Biographical Essay

My life has been characterised by some factors and challenges that have shaped my aspirations and personal life. All over my life, I have always aspired to be better than all people since I had it harder than everyone within my proximity. Being from a poor household with both of my parents unemployed presented me […]

Religion and theology : My Self as a Muslim

Blue eyes stare back at me. Those blue eyes stare and judge the rest of my being. They zoom in on the blemishes that consume my face and make my nose seem more prominent as well as my bushy eyebrows. Those blue eyes travel down to my lips just to see the lack of them […]

Professional Goal Statement to be Achieved by Studying a Degree in Acute Care Nurse Practitioning

Being A critical care nurse practitioner, I will be a medical specialist who deals with treatment of patients with short-lived but severe episodes of illness, damage as a result of injuries, heart problems like heart attack and respiratory difficulties. Acute care mainly consists of emergency medical interventions carried out in health centres. As an acute […]

My Life

In a remote village in Atlanta Georgia, on the Christmas Eve of 1997 Mr. and Mrs. Roby received their bundle of joy. A healthy bouncing baby boy was delivered in our lady hospital and they named him Johnson parker; afterwards his friends nicknamed him ambassador.  This is the name I am known by unlike my […]

Human Experiences

Introduction Human experiences are inevitable and affect people from all corners of the world whether they are wealthy or struggling financially and in a strong or weak relationship. Human experiences are emphasized through the play ‘Ruby Moon’ composed by Matt Cameron where the Human Experience of the loss of a child is addressed to the […]

Music Analysis : Song poetry

Introduction Music is a significant and tremendously important tool based on the way people learn and deny its influence is a waste of really delightful resource. Music expresses numerous social problems such as drugs, hate crimes, war, environment, as well as teenage pregnancy. Focusing on the music and drugs, the two aspects have been depicting […]

Admission to Nurse Practioner school

Handling the needs of clients requires excellent knowledge. I would like to pursue the nursing practice education to widen my scope of healthcare practice. I would like to reach my customers and give them satisfaction when I serve them. Being a complete nursing practitioner comes with a lot of commitment which gives me the feeling […]

Human Rights for Refugees

TASK I There has been a massive exodus of people from different parts of the world as people are fleeing from their countries in search of a safe and secure environment. The challenges and dangers that they face as they flee from their country indicate that most prefer death to staying in their country. The […]

The Shortfall of Sticks and Stones

If an individual is reminded of anything at any time he or she must have known that thing before (Apolloni, 32). Recollection therefore can be defined as knowledge that is gained through this manner whereby when an individual sees one thing, he or she becomes very conscious and also something else too (Gallop, 207). Socrates […]
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