Risk of Cyber Bullying

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Students can follow the Twitter feeds of experts in the field or even hash-tags focused on a current affairs, students can learn a lot more about what is happening in the world around them.

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“Risk of Cyber Bullying”

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What hinders the use of social media in learning ?? Cons :

1. While working with social media privacy concerns are always an issue whether for personal or learning use.

2. If the usage is not streamlined by the objective lesson aim , then it could become mere waste of time.

3. Unless the students are properly supervised and controlled by the teachers they might get distracted while doing search on Internet which might lead them to access unwanted material wasting their time too.

4. There is always a risk of cyber bullying as its getting highly rampant on social networks.

5. If on-line activities are not balanced with other classroom work then excessive technological inputs can be detrimental on children’s social skills that they need to learn

6. Its a matter of great concern that students can easily be diverted towards inappropriate contents unknowingly so they remain protected from exposure to

such content. Its highly important for the teacher that they monitor what their students are accessing to and sharing with other students. They should emphasize upon bringing a signed up consent letter by students upon doing any work from homes.

8.Teachers need to be extremely careful– when mobile devices are used in class, the need for continual monitoring required and need of regulation also increases.

9. Violation of copyrights laws may put a child or organization in trouble so one has to be extremely careful to read privacy pages and other relevant policies to avoid problems.

Hence, with proper care taken by schools with regard to creating filters for various web resources, privacy settings turned on, imparting education about right use of technology in the right way, making them aware of these pros and cons of using social media etc it can actually be incorporated within traditional system of education in a fruitful way to enrich teaching learning process.

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