Cyber Bullying has Affected Millions of People

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Cyber Bullying

Bullying has existed for years, many kids and adolescents deal with it every day. In today’s world technology is an easy access for everyone. Since it’s very accessible many people use social media. In social media you could seek news, others peoples pictures/ videos and their thoughts and views. That’s where the problems begin; cyberbullying is when you get bullied online through text messages and social media. About 43 percent of teens have been a victim Cyber bullying has more effect than physical, it can cause depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and suicidal. It’s a worldwide problem but it could be stopped by telling victims stories, better online security, parent’s involvement, administration needs to inform students and hiring an expert.

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“Cyber Bullying has Affected Millions of People”

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Cyber bullying has affected millions of people and has had many effects on the person that is getting bullied. A study by Summera Batool claims “that there are many emotional effects such as anxiety, aggression, stress and depression due to the bullying. Depression so severe that could lead to suicide. The students that get bullied also suffer from low academic performance” (Batool, Sumera 121). Batool also claimed that there are long and short terms side effects. Long terms wise, the person affected could have serious low self-esteem for their entire life and take every judgment to heart. In short term wise the teenager or child will longer be able to make friends, have a higher chance of doing drugs and have higher risk of having a criminal record.

Several of kids have been affected and it’s clearly a problem yet people take the problem very lightly. Take Jessica Logan for example, She was going through a break up when her ex boyfriends sends screenshots of there “sexting” messages. She got called names such as whore and slut. The victim’s grades started dropping and she started running away from school. She told her story on Arkansas news and two months later her mom found her dead in her room. If many people tell other victims stories and make a strong argument they will be heard. Attackers will think twice and know that words hurt others and isn’t something to joke about.

Cyber bullying isn’t illegal. There is now law or policy that says you can’t bully someone. There are many contradictions that are made which include freedom of speech and you can’t get punished but Cyber bullying could be controlled and stopped.

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