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Child Labour In Pakistan

According to International Labour Organization child labour is well-defined a work that has the potential to destroy children’s childhood. This make a huge impact on their self-respect and it is also very dangerous for their growing physical body moral and mental progress. And interferes with their education either by not sending them to attend schools […]

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Child labor Literature Review

Introduction Reviewing roughly 13 sources, this paper explains the effects of child labor affecting 250 million kids globally, child labor is an endangerment to society (Elena,2014). This paper exposes the reality of why kids may actively participate. Those who do participate in the work force may even be working to do the one thing they […]

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Child Labour And Urbanization

Urbanization and Migration The “road youngster” wonder is likewise observed as an issue of modernization since it separates the customary urban family structures, loss of arable land, and quick extension of urban communities (Oloko 1992). In Pakistan, expanded migration and ensuing urbanization has prompted the swarming of urban communities amid the most recent two decades. […]

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Victorian Child Labour

Throughout the 19th century, many kids in England were being overworked and put in dangerous situations that could have potentially cost them their lives. Kids were not being right and were having to sacrifice their education so companies could earn a better profit. Child Labour is a well-known term for kids who are worked too […]

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Child Labour in 19th century in England

The 19th century in England is also well known as the Victorian Period because of the long reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). The characteristic of this period was the changing of the economic, political, and social views as the result of the Industrial Revolution. The poverty and exploitation increased due to drastic changes in the […]

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Ways to Take Action against Child Labour

Analysis of the situation: Obtain information from the Ministry of Labour on the national law regulating employment of children, more specifically: Provisions regarding the minimum age for employment that will enable you to meet legal requirements. A hazardous child labour list that will enable you to revise the tasks for children above the minimum working […]

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