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Essay About Happiness

When thinking of what happiness means, how would you define it? Happiness is often looked down upon as always being the person to smile for everything and being nice towards others. However, behind that person that always smiles for everything and towards anyone could possibly deep inside not even be as happy as they perceive. Yet, could be battling a war we may not even be aware about to the slightest because of how well they seem to cover it up with that smile and positive attitude. But what does it really mean to be happy? In this essay I will briefly cover the definition of happiness, what happiness gets confused for, and what happiness means to me.

According to Merriam Webster’s online dictionary, happiness is defined as being in a “state of well-being and contentment.” Well-being is known as being comfortable with oneself as well as having a healthy lifestyle. So, feeling happy is considered as being delightful with their character and who they are. To have that feeling of being ecstatic with where you are in life. And what you are doing that make you feel full and content with yourself and your life.

Having a negative attitude towards others and yourself is what happiness is not. To wait for the day to really be happy, and satisfied, making yourself believe that you are happy with who and where you are is also not true happiness. You will end up waiting forever and never truly being happy with yourself. It is masking and shielding yourself from being happy and feeling content. Pleasure is a feeling that is often mistaken for being happy. Although, both happiness and pleasure make us feel good, and elated. However, pleasure is a temporary feeling.

Happiness to me is something that I am currently working on, it indeed is a working progress. I cannot say I am one hundred percent happy and content with myself. But I have accepted my flaws, the things that I have done in my past, the relationships I have had, as well as influences that have left an impact on me. But acceptance is one of the first steps to being happy with myself. Happiness to me would not only be to have such a livid, and colorful attitude. But to be motivated and to keep pushing forward day by day making progress to complete any goals.

Although our definitions of happiness vary person to person. I think it is better off that way, only our inner self and heart know what makes us truly happy, to be happy is my main goal in life. Being truly happy can lead to many different open possibilities such as new life experiences, and relationships with others that will support you and help maintain being content. However, only we as human beings can decide and allow things to come in our life that help us become satisfied. We are in control of what we do with our lives, and only we know truly what we want and deserve to be doing with our own lives.

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