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Elder Abuse Problem Description

Getting old, retiring, and finally getting the chance to live your live without the struggles of working should be a time of peace, happiness, relaxation, contentment, and reflection. For many elderly people it is not (The Lancet, 2011). It was reported that the prevalence of elder abuse in communities is 14% or higher in the […]

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Response to Elderly Abuse

Elder abuse can be defined as any type of neglect or abuse towards an older adult, usually aged 60 or older (Hildreth, Burke, & Glass, 2009). It takes many forms, and anyone can be the perpetrator of it. Typically, elder abuse is perpetrated by a caregiver or someone who has some type of relationship with […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2749 Topics: Caregiver, Child Abuse, Dementia, Elder Abuse, Family, Health Care, Risk, Sexual Abuse
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