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Effects of Multimedia on School Violence

Think multimedia does affect school violence a little. Like photoshop people can get pictures of someone and change it. They could put hurtful things and more stuff. Now let’s talk about what other people say. Since the early 1960s research evidence has been accumulating that suggests that exposure to violence in television, movies, video games, […]

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School Violence Act of 2018

The Students, Teachers, and Officers Preventing School Violence Act of 2018, or STOP School Violence Act is a bill designed to help reduce the amount of school violence through implementing a variety of safety measures. This bill was introduced in the 115th Congress at the end of January this year. While this bill is working […]

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School Violence in the United States

School violence has largely become one of the greatest issues the United States is facing in the 21st century largely due to the underlying issues that are present when violence in schools occurs. When school violence is in the news, oftentimes it is associated with school shootings. There are questions that need to be asked […]

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Protecting Students in School Life

Not all schools are protected and numerous vast schools confront expanding uncertainty as a result of expanding viciousness inside their mixes. Besides, the understudies in the urban schools might be looked with a greater amount of this viciousness because of the lower financial status they live in. There is a connection between the minor brutality […]

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School Violence: Physical and Verbal Attack

School violence is characterized as any physical or verbal attack on one while being on school property or grounds. The amount of school violence has been a huge issue in our society for so long, many could say it’s become ordinary. Since the year 2000, there has been a recorded number of 64 shootings incidents […]

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School Violence: The Mental Health, Social Cognitive Development

Abstract School shootings are not a new-found issue in society, although they have increased within the last three decades. The majority of school shootings, or mass shootings, are happening within the high-school age bracket. Student’s that have been victims of school shootings are begging for a change and to be heard. After a shooting takes […]

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School Violence – Disturbance in Students Educations

School violence can include verbal and physical altercations. School violences also includes violent threats for bodily harm on people that are in the school or at school related events. The harm that can be causes is physiological and physical harm on individuals, schools, or communities. School violence is not a new concept it has been […]

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School Violence is Stemmed from Bullying

School violence which includes physical, mental violence and bullying, and occurs all over the world. Some also think that the brutality in the school is influenced by wrongdoing and violence outside the school grounds. It may well be, that wrongdoing in the schools encompassing enters the schools and along these lines adds to and expands […]

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Gun Violence in Schools

Gun violence, in schools, is a reoccurring tragedy that needs to stop now. Innocent children and teachers have been murdered in their schools for over 178 years. When is it going to end? The Bible is consistently talking about sin and the works of evil and how to give it all to Jesus but there’s […]

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School Violence and Security

School violence has been on for a while now; the only difference is that now is worse. Schools should be a safe environment where kids can go learn, and feel secure. Kids nor parents should feel scared when their kids are in school. Schools safety should always be a concern. I believe gun control will […]

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