Essays on Racial Profiling

Essay About Racial Profiling
This is my entire final draft to read and give me feedback. I am trying to set up my project with racial profiling being beneficial and not only negative as the main ideas. I like this because although I don’t entirely agree with this but I believe it’s a solid argument. My classmates suggested I use more evidence and elaborate more on my ideas. This issue was raised multiple times by multiple classmates so I made sure to pay extra attention to this issue. I would give the reviews a 2 because after rereading I could see how my essay was lacking in elaboration. So through the revisions my body paragraphs have gotten lengthier with more evidence to support my argument. Can you point to places where my explanation doesn’t make sense?
What comes to mind when you hear racial profiling? Headlines of police discrimination may come to mind first, but racial profiling is much more than a police stop. It’s responsible for creating fairness in the workplace and in countless universities. Racial Profiling, contrary to popular belief it helps bring safety into the community. Many are quick to call for the end of racial profiling, but we as a nation must reconsider what racial profiling truly does for us.
Minorities are faced with several obstacles in this country that they must hurdle, but in recent years rules have been put in place to help offset this. The National Origins Formula and Civil Rights Act of 1964 established these regulations in the United States (History 2010). Certain universities and companies now require a certain amount of people of color in their institutions. Now they are required to hire people of color sometimes hiring based on race. These quotas help bring proper representation of the area’s demographics. Although this may be classified under the scary word of ‘racial profiling’, it helps bring equal opportunity and prevents these institutions to discriminate . Where before many potential employees would be turned away due to their race and ethnicity.
It may come as a shock to many but racial profiling can serve a purpose to the community. It can be easy to spot an outsider to the community by their clothes, car or even the color of their skin. Sometimes communities and neighborhoods are made up of certain races and is easy to spot someone that’s not from the community based on their skin. Some may view this as unethical but it’s use can potentially prevent a crime. This form of crime watching may save lives or stop a robbery, and makes the community feel safe. As seen in New York City where they reached record low murder rates as the controversial racial stop-and-frisks has increased as stated in article by National Review(Smith 2018). The lives saved by this outweighs the discrimination made by the police.
We must stop spreading the message that racial profiling must end. In reality it’s not all about discrimination and humiliation. It can be used for good and create fairness, and that is what we must focus upon. Judgment on others is human nature and something that we cannot get rid of. Rather it is something we must reconsider promote the positive functions of it and denounce the contrary. We must redefine the way we look at this issue if we are to create any progress.

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