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Why Kindness Matters

What Is Kindness? In many events, people have taken someone kindness for granted. The expression of being generous, considerate, and friendly defines what kindness is. “Random akts of kidness” are selfless acts performed by a person wishing to either help or positively affect the emotional state (mood) of another person” (Passmore & Oades, 2015). Displaying […]

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What is Kindness?

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see” Mark Tawin Kindness is actually being friendly, generous, caring, selfless and above all social. It is the feeling of concern that is there in your heart for all. It comes with the acceptance of reality, when you feel for others and […]

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The Positive Psychology of Kindness

Abstract The ability to show empathy to other living things be it, animals, plants or other humans is part of the human psyche. Humans are one of the most complex organisms that walk this earth, we have the ability to love one another today and be at odds in a few hours because of minor […]

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Fairy Tales: Society’s Handbook

Fairy Tales have played a role in the upbringing of the children of our world, it has single-handedly taught society’s children the morals in which they are expected to live by to get by. These lessons waiver depending on the recipient. In the past, fairy tales have been the patriarchal handbook to our society as […]

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The Go-Giver & Acts of Kindness Reflection

After I completed reading The Go-Giver by Bob Burg, my convictions about kindness and generosity were strongly reinforced. In October 2018, I created a tangible copy of my personal ethical code and, in that document, one of my primary tenants of operation is kindness. I value being kind because I have a higher-level understanding of […]

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Killing my Love with Kindness

I wake up from my dream, cars zooming by as my mom is still talking about going to a new school. My sister Iris is complaining. This isn’t unusual, but is still impeccably annoying. “Hey Iris, can you shut your trap? I’m trying to sleep.” I say adjusting my body to get comfortable. “Um, no, […]

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Act of Kindness

In Aesop’s fable “The Lion and the Mouse” he stated, “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”. By that notion this means whatever you said to someone they will forever remember what kind act you did. Next time there is a person give them a compliment, weather you say you like […]

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Having a Little Kindness

This is basically a poem that talk about the relationship between a mother and her children. One of the most important and fundamental persons to our lives and in this world are our mothers. There are very little things in life that our mothers can’t do for us. She will even move a mountains if […]

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Kindness Goes a Long Way

Long ago, in the sunny village of Scranton, PA, there were three friends, Adam, Ben, and Cody. They were in their mid twenties, and were fairly handsome. The only notable difference between the three was that Cody was by far more humble and kind than Adam and Ben combined. They were very poor and could […]

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Does an Act of Kindness Lead to Another?

When I was twelve my mom would take me to a church in Dudley, Missouri, the first Saturday of the month to pass out food and other necessities too families that couldn’t afford them. There was over a hundred people that came to this food drive, and sadly there wasn’t enough for everybody. As I […]

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Treat People with Kindness

In today’s society there is pressure to look or act a certain way in order to fit in. Teens are bullied from behind a screen; their weight and body size are constantly criticized by strangers. This can lead to eating disorders, such as anorexia or bulimia, or even going to the extremes of plastic surgery. […]

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Showing Kindness

The definition of kindness is “The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.” In other words, it means to respect one’s ideas, qualities, and space. Kindness is a behavior noticeable by honorable characteristics, a polite personality, and having concern and consideration for others. It is considered virtuous, and is noticed as a value in many […]

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Kindness Helps Shoplifter out

Officer Justin Roby was just doing his job as a London, Ky Police officer, when he was called on a run to a nearby Kroger store for a shoplifter incident on January 17, 2015. When Officer Ruby arrived, he met the suspect and heard about why this individual father was shoplifting in the store accompany […]

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Killing with Kindness

In the United States, Animal euthanasia has been increasing steadily. A survey tested over the last 20 years found that the number of animal owners who view their pets as members of the family has also increased with 95% of respondents agreeing, while in almost all the surveys, the number is over 80% (Rollin, 2015). […]

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Kindness in “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio

There area unit several nice precepts within the world. A precept is another word for a maxim that you just live by. Whenever i believe of a beautiful precept I detected, it’d be one that goes like: “”When given the selection between being right and being kind, select kind.”” from the book surprise, written by […]

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Random Act of Kindness

I put stock in the free conduct of altruism. The littlest thing you can make you grin. On the off chance that you help somebody, I accept they will make a such move and spread them to individuals they meet the entire day.  This is the littlest thing that delivers the greatest contrast. For instance, […]

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