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What is a Narrative Essay?

Either if we talk from the literature point of view or a personal one, the narrative essay has the main characteristics, leaving the one creating it to speak freely about some real or imaginary events.

The academic definition of a narrative essay is that the narrative is a literary work written in verses or prose where a sequence of events is presented in chronological order. It has as main characteristics:

  • storytellers, characters and action,
  • the narrative alternates with description and dialogue,
  • the narrative can be done from a personal point of view (subjective narrator) or from a general perspective (objective narrator),
  • the narrative can be found in various types of non-literate texts (comics, newspaper articles) or in films and plays,
  • the emphasis is on the cause behind the succession of events.

As we all know, the author is the person who creates a literary work, modifying the reality through artistic imagery, selecting, combining and tingling the language to provide another image of reality; he is the one who plasms the narrator, invents the action, gives life to the characters, opts for a particular narrative instance, and so on. It is his own intention to represent the world and his life through a relative detachment obtained by concealing under the guise of the characters. Unlike the poet, who focuses on his own subjectivity, the prosecutor is generally attentive to what is happening around him in the immediate reality: events, happenings, people, life scenes.

The author has a specific representation of the human being and of the social reality in which it moves. The character is thus only an artifact built by the author to express the meaning that he attributes to the evocated reality, he is the bearer of a message. The artist’s imagination works ideas, images, emotions, reflections, and develops artistic effects that focus on the two elements which can be found in each narrative essay example: knowledge/ self-knowledge and aesthetics, respectively. We can say, shortly, that the best narrative essay sample is to respect the essay structure and can be shaped by anyone who wants to present any personal or general situation, in his own style.

Major Elements of Narrative Essays

Did you know that you can create personal narrative essay examples? If you want to start blogging, write a book, or you just need to write an essay for high school or for college, you need to respect some basic elements and have:

  1. Introduction to the theme of the paper;
  2. The motivation, importance, and methodology of the research used;
  3. The structure of the paper or the sequence of chapters and sub-chapters;
  4. Conclusions arising from the work to be carried out;
  5. To present the bibliographic references and references consultations for the documentation and elaboration of the paper;
  6. The structure or design of the work is actually the content of the work. The option for this is done according to previous research, the bibliography for the current topic, or the preoccupation or the preference of the author for certain segments of the topic being treated;
  7. Documentation, processing, and ordering of data and information – It is the most important stage, but also the most significant one that ensures the substance of the work. Activity documentation provides the knowledge of scientific results and debates on the topic but, also, the starting point for the future essay. This stage is devoted to documentary work by detecting and preparing the bibliography for the selected theme, by consulting it and the information provided by other sources:
    • official documents,
    • elite and economic information and documents novelties,
    • press,
    • magazines,
    • specialized publications,
    • websites

Narrative Essay Examples for High/Middle School or College Students

For middle school/ high school or even college, you need to outline your creation respecting narrative essay examples. Even if you didn’t succeed to create or to find a proper narrative paper example, don’t worry – online help is coming. This option is the most used one as, sometimes, even the best need to double check their creation. Examples of narrative essays can be provided online, or you can look and inspire from another narrative paper example which can be downloaded.

Either way, examples of narrative writing are only the basis of your creation. You don’t need to be afraid to use the liberty of expression and to present your personal perspective in your work – just feel free to create and to present all the facts which can create an impact to your reader. Be original, creative and use some themes which weren’t used by everybody for appealing the curiosity of your audience. In this way, for sure, you will be observed by your teacher, colleagues or, if it is an online business, you will be read by anyone on this Earth.

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