Youth are the Target for Cyber Bullying

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I think this has been such a successful strategy because it makes the police officers more approachable when they are out walking in the community. People are more like to approach and strike up a conversation with them and feel more connected to them rather than when they are in a patrol car where they aren’t as approachable. Vice versa, I think if police officers are out in the community, they are more likely to stop and have everyday conversation with citizens and get to know them on a more friendly, name basis. Community policing reduces the odds of police officers abusing their authority or using unnecessary force on a civilian because they will be less likely to abuse people of the community that they have gotten to know personally. (Trojanowicz and Bucqueroux 2994).

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“Youth are the Target for Cyber Bullying”

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Watch groups are another form of community- oriented policing that is found to be highly successful in lowering crime rates and bettering community relations. Over the years, the community is becoming more involved in crime watch. One watch group, that started in Chicago called “Dog Walker Watch” launched in April of 2014 by National Association of Town Watch, is where the law enforcement meets with members of the community, who walk around the neighborhood frequently, and instruct them on how to be more observant of their surroundings.

The meeting is only about an hour long, but they are taught how to watch for certain things that are out of place and could possibly be criminal activity. They are instructed to report these findings to the police and to not get involved. Many cities have taken on this “Dog Walker Watch” program, it is a great way for citizens who are taking their everyday strolls through the neighborhood to work with law enforcement on keeping the community safe. (Belleware, 2014). Community relations is key to a better society.

The way a person views law enforcement, starts at a very young age. Children who are raised to fear the police and see them as the bad guys, are more likely to turn to crime then to be a good citizen. There are several different programs in the United Stated to help educate and prevent crime. There are programs for drug prevention, gun control, domestic violence, gangs, victim’s assistance, etc. Youth are the target for crime prevention programs. Youth are the future. Their minds have not yet fully developed and they do not always have the ability to determine right from wrong. It is our duty, as a community, to educate our youth on crime prevention.

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