SNS Major Problem for Cyber Bullying

Use of SNS is probably the major cause for cyber bullying, especially facebook. When you interact with people on facebook, you can inadvertently expose your personal information to someone you don’t want. Also, it is likely that your location information will be exposed because it tells you where you posted on your wall. Additionally, rumors will increase the rate of cyber bullying. Rumors from social networks spread quickly. But if that information is incorrect, it’s likely to be damaged by the overwhelmingly distorted facts. A few years ago, in Korea, CEO of Samsung, Lee -KunHee was brought to hospital due to illness.

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“SNS Major Problem for Cyber Bullying”

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However this random person on internet spread rumor through facebook that he is dead. This became a huge issue that made stock go down because all people thought the CEO was dead. In fact, it was revealed that he was not dead. The CEO sued all the people who spread rumors about his death, just the depressing fact that false information spread quickly. This shows how much SNS soaked in the society. Development of technology including SNS have so many problems occurring.

Unless SNS company restricts some rules over children using them, teenagers full of curiosity and anger will constantly use them as source of bullying. Lastly, What I think is pretty severe is, development in technology will lead to new creation such as robots and working machines, which will eventually take over employees. Since using machine are efficient and cheaper than using bunch of other people, huge companies will start to fire humans.

This is a big conflict to family because if parents loose job due to technology it is hard them to earn money. A renowned artificial intelligence scholar Louis Del Monte recently made predictions about future artificial intelligence in an interview. He predicted that by 2045 at the latest, the intelligence of the machine will surpass that of the entire human race. He pointed to cyborg which is combined parts of machines and humans, as the first step toward becoming more human.

He expects that most people will replace parts of their bodies with mechanical parts to improve efficiency. And machines increasingly see humanity as unpredictable and dangerous, including war and computer viruses and production. Someday the robots will feel that human beings are not attractive enough to live on the planet Earth together. Which is very creepy. The ability of machines to learn on their own has already proved to some degree in the academic world. A experiment published in 2009 found that machines can learn to protect themselves and lie to other machines to

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