Anatomy and Physiology

After a heavy meal it is more beneficial to rest. This is because when the body is at rest, the abdominal organs receive roughly 24% of the total blood flow. However, during exercise blood flow is directed to the skeletal muscles and away from the abdominal organs. Therefore it is wiser to rest after taking […]

Human Reproduction PowerPoint Presentation

There are several purposes of the human reproduction that are useful to both the male and female species. For instance, the human male is concerned with the discharge of sperm during sexual intercourse to the tract of the female reproduction system. Similarly, production, maintenance, and transportation of male reproductive cells or sperm including the semen […]

Living Together – Challenges and Opportunities

According to the discussion on pages 160-162 which of the following words best characterizes how often predators capture their prey– frequently, some of the time, infrequently? Some of the time Does this surprise you and why? NO For equilibrium in the ecosystem, the predator must not always capture its prey. On the other hand, the […]