing in United States has increased drastically effecting the economical, psychological, social, and physiological welfare of community. When we talk about economic impact meaning the cost of buying drugs, ER visit cost, and cost of prison. People spend too much money on buying prescription opioid drugs that is easily available to them […]

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Illicit Drugs in the Market

Addiction is so complex, and opioid addiction, especially, is really hard to get rid of for good. Many people describe addicts as “once and addict, always an addict.” The initial use of opioids causes a rush, a euphoria, and feeling of wellbeing that is very stimulating the the reward and pleasure center in the brain, […]

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Narcotics Anonymous

Buprenorphine is an opioid agonist-antagonist, as it binds the opioid receptors very strongly and out-competes the pure opioids. This provides some safety if a person with opioid use disorder tries to use heroin, fentanyl, or prescription pain relievers while on buprenorphine (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2018). Also, buprenorphine does not have the same risk […]

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Drug Overdoses

Withdrawals symptoms of heroin are harsh and can make some fear stopping. Drugs like methadone and Suboxone and Buprenorphine are used to help battle and overcome addiction. These medicines are to help block the receptors in the brain so no physical symptoms are prevented and reduce the cravings. If these medicines are taking correctly, it […]

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Mental Health Service Administration

Pharmacological interventions Pharmacological therapy is used for babies with very severe case of withdrawal or in those babies whose NAS score keeps on increasing even after giving non-pharmacological treatment. This babies also need NICU admission for continues observation and check the improvement level while the therapy is going on. Infant can be shifted into parents […]

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Substance Abuse in Childhood

All through out histoy child abuse has always be apart of society. There is no denying that it is still an issue in an American today. Back in the 90s there were more than 18 million cases reported on child abuse to social services. That would also include about 2,000 child deaths reported annually. Furthermore […]

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The Management of NAS Babies

Neonatal abstinence syndrome is a huge problem of concern at a global level. Life course perspective NAS affects the infant in a long-term pattern. Starting with neurodevelopmental disorders. Very less has been discovered regarding the association between NAS and the neurodevelopmental delay but according to American psychiatric association NAS can cause intellectual disabilities, disorders related […]

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Drug Abuse Act of 1988

This letter is to let you know about a problem that affects my community in Texas, waiting for a solution that will help us. I am living in Texas and have seen this problem for a long time. The problem is about marijuana, specifically about the legalization. There is evidence that marijuana use does not […]

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Opioids Abuse Effects on People’s Mentally

Human life is enhanced, meaning that medical development. The human need for medical has also increased, and opioid came out based on human needs. In addition to the good benefits that it carries, it also brings many bad consequences. And opioid addiction is a part of it. “In 2015, two million Americans had a substance […]

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Biopsychosocial Model of Addiction

Now, let’s take a closer look at the biopsychosocial model of addiction. According to Borrell-Carrio (2004) in The Biopsychological model 25 years later, “biological, genetic, personality, psychological, cognitive, social, cultural and environmental factors” are the main cause of the addiction disorder. The model comes to show that the body and the mind act interpersonally and […]

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The US National Institute on Drug Abuse has Issued a Warning Concerning E-Cigarettes

In the US, the controversy surrounding the use of e-cigarettes is more of a moral panic than any research-based fact. There is still so much that is not known about e-cigarettes, especially about long-term use, but the premise of the argument in the US seems to be based upon the notion that vaping is a […]

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Drug Abuse and Addition

  Drug Abuse And Addition The American society has reached a point where according to the National Survey on Drug Abuse and Health, over 28 million American citizens over the age of 12 suffer from a disease related to a different drug addiction. Addictions are some of the most challenging issues in the twentieth first […]

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MDMA Drug Abuse

What is MDMA Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), is an illegal, synthetic drug referred to on the street as Molly, the powder or crystals often used in capsules or Ecstasy, the pill or tablet form (MDMA: Everything You Need to Know, 2018). According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), MDMA acts both as a stimulant and […]

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President Donald Trump Signed the Substance Use-Disorder Prevention

United States Efforts Drug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000 The Drug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000 is the act that allowed certified doctors to prescribe illegal drugs to opioid-dependent patients in order to combat addiction. This was a major act because it popularized the prescription of Buprenorphine, and 18 years later, it is still a […]

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