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Joseph Cornell Box | Arts Dissertation

Introduction My dissertation explores the power of engagement exerted on the viewer by the boxed constructions of Joseph Cornell. These boxes have fascinated me for many years, giving me an irresistible urge to satisfy my curiosity. I feel compelled to respond to the invitation to look into each boxed frame, and I am lured into […]

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Works of Roger Hiorns | Art

This essay will attempt to critically analyse the works of Roger Hiorns. It will look into the reasons behind his nomination for this year’s Turner Prize, the links between the artist’s previous works and the works he is making now. It will also look into the methods, techniques and materials he uses, and also his […]

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Food Production Per Capita

The world having a turn down in food production per capita and the growing global demand for food make it essential to produce solution for maximum consumption of available resources and improve crops to triumph over this problem. In many arid and semi arid regions, good soils are scarce with their overall productivity declining because […]

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Renal Function Test

Introduction: Kidney is a part of group of organs that constitute the urinary tract system which consists of two kidneys, two ureters, bladder and urethra. The kidneys do the major function of the urinary system. The other parts of the system are mainly passageways and storage areas. The kidneys are reddish, bean-shaped structure and located […]

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2 Polyphenols Polyphenols are a group of compounds belonging to the phytochemicals (plant secondary metabolites) which are important for normal growth development of the plant, defence against infection and injury (Chakravartula and Guttarla 2007), the prevention of UV damage and the formation of plant colour (Crozier et al. 2009). Polyphenols can reach high concentrations in […]

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Image Based Steganographyusing Lsb Insertion Technique

IMAGE BASED STEGANOGRAPHYUSING LSB INSERTION TECHNIQUE ABSTRACT Steganography is a technique used to hide the message in vessel data by embedding it. The Vessel Data which is visible is known as external information and the data which is embedded is called as internal information.The extrenal information is not much useful to the data owner. The […]

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Described the Information Overload Problem

1 Introduction As more and more data become available through the Internet, the average user is often confronted with a situation where he is trying hard to find what he is looking for, under the pile of available and often misleading information. This phenomenon is described as the information overload problem and became the reason […]

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Construction Industry World Wide

INTRODUCTION Construction industry is regarded as one of the most hazardous industries in UK and world wide. People attached with this industry do get injured or they may die. According to the report of Health and safety Executive 2,800 workers have expired during last 25 years in UK and many more are suffering from long […]

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Aspects of Thai Buddhist Culture

Aspects of Thai Buddhist culture CHAPTER V Thai Culture At the outset of this study I had intended to have two sections in the final chapter, one section detailing the Buddhist roots of all things Thai and the other showing Hindu / Indic influence. This idea has been abandoned by the author due to the […]

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Chapter.1 Introduction 1.1 Introduction and Background The hypermarket plays an important role in Asian countries, such as South Korea, China, Thailand, and Taiwan, the numbers of hypermarkets are rising because of the dense population. Nowadays, Taiwan has experienced rapid economic expansion and a notable increase in consuming capacity. With an increasing demand for better products […]

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Het Investeren in 3D GPS Lijkt De Toekomst Te Hebben

Voorwoord Met het schrijven van dit rapport wil ik de haalbaarheid van 3D GPS voor deA  loonwerksector naar voren brengen. Het investeren in 3D GPS lijkt de toekomst te hebben, maar is het investeren wel verstandig en is het haalbaar om rendement te behalen uit deze investering? Ik schrijf dit rapport ter afsluiting van mijn […]

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Energy Crisis

Іntroductіon Еvеr ѕіncе thе еnеrgy crіѕіѕ, whеn dіgіtаl controlѕ (thеn cаllеd ЕMCЅ for еnеrgy mаnаgеmеnt аnd control ѕyѕtеmѕ) wеrе uncеrеmonіouѕly uѕhеrеd іnto wіdеѕprеаd uѕе for HVАC control, thе іnduѕtry hаѕ trіеd to mаkе thеm look аnd аct lіkе thе pnеumаtіc controlѕ thеy hаvе ѕupеrѕеdеd. Only occаѕіonаlly аrе ѕomе of thе profoundly еxpаndеd opportunіtіеѕ аvаіlаblе wіth […]

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English Literature Dissertations – Jack Kerouac

Introduction Jack Kerouac was responsible for spawning the literary movement that became known as the Beat Generation, a movement not only significant to literature, but one which incorporated music and visual art to chart a personal progression. Kerouac “was the leader of a literary movement and a way of life he thought was a passing […]

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A Room with a View by E.D. Forster

Opening a Window A Room with a View by E.D. Forster explores the struggle between the expectations of a conventional lady of the British upper class and pursuing the heart. Miss Lucy Honeychurch must choose between class concerns and personal desires. Honeychurch is a respectable young lady from a well-known family. She travels with Miss […]

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Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture Precision farming or precision agriculture is an agricultural concept relying on the existence of in-field variability. It requires the use of new technologies, such as global positioning (GPS), sensors, satellites or aerial images, and information management tools (GIS) to assess and understand variations. Collected information may be used to more precisely evaluate optimum […]

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An Overview of Telecommunication Industry

Literature Review Introduction The research will begin with a review of the literature available on different modes of entry into a market and criteria for selecting a suitable mode into any market. Then Strategic Alliances and Joint ventures will be discussed in detail. This will be followed by an overview of the telecommunication industry and […]

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Future Depositors Rate of Return Applying Neural Network

Islamic bank has to perform good strategy which still confirm with the Islamic law in order to deliver better return to compensate depositor`s money. This paper is embarked on to identify the relative significance assigned to selection variables for depositor in maximizing their opportunity. In such case, it becomes very necessary to have a prediction […]

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C Language

Introduction In order to perform different kinds of operations, C uses different kinds of operators. An operator indicates an operation to be performed on data that yields a value. Using various operators in C one link the variables and constants. An operand is a data item on which operators perform the operations. C is rich […]

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The British Computer Society

1 Introduction 1.1 Purpose This Code describes standards of practice relating to the contemporary multifaceted demands found in information technology (IT). It is intended to help you personally as a member of the BCS by providing a framework of guidance into which your particular needs can be fitted. It is hoped, however, that the guidance […]

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Human Endeavor has Made Conflict

THE ROLE OF CULTURE IN CONFLICT RESOLUTION (CASE OF DAGBON IN GHANA) The inter-relativity and connectivity of human endeavor has made conflict something unavoidable as it has come to eventually be part of the normal routine of human social interaction. Ethnic conflicts and civil wars continue to plague many African countries especially in the last […]

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Impact of Japanese Animation

CHAPTER 1 Definition Different words or terms used in this dissertation might not be clear for those who are not familiar with the anime community so I will briefly explain some of the essential terms which will be in the text. 1.1.1 Anime Anime pronounced “ah-ne-may”? is an abbreviation of the word animation .It is […]

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About Holography

001 Looking Back, Moving Forward How was 2004 for you? For the industry as a whole, reviewing the developments that we covered last year in Holography News, we can conclude that it was a good year for most, with many positive developments that set the scene for 2005 and beyond, but with sufficient clouds on […]

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Religion Dissertations – Scientologists Scientology Church

Introduction The Church of Scientology has been recognized as a cult by critics. William Sims Bainbridge of The University of Washington states that “Scientology is one of the largest and most influential cults.” Jon Atack and Joe Larabell, former Scientologists, agree that the Church is involved in “disgraceful, immoral, and criminal activities.” However, my objective […]

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Amendment of Plaint

INTRODUCTION 6 Statement of Problem7 Objectives of the Study 7 Hypothesis of the Study 7 Research Methodology 7 ANALYSIS OF THE RULE “AMENDMENT TO PLAINT”8 Rules to Amend Plaint 9 Leave of Court when not granted 9 Effect of Amendment 10 Amendment second time 10 Principles of Amendment 11 JUDICIAL INTERPRETATIONS 12 CONCLUSION 14 Introduction […]

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Mizuko Kuyo

Mizuko Kuyo is a term used to describe a Japanese Buddhist ceremony that focuses on a dead fetus or a stillborn child. The origin of this celebration can be traced back to the honor of Jizo (i.e. a god whose major role was to transport dead fetuses or children to the other world).  This ceremony […]

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Manage Legal & Ethical

In the organization, every individual’s ethnic, spiritual and social differences should be recognized and respected. People are different from each other, and thus, it becomes important to offer them support and respect. The difference may be from their religious beliefs. Clients may be Muslims while others Christians. Physical differences also exist where some may be […]

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Dante’s Vita Nuova: who is the Teacher and who is the Student?

Dante’s Vita Nuova represents what could be termed as a text of High Middle Ages. The poem explores literary construction the myth of the contemporary love in the European world. In a late eleventh century, approximately two hundred before Vita Nuova was written, European culture began to experience some re-evaluation of the representation of woman […]

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Little Red Riding Hood

The three stories are of a young woman who is sent to make a delivery to her old grandmother by her able mother. The little girl is sent out with directions not to divert on the way but rather make a direct journey to granny’s place.  In the woods, she meets up with an evil […]

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Best TV Programs on AMC

The walking dead is one of the most popular television programs aired in the United States, on AMC. It comes at a very difficult time facing the Americans, a time of recession in their economy and other several challenges faced around the world. Surprisingly, the TV program becomes one of the most viewed and embraced […]

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Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs By Chuck Klosterman

According to the author pop culture is mostly depending on the audiences to purchase the products containing it .The makers have it in mind that it is the white people who are going to watch or use the products. A nonwhite consumer of white culture will be not satisfied with the current situation. Similarly, I […]

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