Essays on Lowering The Drinking Age

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Why lowering the drinking age is bad?

Though there have been several calls for the reduction of the drinking age, it is a bad idea. The drinking age shouldn't be lowered because it will lead to an increase in the rate of drunk driving, binge drinking and alcohol poisoning, alcohol-induced violent behavior, and unwanted pregnancy.

Why would lowering the drinking age help?

Several college students find a way to consume alcohol whether they are of age or not. When they over-consume alcohol, it increases their chances of getting injured, sexually assaulted, or murdered. There will be lesser chances of students consuming alcohol if they know their tolerance level before getting into college. If the legal drinking age is lowered, students will be less likely to use false identifications and commit crimes related to alcohol consumption.

Why are Americans opposed to lowering the drinking age?

The main argument against a lower drinking age is that it is a risk to public safety. Underage drinkers are not just a huge risk to themselves, but also others and this is particularly true on the highways. In fact, some US states lowered the drinking age during the Vietnam war. However, this quickly resulted in more alcohol-related highway fatalities. So, the drinking age was raised to 2021 nationwide in July 1988.

How the economy benefits from lowering the drinking age?

Since most people get their first job at the age of 18, they will feel more comfortable around other workers if the drinking age is reduced. This would then make them more productive. Also, it is no secret that a lot of underage people purchase alcohol illicitly. Should they be allowed to purchase legally, it will boost the flow of income into establishments like bars and restaurants.

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