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What is fake news?

Fake news is any piece of information that is created to misinform or mislead the audience. Most times, the purpose of fake news is to push an agenda for or against an individual or entity, cause confusion, or raise money via advertising revenue. The growth of social media globally in recent years has increased the spread of fake news.

How to identify fake news?

The continuous spread of fake news has made the ability to identify it a vital skill. Here are some things that you should look for when evaluating the authenticity of any news: Carefully check the source of the news, Look beyond the headline to get to check out the full story, Check out other news sources, Check how recent it is, Confirm that it isn't a joke, Check your biases, Reach out to more knowledgeable people.

Why fake news is a problem?

The main reason why fake news is a problem is that it can hurt you and several others. For example, some sites are presently spreading lies about the Covid-19 vaccine, and those who believe them have vowed not to take it. Also, people will stop believing anything that you have to say if your arguments are always based on fake news. Finally, you deserve the truth and you can get access to lots of valuable information from reading legit news.

How to fight fake news?

The first way to help in the fight against fake news is to think before you share information. You can verify any news that you are unsure of via tools like or Politifact. Also, you should always debunk fake news and report it on social media platforms. Finally, you try to broaden your news sources to include more reputable platforms with diverse perspectives.

How to avoid fake news?

To avoid fake news, you should try to search the news you see on social media on Google. Google will help you verify the news in less than 5 seconds. Also, you should go to reputable platforms for news. Additionally, you should learn how to separate opinions from facts. Opinions usually have agendas. Finally, you should watch out for red flags such as web addresses that end with .co instead of .com.

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